Monday, August 26, 2013

Sexy Snippets: Unseen (Outcast Season #3) by Rachel Caine


Tuesdays have never been so sexy!
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We stepped under the hot spray together, sealed so close together the water had a difficult time finding entrance between our bodies. The sensation overlapped, melted, blurred into a blood-warm, pulsing tide. I couldn't distinguish between the heat of his hands and the spray of the equally hot water. It was like being caressed everywhere, all at once, and as Luis's fingers slipped again between my legs I put my arms around his neck for support. What he was doing to me sparked miniature explosions inside me, tremors that signaled something much, much greater on the approach. I found myself arching against his body, head back, lip caught between my teeth. That seemed to please him as much as it did me, a mysterious alchemy of feelings that I had never truly imagined was possible among humans. He didn't speak. The water pounded down on us, hot as blood, and at last, at last, he lifted me by the waist, strong arms flexing and shedding water in bright silver streams, and braced my back against the warm, damp tile wall. "Ready?" he asked me. I didn't know what he was asking, but I nodded. I knew in principal  of course, but knowing and feeling were proving to be completely different things. "I'll go slow."

I loved the Weather Warden series, it's a must read for UF fans, so of course I had to pick up this spin-off series! I'm really enjoying it and can't wait to get to the last book. 


  1. Oh I am ready after that yummy water snippet. Love the cover. I have yet to read this author. Will be checking out this series. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I've read all but one of the books in this series (it seems like it was book 1 I skipped...oops), and I really enjoyed all the books! Loved this scene, it's been a few years since I read it, but I still remember it. :D Ooh...maybe it is time for a reread...



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