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Mary Abshire's WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD (Guest Post/Giveaway)

Please give a warm welcome to author Mary Abshire joining us today with her paranormal romance, Welcome to the Neighborhood! 

Sexy and Fun


Greg moved the kiss to her chin and neck. His facial hair tickled her, but she loved the soft feel of it. He rolled his tongue down to the center of her breasts. Tingles of desire branched out through her. Her hard nipples ached for attention while her body craved for more of his touch, his wet tongue and sex. As if he knew the pleasure he was bringing to her, he continued to drag his tongue down until he landed on his knees before her.
“Alexi.” He kissed her belly, then licked and nipped it tenderly. “You’re so beautiful.”
Erotic zings shot down to the apex between her legs and brought her closer to an orgasm. As he dragged his tongue lower, she raked her fingers through his silky, smooth hair. He pressed his lips to her pubic mound and her legs trembled again. She prayed her knees would last just a little longer.
He tilted his back and met her gaze. “May I taste you, Alexandria Cartwright?” His warm hands tightened on her ass.
She smiled at him and played with his dark hair between her fingers. He impressed her by asking her for permission. Out of all the men she’d been with over the last three centuries, not a single one had done such a thing. How could she deny him?
“Yes, you have my complete approval.”
He kissed her sex while his hands slid up to the band of her thong. He curled a finger over the strap on each side and tugged the thin barrier down.
“You are, without a doubt, the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”
The sincerity in his voice sent a chill down her spine. Countless men had told her she was beautiful, and each time the words sounded meaningless. Considering whom they came from, they were. Instinct or something told her Greg was different. He spoke with passion, honesty and from the heart. He instilled life in her, happiness and other intense emotions. Gay or bisexual, she didn’t care. The man had a unique gift of making her feel wanted and deeply alive.
He slipped his tongue between her wet folds and desire ignited faster than a matchstick inside her. She tilted her head back as erotic currents raced to all her sensitive areas. Her yearning for more intensified with each flick of his warm tongue. She grew hotter and wetter. He groped her ass while he caressed her swollen nub. Pleasure burned within her. At any second, a time bomb filled with bliss would explode within her.
The door squealed and Alexi jerked her head forward. Greg stopped his loving caress and twisted his head around as a woman stepped into the bathroom. The female intruder froze and her eyes widened. She looked at Alexi, then dropped her gaze to Greg.
“Oh, uh…sorry. I didn’t see anything.” She dashed out of the room and the door closed behind her.
Alexi stood immobile. “Oh my fucking lord.” Heat rushed to her face as embarrassment flooded her. A member of the community had seen her half-naked with a man licking her pussy.
What kind of reputation would she have now? She’d never fit in. They’d probably brand her as the local slut.

A hot scene interrupted. My protagonist moved into the neighborhood and is guest of honor at the Welcoming Party. She's in the ladies room with her kind neighbor, who she thinks is gay. As you read, things heat up between them. Then another neighbor walks in and catches them. Big oopsie. And the embarrassment continues in the scene, but I don't want to give too much away.

When I was writing this book, I wanted it to be sexy and fun. My protagonist is a very independent, strong, and stubborn type of woman. She gives a professional image and a don't fuck with me attitude. You wouldn't think of finding her in compromising positions or with a vibrator in hand. 

But you WILL find some comical moments. Why? Because I want readers to be able to relate to Alexi and like her. I want readers to see her as this confident woman who can kick ass if you mess with her, but she's not perfect. She has flaws. She's a vampire who makes mistakes like the rest of us, er- rest of humans and non-humans. (Ladies: don't leave your vibrator out in the open.) Oopsies happen. (I need a shirt that says that.) Adding some humor to a serious person gives him/her character. 

I can only imagine the horror my protagonist, Alexi, went through. If I were in her shoes, I'd want to move away. 

If you're curious to learn more about Alexi and see what happens between her and her werewolf neighbor, I invite you to read Welcome to the Neighborhood.

Welcome to the Neighborhood
Series: Midnight Gardens book, #1
Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Contemporary / Vampire
Publication Date: August 5, 2013
Available Formats: pdf, epub, mobi
Sparks fly under the full moon in paranormal suburbia.Vampire Alexandria Cartwright believes she’s found the perfect home in paranormal suburbia. An independent young woman and professional financial adviser, Alexi needs help from no man, human or paranormal. Until burglars break into her house and steal her most valuable possession–one which could lead to her demise.Werewolf Gregory Holmes is instantly attracted to his new neighbor and wants nothing more than to protect her from any who would seek to harm her. Helping Alexi recover her stolen safe seems to be the perfect opportunity to show her how he feels.Centuries of experience have shown Alexi all men are greedy pigs who only think with the brain below their belt. But as Greg comes to her aid repeatedly, she wonders if he’s the real deal. Can she overcome her loathing for men? Can Greg break through the wall she’s built to show her the meaning of love?
CONTENT WARNING: Language. Violence. Graphic sex

Mary lives in Indiana and is a lifetime lover of the paranormal, sci-fi, and fantasy. When she's not slaving away at her government job, she is a Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Author. She creates fantastical worlds with vampires, demons, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures. Dive into her books and find action, a dash of mystery, and seductive men with passionate hearts.

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Mary is giving away a $35.00 gift card to Amazon when the tour ends.
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