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My Author Space with Addison Fox of The Professional!

My Author Space
Addison Fox

Thanks so much for having me today on the blog! It’s always fun to get a peek inside of others lives and I thought I’d share my writing space with you today.

While I will write anywhere I have a block of time – a coffee shop, an airplane, lunchtime at work – I prefer whenever possible to write in my home office. A converted bedroom, my office is a haven that is full of pieces of my career. My 20th book – THE PROFESSIONAL – comes out this month and I wrote it in this room along with almost every one that came before.

A few highlights:

1 - My Desk.

I love this desk. From the very first moment I saw it in the furniture store, it was everything I was looking for. I love the curved legs and the wide open space on top and, most of all, I love the simplicity. There are no side drawers (which I’d inevitably hit my legs on) and plenty of room to feel comfortable.

2 – My bookshelves

For anyone who’s spent more than three minutes with me, I’ll no doubt end up uttering the following comment – “I’m a reader first.” Part of what I love about writing is reading and there’s not much I love more than a full bookshelf, mixed with old favorites and my TBR pile.

3 – My computer

Okay – I own it. It’s not natural to love this little computer as much as I do. This is a workhorse laptop and I’ve dragged this little guy with me everywhere I go, pretty much every day for almost four years. I’m totally attached and feel that my physical equipment is as much a part of the writing as the mental process.

4 – A framed photo of the Alaskan Nights Trilogy

One of my best friends made this piece for me and I absolutely love it. From the first moment I opened this gift I wanted to cry at how thoughtful it was to take something I love and giving it back to me.

5 – The Roses

I’m a member of the Dallas Area Romance Authors and we have a wonderful ceremony at the start of each meeting. Any author who has sold a book gets a rose. While I love our meetings, this is my most favorite part (as it is for most DARA members!) and I remember how desperately I wanted to get my own rose as I worked toward selling my first book.

I keep this vase as a constant reminder of the work and my goals and what we can accomplish when we work toward those goals.

Last – but by no means least!! – is my little furry partner in crime, Max. He’s the best part of writing and I love looking down to see him hanging out next to me.

So there you have it! A bit of a peek behind the scenes where the writing gets done.

Thanks so much for joining me today!

25074431The Professional 
(Dangerous in Dallas #3)
by Addison Fox
Paperback, 288 pages
Published October 6th 2015 by Harlequin
(first published September 10th 2015)
ISBN 0373279388
Despite her job as a wedding planner, Violet Richardson doesn't believe a happy-ever-after is in her future. And when she's kidnapped by a killer, she's surprised that rescue comes in the form of her tempting yet irritating neighbor Max Baldwin.

Trying to forget his dark past, Max never meant to take on his attractive neighbor's troubles. But now the bickering pair must outrun a thug who's determined to get his hands on mysterious jewels he thinks are in Violet's possession. And as they race for their lives through Dallas's summer heat, Max and Violet may finally open their eyes to the burning passion they share. 

Dangerous in Dallas

About the Author:
Despite early ambitions of being a diver, a drummer or a doctor, Addison Fox happily discovered she was more suited to life as a writer. She lives in Dallas and - thankfully - doesn't have to operate on anyone. You can find her at her home on the web at Her latest book, THE PROFESSIONAL, will be out in October from Harlequin Romantic Suspense. You can visit her at her website at

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