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#Interview & #Giveaway with Kait Ballenger of Midnight Hunter

One of our reviewers recently gave today’s guest a high wine rating! Wondering which book it is? Let’s talk about it, welcome Kait Ballenger!

Lexi: It’s nice to have you back on the blog, Kait. And with a new release none the less! MIDNIGHT HUNTER, the third book of your Execution Underground is out! Did the time between book two and three feel incredibly long for you?

Kait: It did! Immortal Hunter (book 2) released in April of 2014. I finished Midnight Hunter in November of 2014 and it didn’t release until September of this year! I wish it could have came out sooner. Unfortunately, I don’t have much control over the release dates.

Lexi: I love a good PNR story and your Execution Underground series is exactly that. We have been waiting for Shane’s love story and you found him the perfect woman! Well, not so perfect according to Shane right away since Vera is a witch. Did you laugh your ass off when you formed Vera?

Kait: Lol! Vera kind of formed herself. I never had to think very hard about what kind of heroine Shane was going to have, because in the end of Immortal Hunter (book 2- David’s book), she just kind of strolled onto the page like she owned the place and I knew immediately she was the woman for him. I often find my characters that have the biggest personalities are that way and Vera is definitely a big personality. She’s sassy and loves to give Shane a hard time, and I loved that about writing her. She’s definitely his opposite, but as they say, opposites attract.

Lexi: You also give us another classic right off the bat…Shane is Vera’s professor. Hot professor needs the help of a beautiful student, the sizzle was inevitable. Besides chemistry they have great banter, Linda’s review quoted a couple of great lines. Do you have a favorite Shane line?

Kait: I do! My favorite line actually stems from a very serious scene later in the book, though I do love their banter. I’d hate to give my serious line away, but I will say I think it’s the most romantic line of the book, at least for me, because the tension and emotion between them is so high in that moment. In the interest of sharing one of my favorites though, I’ll share a short excerpt. One of Shane’s sexier moments:

For a moment he thought of stripping her of her shoes, but one look at her naked, displayed before his eyes in all her glory, only her knee-high leather high-heeled boots between her and complete nudity, had him second-guessing that thought. “I’ll let you keep the shoes.” - MIDNIGHT HUNTER

Lexi: We had to wait and wait for MIDNIGHT HUNTER, well worth the wait but can you tell us if there will be a book four or more? Any chance we can get you some more wine and get the name of the next hero?

Kait: Yes, there will definitely be a book four, though I don’t currently have a release date. Book four will be Ash’s book, the sexy Creole ghost hunter readers have met in previous books. I will hopefully have another non-Execution Underground romance coming out in the future as well, so there is plenty to look forward to!

Lexi: No need to worry dear readers, you can buy MIDNIGHT HUNTER and re-read Shane’s story over and over to get us to the next Kait Ballenger release. Thank you for stopping by and CONGRATS on your release, Kait!!

Kait: Thank you so much for having me!

23413903Midnight Hunter 
(Execution Underground #3)
by Kait Ballenger
Kindle Edition
Published September 1st 2015 by HQN Books
Hunters of the supernatural, The Execution Underground are an elite group tasked with protecting humanity…but can dark temptation destroy good intentions? 

Occult specialist and witch hunter Dr. Shane Grey is called upon to investigate a string of crimes that bear all the hallmarks of black magic. But he can't take on this daunting assignment for the Execution Underground alone. He'll need the help of Vera Sanders, a witch with a dark past—and a woman who disturbs him as much as she intrigues him. 

Vera is determined to ignore the dangerous chemistry between herself and Shane so she can prove her loyalty to his cause; otherwise she risks the wrath of the Execution Underground once again. If she can't make Shane trust her, they won't stand a chance in hell of defeating the evil that's terrorizing their city. No easy task, considering old habits die hard…and Vera may be the very person responsible for luring Shane into a killer's trap. 

Execution Underground Series

Kait is giving away a signed copy of Midnight Hunter to one reader today! To enter, please just leave a question or comment for her on this interview and then fill out the rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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  1. congrats to Kat on her new release! This looks and sounds awesome ;) thanks for sharing!

  2. I have not begun this series yet. Great interview thank you.

  3. Congrats on the release of Midnight Hunter! It seems like forever, so anxious to get my hands on a copy!

  4. I'm so excited for this series to continue! Congrats on the release, Kait!! :D


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