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Wanting You by Becca Siller (Guest Post)

Today I would like to welcome author Becca Siller!

Why did you write Wanting You? 
Did it come from personal experiences or was it simply a story you felt you needed to tell?

I’ll begin by explaining what made me decide to write Wanting You. I’ve always loved reading but lost touch with it for a while. Just over two years ago my husband and I moved to Oregon to be closer to my parents. My husband started working for a wild land firefighting company. With him being gone so much I became a stay at home mom to our two boys. (Which I love by the way.) I started reading romance novel to keep my mind occupied during nap times and late nights. One night I had this vision of two girlfriends going to Las Vegas to let loose for a weekend and finding something they only wished for in their dreams. I jotted down a few notes but didn’t really think of it anymore. A week or so later those two girls started having a back story in my mind. So I pulled my laptop out and let my mind lose. It didn’t take long before I had the foundation for Wanting You.But I didn’t want the typical story. Charlie was strong and Riley sassy… Maybe something with a little darkness.

The story of Tony was taken in part from personal experiences and a little from friends or family that I know went through something similar. Of course it’s all fictional in the sense of the actions taken throughout the story but Charlie’s feelings about what she went through emotionally was what I really wanted to tell. The aftermath, the shame and anger one feels. Knowing that despite everything you tell yourself, “I would never be that woman”,“I’m too strong for a man to do that to me”. The truth is it could happen to you. Charlie is the example of that. She’s smart, beautiful, driven and successful but even she can be deceived by kind words and promises. Her journey with Wyatt is her trying to overcome this strife. And trust me her journey is far from over…
When Charlie meets Wyatt for the first time I wanted to show her strength but also her insecurity. Even though she’s this beautiful, smart woman she’s insecure with herself. Her relationship with Wyatt was her way of trying to take her life back. Get her control back. Knowing that she does deserve that passion and love she craved during her time with Tony and even before. Riley and her family have tried to fill the vacancy her parents left but can anyone ever really fill that role? And how does losing someone so vital play out in the long term… That is what I was hoping to show. 
Wyatt is the man every girl dreams of but doesn’t really want. He’s a damaged boy with all the wrong ideas about love. He’s the guy every girl thinks she can tame but he can only be tamed by the right girl. He’s self-assured, handsome, strong (physically), arrogant, and doesn’t understand that things aren’t always about him. Book two delves into his troubled beginnings a little more than book one does but his role in book one is to be Charlie’s savior in a way. He’s her light in the darkness. But his darkness could be a threat to them both. 
As their story continues I hope thereaders are able to connect with thecharacters. I want a guy out there to see Wyatt trying desperately to be a better man because of love and want to do the same; I want a woman maybe in a not so good relationship to know that there is a way out. It’s not an easy way but there is a way. To see Charlie’s strength even though it isn’t an in your face kind of strength just being able to endure and move on is powerful. 

Title: Wanting You
Author: Becca Siller
ISBN: 978-1-59299-934-7
Publisher: Inkwater Press
Pub date: 2013
Price: $14.95 e-Book: $7.99
Pages: 302
Availability:,,, iTunes,

Wanting You, the Provocative New Book by Becca Siller, Strikes a Match Beneath the Lustful Heart – and Bed
From lust to pain and back again, Wanting You is a scintillating journey of one woman’s romantic rebirth in the wake of an abusive relationship. Fresh break-up. Handsome Hollywood actor. The lights and sensuality of Las Vegas. These may seem the perfect ingredients for a passionate affair. And they are, until someone from her past threatens to tear the young lovers apart. Becca Siller’s arousing new book holds no punches – in the bed or the heart.After a bad break-up from her abusive ex-boyfriend Tony, Charlotte McElroy and her best friend Riley Tate decide to let loose in Las Vegas. Even though she has sworn off men, Charlotte finds herself powerless against her attraction to a gorgeous dark-haired movie star. His charming sense of humor and good looks are a lethal combination against her resolve to not get involved with a man like him. Wyatt Grayson and Miles Porter embark on a weekend of drinking and partying with their good friend and fellow actor Jesse. On a short break from filming the second installment of the Forced Romance trilogy, the trio find themselves at the mercy of the two beautiful women. Wyatt and Charlotte never intended to fall in love but when she's attacked by her former boyfriend, Wyatt quickly learns that he can't live without her. Charlotte finds herself clinging to Wyatt for her own salvation from her nightmare. But can their love withstand the broken road they find themselves on? Can it prevail despite Wyatt's promiscuous history, the temptation posed by ever-present and ever-willing bimbos, the geographic distance between them, and his demanding film schedule? Or will the turmoil of Charlotte's past, Wyatt's troubled childhood, and the threat posed by Tony keep them forever apart?

About the Author:
Becca Siller was born in Mt. Home, Idaho, raised in California by a family of readers, and always enjoyed a good story. She was delighted to become a full-time stay-at-home mom but decided she needed something to keep busy during nap times. With the encouragement of her adoring family and an active imagination, she started on her first novel and hopes to have many more to come. Wanting You, the first book in the Broken Road Series, is her first published novel. To learn more, visit

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  1. Thank you so much for having me here on Reading Between the Wines. I appreciate the support and look forward to more to come.

    All the best,
    Becca Siller


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