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Review: The Thing About Weres by Leigh Evans - 4 Wine Glasses!

The Thing About Weres
(Mystwalker #2)
by Leigh Evans
Paperback, 464 pages
Published July 30th 2013 by St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN 1250006414
ARC Courtesy of Publisher
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In the never-ending saga that is my love-hate relationship with Robson Trowbridge, I, half-Were Hedi Peacock, have had a change of heart. Ever since I shoved Trowbridge through the Gates of Merenwyn, I’ve been the leader of the pack—hard to believe, right? The thing is: I’m half-Fae. So even though my Were side is ready to heed the call of the wild, the other part of me is desperate to take flight. And much as it pains me to admit it, life without Trowbridge is really starting to were me down…
To make matters worse, the wolves of Creemore want my blood—and the North American Council of Weres wants me dead. So I’m just counting the days until Trowbridge returns from the other realm…and comes to my brave rescue…and becomes my alpha mate. Wishful thinking? Of course it is. But given all the mess I’ve been through already, what’s the harm in doing a little bit of daisy-plucking? Besides, Trowbridge owes me bigtime. A girl can dream.

Crystal L's Thoughts:

Leigh Evans returns to the story of Heidi Peacock, who is half Fae and half Were. At the end of the first book, The Trouble With Fate, we were left with some serious problems. The main one being that the love of her life, and her now mate, Robson Trowbridge, is in the world of the Fae. Not because he wants to be there. Or even because Heidi wanted him to be there. But because Heidi and her friends had to throw him through the portal of worlds into the realm of the Fae, and the healing waters there, to save his life. If you haven't read my review of The Trouble Of Fate, and how I gushed over this book like a freakin' fan girl, you can check it out HERE.

Now onto The Thing About Weres. Robson's pack of wolves are slowly starting to circle around Heidi like the prey they think she should be. They don't want to acknowledge her claim as Robson's mate, nor her claim as temporary pack leader in her mate's absence. They really want to hunt her down, treat her like a chew toy, and then tear her into a bunch of tiny, bloody pieces. The only thing keeping that from happening or the few friends that she has in the pack. But their position of strength is slipping and now there are rumors of outsiders coming in to investigate what's gone on in Robson's pack.

Just when things are starting to look dire for Heidi, the portal between the Fae realm and the human realm opens back up and Robson comes through with a blond haired Fae man and a small female wolf that smells of Robson. Who are these strangers? And does the fact that the little female wolf smells of Robson mean that Heidi's mate has moved on to another since he's been gone?

Adding on to her worries are the troubles the blond Fae guy poses as well as her Mystwalker abilities. Trouble is brewing in the Fae realm, and whether Heidi likes it or not, she is about to be shoved in the middle of it. I thought Evans did a rather good job with this book. There were a few spots in the story that dragged for me, but overall, I really liked it. Leigh Evans has a wonderful world building talent. There were times when I felt like I could have been standing right next to Heidi while she was doing her mystwalking, and that was something I adored. This series is a great read for those who like reading the Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance genres. It gets a 4 wine glass toast and I am very much looking forward to the third book, THE PROBLEM WITH PROMISES, which is supposed to release around February 25, 2014.

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