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#Giveaway: Betrayed by Jaye Frances

by Jaye Frances
Paperback, 376 pages
Published October 23rd 2015 by Redstone Press
Jewel has everything going for her—a handsome husband, a promising future, and lots of time to explore an island paradise she now calls home.

But when a group of strangers accompanies her husband home for a friendly game of poker, her life quickly becomes a hellish nightmare of deceit and betrayal.

Now her very survival depends on entering a world where sex, domination, and money are inseparable, where women must obey all masters, and where every desire has its price.

"Betrayed" contains mature content and is intended for an 18 and over audience.

Excerpt :

I wondered if R.J. were about to suggest I dress up in a Catholic schoolgirl uniform and prance around the deck sucking my thumb.
Any lingering doubt about his claims of heartfelt compassion vanished as I looked up and noticed the captain watching us through the heavy plate windows of the pilot house. Shifting his attention from the sea, he’d lowered his binoculars to monitor the interchange between us. I doubted he could hear our conversation, but he could definitely see us. And I knew he was evaluating my behavior—my gestures and expressions.
Knowing R.J. was testing my gullibility made me want to rip him a new one. But I held my tongue. If I expressed curiosity instead of rejection, it might reduce the amount of additional training I would have to tolerate. I would play R.J. like the idiot that he was.
“Would it have been better if I had offered myself to you?” I asked.
“You mean this morning?”
“Yes . . . would it have made a difference if you thought I wanted you inside me?”
The change in his expression was immediate. He hadn’t expected me to be so responsive—and it threw him.
Now I understood what Annie was talking about. I could take control. He was only one man, but it was a victory nonetheless.
“I . . . think so,” he stammered. “And after you’ve left the boat, I know I’ll regret it—not having been with you.”
There it was. In total contrast to the decidedly more virtuous image he’d portrayed a few minutes ago, it was definitely an invitation. In the language of hardened sailors working the sex trade, his words were mere suggestion, innuendo at best. Yet he was dangling the bait. And if I went for it, initiated some kind of sexual overture, it would prove to him—and the captain, watching from above—that my conversion to a willing and responsive sex slave was well under way.
I had to convince both men I was ready to accept the unseemly future that waited for me. And that meant building their trust, earning their confidence, and then, when the time was right . . . in a moment of distraction . . . I would escape.
I spoke with as much sincerity as I could muster. “I want you to have the memory.”
Rising to my knees, I reached out, beckoning to him with my fingers. He tried to suppress the smile forming at the corners of his mouth, no doubt pleased with my invitation. As he approached, I slid my hand between his legs and gripped the back of his thigh. He hesitated at my touch, perhaps thinking I was preparing to slam my fist into his crotch.
“It’s okay,” I added. “I want to do this.”
“You don’t have to,” he said. “That’s not why I came over. I just wanted to talk.”
It was a ploy to give me an easy way out. I had to give him credit. Even with the promise of my consenting touch, he was going to play his part to the very end.
I brought a finger to my lips. “Shhh. Enjoy it.”
I began shutting down. No more deliberation or considering the alternatives. The captain’s eyes were on me, and how I handled myself in the next few minutes could make an impact on how he treated me. My logic was simple: If I could convince the captain I was ready to cooperate and make the best of my circumstances, it might increase the amount of freedom I received for the rest of the trip.
I opened the fly of R.J.’s jeans and found his swelling cock. Freeing it from the confines of the fabric, I brought both hands to the task, to make fast work of it.
Moving slightly to the right, I feigned the need to get more comfortable. In reality, I was giving the captain a better view. I didn’t want him to miss a single moment of my performance.
Although R.J. seemed a bit wary, his full erection told me his concern was quickly being replaced with eager anticipation. No doubt he’d harbored some level of expectation when approaching me, but he couldn’t have assumed I would be this receptive.

Ignoring the trace odor of sweat, I brought my lips close, brushing them against his shaft. I felt his hands against the back of my head, pulling me in. He wanted more.

 Book Two in the “World Without Love” series, titled Reunion, is scheduled for a January 15, 2016 release!

Jaye is offering a kindle eBook of Betrayed to three (3) readers. To enter, just fill out the rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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