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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wine Wednesday: Grapes and Waistlines


Welcome to Wine Wednesday, where ever Wednesday you'll learn a fun and interesting fact about wine! Have a fact of your own? Join the fun and leave us a comment or a link to your own post!  

The average number of grapes used to produce a bottle of wine is 600.

Fun Fact: 
Wine Doesn’t Make You Fat!
While beer makes that unaesthetic beer belly, wine does not affect your waistline at all. In fact recent studies showed that “women who routinely drank moderate amounts of alcohol, totaling about one drink per day, carried almost 10 pounds less body fat than women who did not drink at all”. Experts believe that the calories in alcohol are not metabolized in the same way as calories from carbohydrates, fats or protein. So enjoy your glass of wine guilt free this evening! 

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