Friday, August 30, 2013

No Romance Required by Cari Quinn (Guest Post/Giveaway)

Today I would like to give a warm welcome to a fabulous author, Cari Quinn, joining us with her recent release of No Romance Required!

Thanks so much for having me here today at Reading Between The Wines! I’m so excited to talk about No Romance Required, the third book in my Love Required series from Entangled Publishing, which just released this month.

No Romance Required features two characters, Cory and Vicky, which have known each other since childhood. Sounds like it’s a primo setup for a friends to lovers tale, right? No way, not exactly. These two snipe at each other more often than they share confidences. They fight as foreplay (which helps the underlying thread of sexual tension I’ve been told sizzles through the page every time they speak to each other!) Until one night verbal sparring turns into something way hotter—and that illicit, impulsive moment is caught on camera. And from there, a fake relationship made in heaven—or maybe hell—is born. Hey, at least they have the hot part right!

Since No Romance Required is the third book in the Love Required series, it involves a lot of juggling characters. The first book, No Dress Required, was a novella I wrote on a whim based on a trope I’d always liked—being in love with your brother’s best friend. Lo and behold, lots of other people like that trope too and a series was born!

While I enjoy writing both standalone and series books, it can be very comforting dipping into a familiar world once you’re into the middle of a series. With book one, you’re still learning your world right along with the readers. By book three, you know it in and out, but you also have a lot of characters that your readers want updates on and it’s easy to get distracted with your side characters. With each completed book, that cast grows. For the fourth and final Love Required book, which will hopefully be out in 2014, that cast will be pretty big, considering I’ll have three previous couples to catch up with as well as the main new couple! But it’s so much fun finding out new aspects of a world you know well with each new book. And those couples from previous books feel like cherished friends that you’re eager to check in on, just like the readers are. It’s great to see how they’re doing after they all find their respective happily-ever-afters!

Now it’s YOUR turn! Do you prefer series books or standalone books? Feel free to share with us why. And thanks again for having me here today! ☺

No Romance Required by Cari Quinn
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Faking it never felt so good…
Cory Santangelo is used to getting his way, both in the boardroom and the bedroom. Lately he hasn’t had much opportunity to do anything but work, but one unexpectedly sexy night in a gazebo with Victoria, his gorgeous and feisty interior designer, changes all that—especially when they’re caught on camera. Suddenly Cory’s sterling reputation is no longer above reproach. Since his impromptu encounter coincides nicely with his need for a girlfriend to get his well-meaning, meddling parents off his back, he decides to ask his lifelong frenemy for a favor.
To pretend to be his girlfriend for a month. No strings attached.
The only problem? Vicky Townsend wants those strings tied all around her. She’s battled a long-suppressed crush on Cory, and their combative work relationship has only fanned the flames. When he suggests his needs are more than she can handle, she’s ready to up the ante. And her bargaining chip is lots of delicious, inventive sex.
Until they discover nothing feels as good as making it real…

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  1. I have not read no romance required but have read other Brazen books & loved them

  2. I am a big series junkie! Probably 90% of my reading is series. I think part of the draw is the feeling of catching up with old friends. Love Required series sounds like a lot of steamy fun. I haven't read any of the books yet but I'll be checking them out.

  3. I love both, series because you can return to a world you love, standalone because sometimes I just don´t want to know anything beforehand or have to remember strange kinships, I just want to read a great book. =D
    Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Saturday!


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