Friday, October 16, 2015

Visit Elle James of High Country Hideout Office Space!

By Elle James

My office is on the second floor of my house in an odd shaped bedroom that fits it perfectly. I love the long wall of bookshelves that are brimming with my books, writing and research books, and books of other authors I love or hope to read when I have spare time on my hands. Ha! I’m fortunate to have a walk-in closet to store the boxes of books I receive from Harlequin, mailing supplies, my promotional items and old uniforms from my time in the military.

My desk is large and I’m working on getting two monitors up and running for when I’m working on updating my websites or creating promotional graphics. I love my computer and software I have to work with. Yeah, it’s the IT professional geek in me coming out!

I have two windows that overlook my back yard which dives into a wooded ravine. On any given day I can stare out at the beauty of Northwest Arkansas and see deer crossing my yard, or lying there after they’ve eaten their fill of the hosta plants in my front garden.  I’ve seen fox, hawks, raccoons and chipmunks from my window and a fun array of hummingbirds that come to feast on the sugar water we put out for them during their migration.

I love the changing seasons I witness through my windows when I rise from my desk to stretch and think through my next scene. My office is my haven, a place I go to escape into new and exciting places I write about.

25110811High Country Hideout 
(Covert Cowboys, Inc. #7)
by Elle James 
Paperback, 240 pages
Published September 15th 2015 by Harlequin
ISBN 0373698615
Last hope or second chance?

Ranching was Angus Ketchum's first love -- until his last tour of duty shattered that dream. The wounded ex-soldier gets his second chance when he's recruited to go undercover to protect a widowed ranch owner. But from the moment he meets Reggie Davis, Angus can tell holding on to her land and keeping her young son safe is taking its toll. Especially when someone threatens her livelihood and her life. As the attacks escalate, Angus must rely on his combat skills to keep Reggie and her boy alive. And he must rely on his commitment to the mission to keep their powerful attraction in check.

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