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#Review: Under a Falling Star by Caroline Fyffe - 3 Wine Glasses

Series: Prairie Hearts #4
Author: Caroline Fyffe
Format: Kindle, 288 Pages
Published: Montlake Romance (December 8, 2015)
Links:  Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Reviewer: Linda
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 3 out of 5 Wine Glasses

Two sweethearts find their new love put to the test in Book Four of USA Today bestselling author Caroline Fyffe's Prairie Hearts series.

Wyoming Territory, April 1883

After a disastrous marriage, Sheriff Albert Preston never expects to fall in love again…until a feisty, take-charge young woman sneaks past his defenses. Now, he’d like nothing more than to make Susanna Robinson his wife. But when a train crashes just outside of town, the secrets it carries threaten to derail his plans for a happy future.

Susanna Robinson adores everything about her new hometown of Logan Meadows. She loves her job at the café, the beauty of the night sky over Wyoming, and the handsome lawman by her side. But after learning a hard lesson about fickle hearts from her mother’s bad example, she doubts she can commit to Albert. And when Albert’s shocking secret comes to light, all her fears are confirmed. Will his steadfast, tender heart and gallant ways be enough to rebuild her trust in him?

Linda's Thoughts: 
"Susanna, I'm not exactly sure how to begin. Where to start. I know I was in the wrong by not telling you sooner, but I was in an incredibly tight spot."
She crooked her brow.
"I'm still in an incredibly tight spot?"
She nodded.

UNDER A FALLING STAR by Caroline Fyffe is a clean, heart-warming historical romance set in the small town of Logan Meadows. I've thoroughly enjoyed all the previous books I've read by Caroline. I did enjoy this read, but struggled through some of it. Unfortunately, it's not one of my favorites. There's a love triangle and neither the hero nor the heroine rocked my boat - perhaps because I preferred the other character in the love triangle and wasn't happy with the heroine for not giving him a shot. The hero wasn't a bad guy... he just had some issues that didn't sit well with me. Just know that you might read this story and feel completely different about the characters.

This was the story of Sheriff Albert Preston and Susanna Robinson with Dalton Babcock on the sidelines. The sheriff has been enamored of Susanna for a long while, but he has a dark secret in his past that has prohibited him from asking for her hand. Now, with a suspicious train wreck near Logan Meadows, a slew of train wreck victims, a large amount of money ensconced in the town's bank, a righteously very mad Susanna and another man competing for her attention, Albert has his hands full.

Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from this read:

Dalton gaped at something in the stream.
"Did you see that trout? Where's my fishing pole when I need it?" He was leaning so far over she feared he might fall in headfirst. She grasped his arm and pulled him back.
"You made that up," she laughed. "You didn't see a fish. Trout don't swim at night."
"What makes you think that? They don't have a little house to go home to when the sun goes down, with a small woodstove and comfortable bed."
"Look through that clump of trees. There's a hawk sitting on the weathervane at the Red Rooster Inn. I've heard that if someone you love very much passes away, they can come back in the form of a hawk, to look after you and give you comfort."

He'd stolen a kiss, and been transported to heaven. "I won't say I'm sorry, Susanna. Even if you think I should."
Her lips looked kissed and a bit plump. "I didn't ask you to."

Supporting characters include Nate, Albert's son. He's a darling boy who is excited about the prospect of creepy crawlies in their outhouse:

"Where's the toilet room?"...
"Outhouse 'round back."
When the boy's eyes lit up, Albert laughed again.
"You like that?"
"Sure. Lots of lizards."

Is it too much to hope that Dalton Babcock will return to Logan Meadows in the future and be awarded with his own HEA?

As with all of Caroline's books, UNDER A FALLING STAR is very well-written. AND it's always a treat to catch up with favorite characters from previous books. There's quite a bit of suspense in this read that keeps the two male leads on their toes - and at each other's throats - through-out. Readers can look forward to a sweet happy-ever-after ending and having everything resolved with a tidy bow in the epilogue. I would recommend UNDER A FALLING STAR to fans of historical western romances.

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  1. I just saw a facebook post by Caroline, the author. Another lady had posted that she, also, loved Dalton and hoped he would return. Caroline replied thus: "Of course, Dalton will be showing back up into town. He won't be gone for long.... The next book is scheduled sometime in the summer."

    I'm thrilled!!!!!!


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