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#Review: Dangerous Craving by Savannah Stuart - 4 Wine Glasses

Series: Miami Scorcher #4
Author: Savannah Stuart / Katie Reus
Format: Kindle, 168 Pages
Published:  KR Press, LLC (August 15, 2015)
Links:  Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Reviewer: Linda
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4 out of 5 Wine Glasses

She has nowhere else to go…

A century ago, the only man Nissa ever loved turned his back on her when she needed him. Now that her life is in danger from one of her own kind, he may be her only hope for survival. As a full-blooded faerie and next in line to be queen, Nissa figures the last place anyone would think to look for her is with a pack of werewolves.

So she turns to the one man who broke her heart…

Werewolf Thomas Lazos knows he screwed up by letting Nissa go and he’s suffered the consequences for too long. Now that she’s finally back on the same continent, he shows her what she’s been missing all these years. The sex between them is as scorching as ever and the seductive faerie is still the only woman who makes him lose control in and out of the bedroom.

But who will protect her from him?

When he learns that someone wants her dead, Thomas will do whatever it takes to keep Nissa safe and finally claim what is rightfully his—her heart. But with an unknown enemy stalking her, it might be too late for a second chance.

Linda's Thoughts:
Nissa stirred as she felt the soft brush of something -- lips - tease against her neck. With her eyes closed, she smiled. Thomas' spicy, masculine scent was unmistakable. "What are you doing?" she murmured.
"If you have to ask, I must be doing it wrong."

DANGEROUS CRAVING by Savannah Stuart is a sexy wolf-shifter romance. The romantic relationship is complex as it re-ignites after a 100-year hiatus due to a major misunderstanding. This is the story of werewolf Thomas Lazos, an alpha and the second in command of the Lazos pack, and Nissa, a royal fae.

Both leads' stories were heartbreaking. It was hard to comprehend that they've been apart for so long over words spoken in the heat of betrayal and anger. When Thomas first met Nissa, he was smitten immediately. He thought that she was a human. When he discovered that she was a fae and had kept that information from him, he felt that Nissa had played him falsely. Words were spoken that instigated a rift that has lasted a century. He's wished too many times to count that he could take his words back and start over...

Nissa has never been able to forget Thomas. However, she's a royal fae and owes allegiance to her family, who would never accept Thomas as her mate. But, now her life is being threatened. She needs protection and doesn't trust her life to anyone but Thomas. No matter how he feels about her, she knows he would never let any harm come to her. As long as she can keep her heart locked, she should be safe under his care...

Both leads were likeable and genuine and the story was riveting.
I loved reading about the fae and wolf-shifter politics and history. There's some intense suspense to this tale as the danger to Nissa is very real.

Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from this read:

This was no figment of his imagination.
This was flesh, blood and pure sin in a dress.

"You're mine, Nissa." The words were guttural, strained.
She knew it. Deep inside her core the truth was there.

If he wouldn't take charge of this, she would. "Take off your clothes."

"I'm not letting you -- us -- go that easily, sweetheart, so get used to having me in your life."

Instead of posting about a favorite scene from this book, I'm going to highlight a quote about another couple - Ethan and Caro - whose story will be told in DESIRE UNLEASHED, the next book in this fantastic series:

A dark-haired man with electric-blue eyes hadn't taken his eyes off Caro since she'd sat down. He watched her like, well, a predatory wolf watched his mate.
Caro glanced over her shoulder and when she turned to face Nissa her expression was dark.
"Uh oh. "I'm sorry. Is mate the wrong word? I'm still not sure of all the correct --"
She shook her head and placed a gentle hand on hers. "I'm sorry, it's not that. No, he's not my mate. He's a very persistent... Never mind. I'm actually unmated."
We met Ethan in the prior book, POWER UNLEASHED and I've not been able to forget him. I definitely need to pick up DESIRE UNLEASHED soon!

Savannah Stuart is the pseudonym of New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Katie Reus. Under this name, she writes slightly hotter romance than her mainstream books. Katie is one of my favorite authors.

DANGEROUS CRAVING is a well-written, thrilling and complex romance. I loved catching up with other members of the pack as the story progressed. I would highly recommend this novella, indeed, this whole series, to anyone who enjoys hot and steamy paranormal romantic suspense.

Suggested Reading Order: 
 Unleashed Temptation (Book #1)
 Worth the Risk (Book #2)
 Power Unleashed (Book #3)
 Dangerous Craving (Book #4)
 Desire Unleashed (Book #5)

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