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#CoverReveal: UNBREAKABLE LOVE by Gigi Aceves

Blitz: Better When He’s Bad by Jay Crownover

So you’ve met Rule, Jet, Rome, and soon Nash! But there’s a new boy in town, along with a new series, by Jay Crownover. 

Better When He’s Bad (Welcome to the Point #1) is a new adult novel scheduled for publication on June 17, 2014, by William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishing. This is how Jay describes her new novel/series:

“It’s dark and dangerous and set in a fictitious underworld/bad part of town. The men in all of the books are way more along the line of being anti-heros than true leading men. I guess the easiest way to sum them up is by saying the books are all about the choices these characters have to make and the outcomes and results of those decisions. Bax’s book is all about having to make the hard choices and what becomes of him and his lady in doing so. They are super fun, very atmospheric and I think really what writing a bad boy should be like if you’re going to do it :)”

Look in the back of Nash’s book to find the first chapter of “Better When He’s Bad.” 

Robyn DeHart's The Temptations of Anna Jacobs (Guest Post/#Giveaway)

Please welcome historical romance author, Robyn DeHart!

First and foremost, thanks so much for participating in my blog tour and having me here today. I thought today that I’d talk a little about why I write in the Victorian era (though I do currently have another series started in the popular Regency era). But the Victorian period is just utterly fascinating. 

For this Dangerous Liaisons series, picking the time period was already done since I wanted to piggyback on the real Jack the Ripper murders. My series starts a few months after the last reported victim and asks the question of what if he kept going and ultimately, what if they caught him? 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Shelley Coriell's THE BROKEN (Spotlight/#Giveaway)

We have an excerpt to share with you from Shelley Coriell's upcoming romantic suspense release, THE BROKEN. Enjoy! 

THE BROKEN by Shelley Coriell 
April 29, 2014; Forever Mass Market
Goodreads | Amazon | Kindle | ARe
Three years ago Kate Johnson was an ambitious, justice-seeking broadcast journalist. She was also the victim of a vicious attack. Stabbed 24 times and left for dead by a serial killer later known as the Broadcaster Butcher, Kate is the only person who has actually survived the killer. She's also the one person who can help FBI profiler Hayden Reed solve the case.
With the Butcher on the loose and Hayden on her tail, Kate can't hide anymore. Not from the nightmares she's worked hard to forget. Not from the madman looking to kill again and not from the sexy FBI profiler trying to get into her head and eventually her heart. Together Kate and Hayden join forces to hunt down the Butcher and stop the bloody killing spree, a journey that forces Kate to face the monsters of her past and accept the woman she now sees in the mirror, scars and all.

#CoverReveal: FINDING HAVEN by T.A. Foster (#Giveaway)

We're excited to share with you the cover for T.A. Foster's New Adult contemporary romance release, FINDING HAVEN!

FindingHaven Amazon Smashwords Goodreads-1

FINDING MY WAY by Heidi McLaughlin (Guest Post/#Giveaway)

Heidi McLaughlin is joining us today with a little insight on her new release, FINDING MY WAY. Enjoy!

Liam’s parents are real. They belong to my high school friend and they’re the most disgusting people I’ve ever met. They did not attend his graduation and they hated his girlfriend. So much to the point where his father had her father fired from his job. Very classy, right? My friend’s mother was in the hospital when her grandson was born and she refused to visit or even acknowledge her grandson. To make matters worse, she was her grandson’s first grade school teacher. My friend has no relationship with his parents, he’s very successful, but never left the neighborhood he grew up in. I think he stays to spite his parents with his success.

Robin Bielman's Wild About Her Wingman (Spotlight/#Giveaway)

We'd like to share with you a recent release from Robin Bielman, the third book in her Secret Wishes series! 

Wild About her Wingman 
(Secret Wishes #3)
by Robin Bielman
Goodreads | Amazon 
Playing it safe never felt so risky.

Erin Watters is her small town’s resident wild child—she doesn’t do boring, and after having her heart annihilated, she definitely doesn’t do relationships. Her friends have other ideas, though, and when they throw down a matchmaking challenge, impulsive Erin can’t ignore it. Even when the annoyingly hot Troy Strieber accepts the matchmaker role…

As a rescue paramedic, Troy’s used to watching out for people. Never mind the bet he made with his buddy to play Erin’s wingman. But the more time he spends with the sexy, charismatic woman, the more he discovers a side of her she doesn’t let many see. Soon what started as an innocent game of matchmaking has them both thinking about the person right under their nose. But Troy’s a play-it-safe guy, and he won’t let a woman who lives for risk ever steal his heart.

My Brother's Keeper Trilogy by Adrienne Wilder (Spotlight/#Giveaway)

We'd like to share with you a M/M paranormal romance trilogy from Adrienne Wilder!

The My Brother's Keeper Trilogy
All three books are full-length novels and must be read in order. All books are available on March 30.

The town of Gilford has a Big and Terrible secret hidden in the ground.
Infecting those it touches.
Exploiting their darkness.
Consuming their souls.
It’s hungry. It’s vile. It’s evil.
And it wants out.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

#Review: East of Ecstasy by Laura Kaye - 5 Wine Glasses

21520851Title: East of Ecstasy 
Series: Hearts of the Anemoi #4
Author: Laura Kaye 
Format: ebook/Paperback, 368 pages
Expected publication: April 22nd 2014 by Entangled Publishing
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Kindle | B&N | Kobo
Source: Publisher
Reviewer: Crystal
Rating: 5/5

Annalise Fallston made peace with postponing her big-city dreams to care for her ill father, but lately she’s been filled with a restlessness not even her beloved painting dispels. Worse, the colors don’t speak to her as they always have, and all her efforts produce dark, foreboding images of a dangerous man and a terrifying future.

Devlin Eston, black-souled son of the evil Anemoi Eurus, is the only one who can thwart his father’s plan to overthrow the Supreme God of Wind and Storms. But first, Dev must master the unstable powers he’s been given. Distrusted and shunned by his own divine family, he never expected to find kindness and passion in the arms of a mortal.

But Devlin’s love puts Annalise in the path of a catastrophic storm, and in the final Armageddon showdown between the Anemoi and Eurus, sacrifices will be made, hearts broken, and lives changed forever…or lost.


The Shadow Prince by Stacey O'Neale (Guest Post/Giveaway)

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Guest Post Question: If you could have one of the four elemental powers, which would you choose?

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