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Journey of the Princess of Ice by LaVerne Thompson (Character Interview)

Today I would like to welcome special guests, author LaVerne Thompson and Ice! 

Interview by LaVerne Thompson with the Princess of Ice from the story Journey of the Princess of Ice- The Elementals

1. Are you the last of your kind? And please explain what you are?

Ice: I hope not. I am an ice elemental. Different from water only in that I turn it into a solid and I actually have ice chips in my blood. While others heat up, I cool down and have been known to freeze others and everything around me. Don’t even bother to turn up the heat. *grins* 

2. Have you searched for others like yourself?

Ice:  *nods* For centuries. My world was destroyed by a hailstorm of fire and flame and as far as I know I was the only one able to escape. I’ve searched many worlds for others but thus far have found none.

3. Have you stopped searching? Settled down?

Ice: No. I will never stop searching. And I may have a lead.

4. So Ice…come on. What really went through your head when you first laid eyes on that fire demon, Arch? *snickers* 

Ice: *laughs* Well frankly all that red hair. The heat he gave off *shivers* just made the ice in my blood flow more. But then I looked closer and all that heat well still makes the ice in my blood flow more. *grins*

5. I understand you have a brother. Were you close?

Ice: Yes, we used to be. He was a few years older than me and already a warrior. That day…the day our world was destroyed by fire he wasn’t at home. I pray to the goddess he wasn’t caught in the blast that destroyed our world.

6. How do you think your brother will react to your relationship with Arch?

Ice: *laughs* I suspect the way I first did, by lowering the temperature in the area, then he’d try to kill him. But I wouldn’t allow that.

7. I know your world was destroyed but where was it? What was it called?

Ice: It was in another realm that paralleled this one, but a world of perpetual ice and snow. Beautiful beyond words. To me the bite of the cold wind upon my face is probably not unlike a cool breeze on a hot summer night to you. My world was called Teraglacies and I once believed it was destroyed. Now I’m not so sure.

8. I understand that you’re a princess, so does that mean your family ruled your world.

Ice:  Yes. Although my people were all ice elementals the goddess has favored my family to be protectors of our world. Granting us some gifts others do not possess. So my family has ruled there from an unbroken line for as long as we’ve had a history. I pray that I am not the last of my line.

9. What is your kryptonite? Heat?

Ice: Not necessarily. My power of ice is stronger than most elements of fire. At least against all except a few very powerful fire demons. *smiles* In truth Arch is my kryptonite. 

10. Snowcone or ice cream? What flavor?

Ice:  Snowcone. *grins* Cherry.

Mainstream Romance: Fantasy, Interracial/Multicultural, Adult Graphic Novel
ISBN: 978-1-4543-0232-2
Cover Artist: Shirley Burnett and LaVerne Thompson
Editor: Laura Parker
Line Editor: 
Word Count: 40,466
Pages: 182
Release Date: November 15, 2012

What happens when fire meets ice?Ice had traveled the realms for centuries searching for the ice elementals, others of her kind but she was alone always alone. Never staying one place for long because sooner or later her mere presence caused the temperature of the land to drop to a killing freeze. Until she found the one place her powers had no effect. And perhaps the one being who could counter her freeze.
Running from a destiny not of his own choosing, Arch finally found the one person who could make him stop running. But Ice must never learn the truth. A fire demon destroyed her world and he was his father’s son.


  1. Ice, your world is so fascinating. I hope you find the one that destroyed your planet and find happiness with your new love.

  2. First thank you RBtWBC for hosting Ice's interview today.

    And thanks Stephanie! Yeah Ice's world is an interesting one. And it's the first of so far 3 books that will delve into the world of the elementals.


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