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#Review: Dark Alpha's Claim by Donna Grant - 4 Wine Glasses

25944712Title: DARK ALPHA'S CLAIM
Series: Reaper #1
Author: Donna Grant
Format: Kindle, 163 Pages
Published: St. Martin's Paperbacks (November 17, 2015)
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Reviewer: Linda
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4 out of 5 Wine Glasses

Dark Alpha's Claim is the first in an exclusive new series from New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant!

There is no escaping a Reaper. I am an elite assassin, part of a brotherhood that only answers to Death. And when Death says your time is up, I am coming for you...

My whole existence is based on taking what Death wants. Born to eliminate Fae guilty of unforgivable crimes, my reckless, wild nature makes me the perfect assassin to carry out Death's bidding. I've seen more sinister and violent dealings than anyone could ever imagine. But it was the sight of her face that stopped me cold. I've never wanted a woman-never mind a human-so badly; never felt my heart, hardened by death, burn brighter and hotter until it burst into flames. She is everything I desire. The kind of woman that compels you to stake your claim on her, to let the world know that she's yours. A Reaper saving her life will only attract danger, but I vow to protect her at all costs from the Fae that hunt her, and keep safe the woman who has claimed me, body and soul. 

Linda's Thoughts:
Death chose each of us - both Dark and Light - for a reason. There can't be Light without Dark or Dark without Light. Death was the judge. The Reapers were the executioners. Death was the one who decided who the Reapers would visit and exact their justice.
The Reapers answered to just one entity - Death.

DARK ALPHA'S CLAIM by Donna Grant is the steamy first installment in Donna's new Reaper series that closely correlates with her Dark Kings series. Oooh la la! If you follow my reviews, you already know that I love Donna's sexy Scottish dragon kings and now I find that I'm seriously smitten with her fae reapers. This book introduces the concept of the reapers including their history, their members and their structure and it includes a forbidden romance between reaper Baylon and half-human/fae Jordyn.

From the moment that Baylon saw Jordyn he was instantly attracted to her. As a reaper, he was allowed to have an occasional one night stand; but relationships were strictly taboo. Even knowing this, he could not walk away from Jordyn - especially with her life in danger. They had a sweet and hot romance - but would it mean a death knell for each of them?

The reapers are the exacters of karma for fae who have done the unforgivable. Just their existence instills fear in fae hearts even though they only take out the guilty. Now, someone has infiltrated the reapers. A message was sent to the reapers to seek out and kill every half human/fae. When the reapers refused to kill innocents, it was discovered that Death did not send this order. So... the race is on to find who sent the bogus command and to bring that person or persons to justice.

Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from this read:

"No one will bother us now."
She touched his lips with her finger. "I think I'll scream if they do."
"Oh, you'll be screaming. That I promise you."

"I want to hear you cry out in pleasure again."
"All you have to do is touch me."

Baylon wasn't sure he could conceal his craving for her, the need that clawed and ripped through him to declare Jordyn as his. It would be a death sentence, but to live without her... that was also a death sentence.

With electrifying, well-orchestrated suspense, danger galore, and a hot and steamy, off-limits romance, I couldn't put this book down until I'd finished it. Now I can't wait for the next book! I would consider this to be a must-read for fans of Donna's Dark Kings and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys spicy paranormal romances.

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