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#Review: Fated by Donna Augustine - 5 Wine Glasses

25162557Title: FATED
Series: Karma #3
Author: Donna Augustine
Narrator: Angel Clark
Format: Audible (9 hrs and 1 min)
Published: Strong Hold Publishing (9-08-2015)
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N | Audible
Reviewer: Linda
Source: Author
Rating: 5 out of 5 Wine Glasses

Settling the cosmic score is what Karma was drafted by the Universe to do. But what happens when all the humans start going to the dark side? She’s got to find the source and the most likely suspect is her long time rival, who outclasses her in both power and resources.

Luckily, she’s got a new partner, Fate, but he comes with his own set of complications. The confirmed bachelor has a target of his own.

Linda's Thoughts
We weren't a couple, but friends didn't spoon every night. Fate and I were officially in relationship-no-man's-land. 

FATED BY Donna Augustine is an absolutely awesome ending to Karma's and Fate's story within the author's Karma series. I have been totally engrossed with this couple's story since the very beginning, and was nothing short of wowed by the thrilling perfection of this conclusion. I experienced a multitude of emotions listening to FATED from swooning, laughing, crying, nail-biting anticipation and indescribable horror.

First of all, please know that this is one of those series that absolutely must be read in order. Just do yourself a favor and start this series with the first book. That's not a bad thing as each book has been fantastic.

I loved both Karma and Fate. Karma has evolved into a strong-willed, witty, kick-ass character and Fate was a smokin' hot male lead. I think Fate was even sexier this book as the cracks in his obstinate, tough-guy persona exhibited definite cracks where Karma was concerned. Together, they made a great fighting team with chemistry galore. Their dialogue ranged from downright funny to orgasmic experiences and I ate it up.

Favorite colorful supporting characters returned. I thoroughly enjoyed the antics of  the Jinxes, Cupid, Mother, Santa, Luck, Murphy's Law and so many others. The villains still made my skin crawl as the world dissolves into anarchy with their help. The original gods figure prominently in this plotline also.

Angel Clark capably narrated this installment as she has the previous books. She delivered another solid performance. Her voice for the villains was as chilling as ever and she delivered the wonderful spots of humor with aplomb. As before, I squeezed in some extra workouts and other listening times as I was so engrossed in the story and characters.

Following please find some of my favorite quotes from this listen:

I was going down and hard. There are a few things in life that suck really badly. Loving someone who doesn't love you back is one of them.

The sizzle I felt being near him was so intense, but I couldn't figure out if they were fireworks or warning flares.

I was flipping back and forth between do and don't quicker than they were serving up flapjacks down at the diner. He was getting closer to me.... close enough that I could smell him.... smell the heat that he threw off and that other certain energy that was pouring off of him right now at levels I'd not seen since Chernobyl. If I didn't move soon, I'd be in trouble... or ecstasy.

I had so many favorite scenes! I will mention just one that I thought was brilliantly unique. On the surface, it involved a bag of chips, but the allegorical insinuations of the conversation had me laughing, feeling incredulous and amazed. LOL! I've not been able to look at a potato chip since without thinking of this scene.

"Maybe I'm just not in the mood to share my chips. I don't have to share my chips simply because I've shared my chips in the past."
I grabbed the bag of chips from Luck and rolled the top closed. "See? Nobody is getting chips." 
He stared at my hands with the bag clenched tightly in my fists. And then he gave me that smirk. I had a love/hate relationship with that smirk. "I think deep down," he leaned in slightly closer before he continued, "you want to share your chips."
I inhaled sharply. "Are you insinuating I share my chips freely?" 
He squinted. "What I'm saying is, "Someone might get the foolish notion that, once you've shared some chips with them, you'd be likely to share chips on a regular basis." 
"You didn't even like the chips. Why do you have to have my chips now?" 
"That's completely misrepresenting how I feel about chips. I wasn't looking to expand my diet at that moment. It has nothing to do with whether I liked the chips or not or whether once I had some chips, I wouldn't want them in the future." 

I can't wait to listen to the next book in this series, DEAD INK. I'm holding out for the audio edition as I've listened to this entire series and prefer to continue doing so. DEAD INK will focus on the story of tattoo artist and ex-grim reaper Lars, and Faith, a murder victim. The author has stated that DEAD INK runs parallel to FATED's timeline.

FATED kept the adrenaline climbing with plenty of paranormal awesomeness, thrilling suspense, swoon-worthy romance, heat, and humor. There is nothing that falls short in this book. The OMG SAY IT ISN'T SO jaw-dropping ending took me completely by surprise; I would have crumpled to a weepy mess, if it hadn't been for one of the best epilogues ever. Just thinking about the epilogue still leaves me with a smile. I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys original, exceptionally imaginative, paranormal urban fantasies.

Suggested Reading Order: 
KARMA (Book #1)
JINXED (Book #2)
FATED (Book #3)
DEAD INK (Book #4)

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