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Guest Review: Star of Wonder by Angel Payne - 4 Wine Glasses

17257681Star of Wonder 
(The Kinky Truth)
by Angel Payne
Kindle Edition, 162 pages
Published December 12th 2012 by Loose Id LLC
Copy Courtesy of Author's Assistant
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Genre: BDSM & Fetish, Holidays
Series: The Kinky Truth; Previous Book: Permanent Marker
Dante Tieri always looks forward to the Veterans Day bash he funds for the military personnel of the Chicago area. This year is no different, especially when he meets Lieutenant Celina Kouris, a Naval JAG officer who oddly can’t care less about his clothes, his looks or his billion-dollar bank account.
It isn’t easy for Celina to play nice with Dante, as she’s watched wealthy playboys ruin the lives of two people she loves. Yet after the man proves himself as more than a stunning face, a luscious body, and a fat wallet, she lets him crack her composure for one night of hardcore passion—including the spanking and domination that turn her into a puddle of sexual goo.
Celina isn’t the only one who thinks “mind-blowing sex” just got redefined. Dante is shaken by the needs Celina unleashes in him, and he consults with his best friend, Mark Moore, who opens up his world to the magic of Dominance and submission. But when Dante wants to explore more with Celina, her walls are back up, twice as high as before. As the holidays come, can Dante convince her that she really is his guiding star of wonder?

Laura's Thoughts:
Now, this is what I’m talking about. Maybe I just needed to ease into Ms. Payne’s style. I’m not sure what was with me when I read Permanent Marker. All I know is that I loved Star of Wonder. The best part was that it was something kind of new for me, since neither Dante nor Celina had participated in any kind of BDSM play. They got to take that journey together, and I can really get behind that.

First of all, I loved Dante. He’s the first billionaire Dom I’ve read about in quite a while that I haven’t wanted to punch at some point. Yes, he has nice things, but he spends a lot of his money on charity. It made me a tiny bit swoony over him. Also, when he gets in Dom mode, I can’t stop reading. What can I say, Dom’s make me happy. Then there’s stubborn Celina. When it comes to BDSM books, I also love stubborn bratty subs. I think I just see a little of my own sassiness in them or something. Celina fits that role to a “t.” She fights Dante so much. She never really denies who she is, but she fights the relationship with Dante because she thinks it will never work out. They both make me happy, especially together. Also, I love that Dante loves Christmas so much. How can you not adore a guy who loves Christmas?

The plot involves some military stuff that I didn’t really understand, but I didn’t mind. There’s also Dante and Celina’s family, which are a big part of their lives. I just loved Dante’s mother. She was hilarious. The best part was that I thought those supporting characters were developed really well. I also liked the cameo Mark and Rose made. It wasn’t quite blow-my-mind-awesome, but this is just an all around good book.

Rating: 4 Glasses of Wine
Reviewed by: Laura


  1. It sounds good. I'm always looking for a good holiday read and this would give variety spicy to the usual sweet.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Definitely a good choice for that. Hope you enjoy it!


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