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FORBIDDEN LOVE and Other Stories by Gilly Fraser (Guest Post)

Please give a warm welcome to author, Gilly Fraser!

Thank you very much for inviting me to do a guest post for Reading Between The Wines - which, may I say, is probably my favourite blog title ever!

I suppose the question writers get asked most often is - ‘where do you get your ideas from?’
If the author in question is known for writing anything remotely erotic or even just a touch on the saucy side, the question then becomes a little arch. And is often accompanied by a single raised eyebrow.

‘Are your stories based on real-life experience?’ 
I always answer with the complete truth.
‘No, just wishful thinking.’

For me, the fun side of writing is that you can put people into any situation you like - and make them do whatever you want.  If they happen to be characters you don’t much like (or better still, if they’re based on people you don’t much like) you can be downright mischievous, getting them into all sorts of predicaments and difficult situations. That man who tailgated you for five miles along a twisting country road for instance - give him a part to play in your story, preferably stuck in a jungle with a seriously huge snake just about to bite his ass.  It’s totally up to you whether you save him at the last moment - or let him suffer!

The other side of the coin is that you can live out fantasies in your stories. In Forbidden Love, the title story of my recently published collection of short stories, the hero is a sexy rock star. I’m certain-sure I’m not the only one who’s ever lusted after one of those bad boys, but real life was proving very reluctant to find me one.  So - I just made up my own, and a tasty bit of tucker he is too.

Proving that real life does sometimes provide a bit of inspiration however - one scene in Forbidden Love is based on reality. When Jake climbs up a drainpipe to reach his former sweetheart’s bedroom - he’s doing exactly what an old boyfriend of mine did, many years ago. Unfortunately for my boyfriend, he was discovered by my mother and I think it’s safe to say she didn’t give him a warm welcome.  If you’d like to find out if Jake suffered the same fate - you can find all the answers in Forbidden Love.

Here’s a little taster…

Knowing she’d soon be with him gave him that pleasantly familiar little ache in his groin. He’d grown to enjoy the feeling, even though he knew it was an itch that wasn’t about to get scratched.
Seeing her standing there with the moonlight playing all about her made the itch intensify a thousand-fold. She didn’t have the longest legs, the tightest ass or the biggest breasts in the world. She didn’t pout her pretty lips or throw back her tousled hair or look at him through narrowed come-to-bed eyes. But right then she was the sexiest creature he’d ever seen and he knew he’d never want anyone the way he wanted her. She belonged to him - then and forever.
‘Sit here beside me.’ He patted the rug he was lying on. ‘It’s cool tonight.’
‘Then why don’t you keep me warm.’
His jokey reply died on his lips when he looked into her eyes, and knew what she was really saying. Suddenly he was nervous. It was crazy - he’d been with plenty of girls, how could he be nervous? But this wasn’t just any girl, this was Jo. His Jo.
‘Are you sure? Really sure?’ He had to clear his throat before he could speak.
Her eyes looked deep into his. ‘Yes Jake.’
‘Because I love you. And I’m ready.’ For a strange moment it was as though their roles had reversed - she was the experienced one and he the fumbling amateur.

They say it’s always a good idea to leave an audience wanting more - so I hope that’s just what I’m doing. Thank you once again for making me feel so welcome on this lovely blog.  If you’d like to know more about me or any of my other books and projects, please come and visit me at my place - gillyfraser.com 

I’ll be really delighted to see you there!

FORBIDDEN LOVE and other stories...
...brings together four very different stories of love and loss.
In Forbidden Love, rock star Jake Lee is drawn back to his roots and the girl who first inspired him. But is he too late to reclaim her heart? 
Slippery When Wet: When the man of her fantasy suddenly becomes real, Maxine has to decide if it's a dream come true - or a nightmare.  
The Great Pretender sees a tale of love and retribution played out through the ages - and watched from afar.
Melissa and the Cowboy proves once and for all that lust can happen along at the most inappropriate moment...


  1. Great snippet! Four stories for the price of one sounds good to me :) I have a few people I know that I would love to send to the jungle to get their ass bit by a snake!! Lol

    -Selena Mc

  2. Great blog - super guest author post - and I can highly recommend these stories as I already have them on my Kindle and loved them!

    Happy New Year!

    Janice x

  3. Thank you Selena - glad you enjoyed that little bit of Forbidden Love! And I'm so with you on the snake and ass scenario - in fact I'm making up a list of suitable candidates in my head right now. Could be another story in the making methinks!

    Janice - you're such a star - I know you're an incredibly busy author in your own right but you always take time to be supportive and helpful to others. More power to your writing elbow!


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