Tuesday, October 20, 2015

#Review: Rip by Rachel Van Dyken - 4.5 Wine Glasses

26165764Title: Rip
Author: Rachel Van Dyken
Expected publication: October 20th 2015
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Reviewer: Crystal
Source: Review Team
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Wine Glasses

Pretty things aren't meant to be broken.
But I broke her, and now we both have to pay the price.
I'm her nightmare.
I'm her savior.
And now that I have her signature on an ironclad contract, I own her body and soul.
She doesn't remember me.
She will.
It's inevitable.
Because as much as I know I need to stay away, for fear of unlocking the memories I helped her father bury--I can't.
She was the apple in the Garden, dangled in front of me, her core so tempting and sweet. A voice whispered. Just. One. Bite.
I bit.
I tasted.
I fell.
Welcome to the world of the Russian mafia, where death, is your only future. 

Crystal's Thoughts:
Rachel Van Dyken does it again, delivering another thrilling, heart-pounding story in her mafia spin-off , RIP!

Nikolai Blazik is a genius and a doctor, but he is also part of the Russian mob. When a debt is owed, Nik's neat and controlled world is suddenly filled with turmoil and tensity. Maya Petrov, daughter of Russian mob boss, may not remember Nik, but Nik hasn't been able to forget her. It could only take one wrong word, one wrong gesture, to bring back Maya's memory. But that isn't the biggest hurdle that Nik and Maya face. Attraction is a shocking current that moves through them every time they're near, to touch her though means not only her death, but Nikolai's as well.  Can Nik and Maya overcome the darkness of their past to find the blinding light of love in their future?

RIP, RIP, RIP, oh where should I start?!  I guess the beginning is always best... At the start of this story  I was as lost as Maya was when she was unexpectedly thrust into Nik's world. Who was this strangely cold, yet caring, dark man? Was he a sociopath, schizophrenic perhaps? With his oddly opposing personalities, and his quickness to shift from casualness to indignation with a simple question, one had to wonder. Is he savior or foe? Nik's erratic behavior often left Maya scared and confused. The plot was undoubtedly complex and confusing for a good portion of the story, but while the story remained convoluted throughout, the many pieces of the puzzle began to come together to form a bigger complex picture. As Maya slowly started to understand her past, as Nik bit by tiny bit let go of his many secrets, I as the reader, began to understand the bigger picture as well. I couldn't stop turning the pages in order to find out just what was going on!

As Nik become more human, in a sense, I couldn't help falling in love with him. His entire life has been filled with darkness, and Maya is his only light. Maya on the other hand was one tough cookie that I liked from the beginning. I admired her spunk and determination. There was a good dose of cameos from our favorite Italian Bosses as well, which is always a treat. They injected a nice amount of humor into the story that only these characters can bring. RIP also runs side-by-side with Elude (Eagle Elite #6), and gives fans a little extra glimpse into that story.

Murder and mayhem run rampant in this dark romantic suspense, with an unexpected twist that honestly, excited with it's connection. You'll see.  Flashes of the past mix with the present to give readers a complete view of Nik and Maya's backstory. Also, RIP can technically be read as a stand-alone, but if you want to get an in-depth feel for the story and the many intriguing layers of Rachel Van Dyken's mafia, as well as a latent story-line of the Italians vs. Russians,  then be sure to start from the beginning of the Eagle Elite series. It's not a series to be missed regardless. Whether you decide to read that series now or later, you won't want to delay picking up RIP! Weaving a sexy, dark, and captivating story-line, Rachel Van Dyken bears another stunning story of the likes that had Eagle Elite fans begging for more!

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