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READ in the New Year! Dark Waltz by A.M. Hargrove (Guest Post/Giveaway)

And we have another special guest joining us for the New Year! Welcome, Jurek! Jurek is the hero of A.M. Hargrove's new romance, Dark Waltz...

My Plans for the New Year....Jurek

I don’t often think past the next day. Never really had to. I used to live for the moment. That is until I met Liasare. Now my life has changed...dramatically.

There are things that I MUST do for her to keep her keep her alive. That goes without saying. But there are things that I WANT to do for her and those are my plans for the New Year. Even though this is a bit introspective, I’d like to share them with you.

1. Get married.
2. Take her on the most fabulous honeymoon.
3. Spoil her rotten during our honeymoon and every day afterward.
4. Take her to a spa and pamper her with a massage and all the other things she’s never experienced.
5. Spend a leisurely day at the beach with her, watching her play in the surf.
6. Bring her chocolates every day.
7. Watch her wake up every morning to a bouquet of flowers on her pillow.
8. Watch her frolic in some waterfalls.
9. Take her for a ride on a speedster over Vesturon.
10.  And...Tell her every day that my life is meaningless without her.

Thoughts of Jurek

I took one look at her and knew I was in serious trouble.  The way she went after those Xanthians and then later in the bar...well, it was my undoing.  I felt myself unraveling.  Not one thread at a time, but all at once.  She had complete control over me, though I didn’t let her know that.  I acted like the complete ass she accused me of being.  I had to.  It was either that or let my emotions overtake me and then I would have been absolutely worthless.  I hid behind that wall of pretensive callousness until she broke it down, brick by brick.  She accomplished what no other woman had been able to for quite some time. Everything about her turned my bones to liquid. Her thick mane of lustrous hair, those warm hazel eyes that shot golden sparks when she was fired up about something and her touch...God her skin was like silk.  I knew after one touch I would never be satisfied until I had more.

It was sometimes amusing to watch her hide behind her facade of bravery.  She acted so tough when I knew all along she was frightened by everything. This was apparent in the foul language she liked to use. I told her I would keep her safe, but what I didn’t tell her was that I would go to any lengths to do so.  She didn’t trust me one bit and I understood why.  What she didn’t know...couldn’t know and wouldn’t know until I deemed it necessary was that she was mine and only mine and heaven help those who would try to keep her from me.

Category: ADULT Romance…NOT appropriate for young readers. (Caution:  Major STEAM ahead)

Dark Waltz--A sizzling legend of loss, lust and love.It’s the year 2030 and the human population has been annihilated by a virulent form of small pox.  Liasare Davidson is desperately searching for her brother, who has been missing for three months.  It’s been eighteen years since she was evacuated from Earth and she is horrified to see it’s become a cesspool of unimaginable things.
In her quest to find her brother, she meets Jurek, a powerful and enigmatic being that frightens her, yet she is unable to resist.  When things begin to unfold between them, they both discover a paralyzing truth that puts Liasare at grave risk.  She must make a choice to join Jurek and find her brother or fulfill a role she believes she is ill equipped to undertake.

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  2. Hi Crystal, thanks for inviting Jurek over to share his feelings of Liasare ;-) Also, thanks for joining the Dark Waltz tour and featuring the giveaway on your amazing blog. Happy New Year! Annie xx

  3. I love the list Jurek made! It really shows his sweet side. :)
    Thanks so much for hosting a tour stop!

  4. I love finding new books and authors to read.

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  6. Sounds like a great read!


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