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#Review: Mistletoe Magic by Laurel O'Donnell - 4.5 Wine Glasses

27844751Title: MISTLETOE MAGIC
Author: Laurel O'Donnell
Format: Kindle, 92 Pages
Published: ODONNELL BOOKS (November 15, 2015)
Links: Goodreads | Amazon
Reviewer: Linda
Source: Purchased from Amazon
Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 Wine Glasses

Mistletoe Magic is a medieval romance novella.

A confident knight arrives home to find his childhood friend grown into much more than he remembered. The lady of the castle keeps a dangerous secret that threatens all she holds dear. Will Mistletoe Magic save them?

Linda's Thoughts: 
“Before we light the Yule log, I want to give you this. You have been a very good girl this year, and a wonderful daughter.” He held something out to her. 

Jaclyn hadn’t noticed he was carrying anything. She looked down to see he was holding a branch with green leaves and white berries. She gasped, “It’s beautiful!” and took the branch from his hand. 

“The berries reminded me of the winter snow,” her father said softly.

Jaclyn nodded. “But the green leaves belong in the summer!” She looked up at him. “The trees have long since lost their leaves. Where did you find it?” 

“I had to travel very far to find it.” he told her, leaning in to add, “It’s magical.”

MISTLETOE MAGIC by Laurel O'Donnell is a veritably lovely medieval Christmas romance teeming with enchantment! I loved it! It's the first work I've ever read by this author, but I do not plan for it to be my last. She writes medieval romances, which have been a particular favorite of mine since I was young and enamored of the tales of King Arthur and Camelot. This particular novella was the story of Lady Jaclyn and Alexander, a champion knight.

As the story opens, we meet both Jaclyn and Alexander as young children, excited about the Yule. Her father has travelled far to find an appropriate seasonal gift for his daughter, a sprig of magical mistletoe.

Fast forward to the same site years later where we learn that Jaclyn's father has sadly passed away, but, before he did, he set the wheels in motion for a joust tournament to be held on his castle's grounds with his holdings and the hand of his daughter, the Lady Jaclyn, to be the riches won by the most talented and strongest knight. The games are on...

Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from this novella:

“It’s not the Mistletoe Knight that these knights are coming for. It’s the girl. Lady Jaclyn.”
“The girl?” Blaise echoed.
“She is rumored to be the fairest in the land. Most of these men have come in hopes of winning the land, not for the castle, but for the woman.”

“Why is he following me? Why are you following me?”
He grabbed her arm. “D’Sayre is trying to learn your secrets. Me? I just want a kiss.” He pulled her into his embrace and pressed his lips to hers.

“Because you are...” Her words faded. What was he? She still remembered his kiss and her gaze dropped to his lips. Their relationship had changed. He used to be a friend, someone who shared a past with her and her family. But now, he was more than that. Every time she saw him, her heart did a strange flutter. She shook herself. He was an opponent. She should view him as she did Blaise. But she couldn’t. She didn’t want to. She longed to confide in him. But it was so dangerous.
“Brilliant?” he encouraged her to continue. “Wise beyond my years?” His smile was contagious.
Jaclyn rolled her eyes and turned. “And here I was going to say a good kisser.”

This was such a delightful short read! The author's writing was indeed magical as she painted each scene with a life-like touch. I was entranced! You will most definitely want to read this in one sitting. I highly recommend MISTLETOE MAGIC to anyone who enjoys captivating medieval romances. Just settle into your easy chair and let this Yuletide story weave it's magic taking you back to a time when gallant knights jousted for a lady's hand....

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