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#Spotlight: Bad Boys of the Night by Jennifer Ashley, Erin Kellison, Laurie London, Colleen Gleason, Felicity Heaton, Bonnie Vanak, Caris Roane, Erin Quinn (#GIVEAWAY)

Bad Boys of the Night: Eight Sizzling Paranormal Romances Boxed Set is now available worldwide for a special introductory price of only $0.99!

This ebook boxed set features sizzling paranormal romances by eight New York Times and USA Today best-selling romance authors. Fulfill your darkest fantasies with alpha-male bad boys of the night in these stories about vampires, shifters, fallen angels, werewolves, demons, psychic warriors and ghosts.

Here’s more about this fantastic eight book boxed set, including an excerpt from one of the stories...

28962237Bad Boys of the Night: Eight Sizzling Paranormal Romances
Paranormal Romance Boxed Set
by Jennifer Ashley, Erin Kellison, Laurie London, Colleen Gleason, Felicity Heaton, Bonnie Vanak, Caris Roane, Erin Quinn 
Kindle Edition
Published February 16th 2016 by Fire Flower Publishing, LLC
Spice Up Your Day with Eight Bad Boys of the Night.

Eight sizzling paranormal romances by eight New York Times bestselling authors. Fulfill your darkest fantasies with alpha-male bad boys of the night in these stories about vampires, shifters, fallen angels, werewolves, demons, psychic warriors and ghosts.
Eight New York Times Bestselling Authors Eight sizzling paranormal romance books 90% off retail when sold separately Only available for a limited time THIS BOXED SET INCLUDES:

JENNIFER ASHLEY - Bad Wolf (Shifters Unbound)
ERIN KELLISON - Shadow Fall (Shadow Series)
LAURIE LONDON - Warrior's Heart (An Iron Portal Novel)
COLLEEN GLEASON - The Vampire Voss (The Draculia Vampire Trilogy)
FELICITY HEATON - Hunger (Vampires Realm Series)
BONNIE VANAK - The Mating Challenge (Werewolves of Montana)
CARIS ROANE - Dark Flame (Flame Series)
ERIN QUINN - Diablo Springs

Broderick McNaughton woke with a raging headache, dry mouth, and what felt like hot bands around his wrists. What the fuck?

He didn’t remember getting this drunk. He remembered hanging out at Liam’s bar for a while then heading to the fight club with Spike. Spike was a refreshing guy to be with—he didn’t talk a lot, wasn’t noticeably crazy, and didn’t expect you to speak if there was nothing important to say.

Spike could also kick ass in the fight ring and go out for pizza. Broderick had joined him for the pizza tonight—anything to keep from heading home to his three pain-in-the-ass younger brothers, a half-feral Shifter Feline, and the half-feral’s very protective human mate.

After he’d said good night to Spike, Broderick had dropped in on Sean Morrissey, the Shiftertown’s Guardian, to report on ongoing tracker business. He’d sat with Sean on his back porch a while, watching Sean cuddle his sleeping cub on his lap.

Somewhere between saying good night to Sean and heading home across the dark common yards behind Shifter houses, Broderick had lost consciousness.

The bands around his wrists were real—heavy-duty metal handcuffs. Strong enough for a Shifter, tight enough that even if he shifted to wolf, he wouldn’t be able to slip his big paws out.

Broderick couldn’t see and could barely breathe, because there was a bag over his head, its drawstring tight around his throat.

What the holy fuck?

Broderick’s first instinct was to struggle, to break out of his restraints no matter how strong and kill whoever had done this. His second instinct told him to shut up and lie still and figure out where he was. No sense busting out of the cuffs and bag to find five guys with machine guns waiting for him. Cunning was sometimes the better part of valor.

Broderick remained motionless. He might not be able to see, but he could hear and he could scent, which for a Shifter, were more important senses at times like these.

He smelled humans, not in the room with him, but definitely nearby. His hackles rose. He doubted these humans were police or Shifter Bureau’s mighty patrollers—they’d have put him into a sterilized cage, not bothering with the head bag. When he woke, a Shifter Bureau worker with a clipboard would explain why they’d decided to round him up, cage him, and terminate him.

So, if he hadn’t been caught by Shifter Bureau or police, that left Shifter hunters.

Even as these thoughts formed, Broderick had his doubts. Hunters would have also stuck him into a cage or simply shot him. Besides, no way human hunters could have sneaked into Shiftertown. It was too well guarded by Shiftertown’s trackers, of which Broderick was one.

Then who?

He felt cold stone under his body, smelled musty, dank air behind the head bag. Floorboards creaked, but overhead. He also smelled damp lint and laundry detergent, which meant a washing machine and dryer nearby. Conclusion—he was in somebody’s basement.

Humans lived in this house, not Shifters. So again—what the fuck?

He smelled another odor, one of warm plastic, and he heard a hum of electronics. Interesting.

Broderick should have said screw it tonight and tried to see Joanne. He could be curled up on the sofa with her, watching TV, or ignoring the TV while they explored kissing and touching. Instead he’d been noble and left her alone. What was wrong with him?

A door scraped open, and footsteps headed down a flight of wooden stairs. Heavy treads, men, and the lighter tread of a female. The light steps moved swiftly past the heavy.

“Is this him?” the woman asked, breathless, eager.

Goddess, please don’t tell me this is a Shifter groupie who wants a shag. I might throw up on her.

The bag loosened, and then was ripped from Broderick’s head. He still couldn’t see—a blindfold covered his eyes. Light penetrated the cloth, a very bright one, as though someone shone a flashlight on his face.

He felt breath touch his cheek, feminine, almost sweet, but cold and rapid with excitement. A small hand in his hair raised his head. Broderick suppressed his growl, his urge to snap out of the restraints and attack.

“Are you sure this is him?” the woman asked. She sounded young, especially for a human, past teen years, but not much. Broderick’s head was moved left and right, the woman’s breath coming faster. “Wait …” She released him abruptly, and Broderick’s head clunked to the cement floor.

“What the hell did you bring me?” she demanded.

“The Shifter who came out of the Guardian’s back door,” a man answered. His voice was deep, holding strength, yet Broderick heard and smelled his fear. Of a woman not much older than a cub?

“This isn’t him!” She climbed to her feet, her voice shrill. The flashlight beamed against Broderick’s blindfold. “Does this look like a Feline? He’s Lupine, you idiot.”

“How the hell are we supposed to tell the difference?” the man asked with the annoyance of a scared person. “You didn’t give us a picture to go by.”

“Four Shifters live in that house,” the young woman snapped. “Two are female. I would have thought you had at least a fifty-fifty chance of snatching the right male. But no, you had to bring me someone completely off the chart. He’s obviously a grunt worker. No use to me at all!”

Was she insane? The two Shifters who lived in Sean’s house were Sean, the Shiftertown Guardian, and his father, Dylan. If this woman’s thugs had captured Dylan, he’d have killed her by now and all these guys too—and joined Spike for three pizzas. Sean wouldn’t have been much safer for her, but maybe a little more polite before he left their bodies in broken piles.

Ah, the lucky sons of bitches. They’d snagged Broderick instead.

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