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Tour: Giving It Up by Amber Lin (Guest Post/Giveaway)

Please give a warm welcome to erotica author, Amber Lin, who is joining us with her book, Giving It Up!

Is Giving It Up a Fairytale?
By Amber Lin

One of the words that comes up often when people read Giving It Up is “fairytale”. Oftentimes they’re pointing out that this is Not A Fairytale! But other times they say that it IS a fairytale, just a very dark, gritty, contemporary version of one.
Honestly I am happy with both responses—I’m just so thrilled people are reading and liking my book! But I thought it would be fun to deconstruct a typical fairy tale and see where Giving It Up falls, so here we go.

A Princess
Our heroine Allie… well, she has it rough. She’s been hurt in the past, so she has a hard time trusting. She’s a single mother without much of a support system, and she doesn’t have a lot of money. This doesn’t look much like a princess, even one in a dark contemporary setting. But there is that Cinderella story…

A Fairy Godmother
I mentioned Allie doesn’t have much support, and that’s true, but the one friend she does have is Shelly. Shelly is just one person, and she also happens to be a prostitute. There’s not much magical about that, except that it does allow her to a) babysit Allie’s daughter during the day when Allie’s at work, and b) financially help them out when Allie’s job at the bakery doesn’t cover the bills. Then there’s that scene where Shelly brings Allie a dress to wear to the ball. I mean, the ballet ;-)

A Prince
Our hero Colin owns a restaurant, that’s all. However, he also does occasionally work with his older brother, who is something of a crime lord in Chicago. This is much to Allie’s dismay, since she has had her fill of dangerous men! And Colin’s ready to give it up, too, but the pull of familial ties keep him coming back. I suppose that could be like being an heir to a throne… if the throne included illegal happenings.

A Happy Ending
Now you can be sure I’ve this one covered. Giving It Up is a romance, after all! Allie and Colin are going to find their happily ever after, but they’re also going to have to work for it. Villains will come from unexpected places. Good will triumph over evil. Well, I suppose they’re in a rather grey area, aren’t they? ;-)
So what do you think? What do you think of the overlay of dark and gritty themes that incorporate certain fairytale elements? What did I miss from a typical fairytale?

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Allie prowls the club for a man who will use her hard and then ditch her. Hey, it’s not rape if she wants it. Instead she finds Colin, who looks tough but treats her tenderly, despite her protests.He tempts her, but kindness and a few mindblowing orgasms aren’t enough to put her back together again. Allie has no hope for a real relationship. Two years ago her best friend betrayed her in the worst possible way – she’d be stupid to trust a man again. Besides, she has her daughter to think of, the only good thing to have come from that dark night.But when her rapist returns, threatening her sanity and custody of her daughter, Allie turns to Colin. Under his protection and patient touch, Allie begins to heal and learns to hope. Colin’s no saint, though, and his criminal past draws danger of its own. Allie must fight to protect her child and the man she loves, hoping her newfound power will be enough to save them all.

“Giving It Up is original, affecting, emotionally draining, but well worth reading if you are brave enough to go along for the ride.”

Annabel Joseph, author of Comfort Object

“A ballsy departure from romantic conventions. At once gritty and tender, stark and hopeful.”

Cara McKenna, author of Willing Victim

“Giving It Up is an erotic, compelling story that takes us to the shadowy, lonely places but doesn’t leave us there. Amber Lin shows us that romance isn’t just for the rich and shiny. Love can find its way even into the dark corners of the most damaged hearts.”

Tiffany Reisz, author of The Siren

“This is a book you MUST read if you like gritty, edgier romance that makes you think as well as turns you on.”

Cari Quinn, USA Today Bestselling Author of No Dress Required

“Every page is chock full of sexy, angsty must-read-moreness.”

Karla Doyle, author of Game Plan

“Giving It Up is a gritty, real romance that deals in an honest way with what happens to sexuality in the aftermath of rape…. Read it. You won’t be sorry.”

Ruthie Knox, author of About Last Night

“Dark and edgy…but don’t be fooled. There’s a wonderful love story running through this book. Sharp, intense writing, sexy as hell, and such a cool idea!”

Charlotte Stein, author of Sheltered


We stripped at the same time, both eager. I wanted to see his body, to witness what he offered me, but it was dark in the room. Then he kissed me back onto the bed, and there was no more time to wonder. The cheap bedspread was rough and cool against my skin. His hands stroked over my breasts and then played gently with my nipples.
My body responded, turning liquid, but something was wrong.
I’d had this problem before. Not everyone wanted to play rough, but I was surprised that I’d misread him. His muscles were hard, the pads of his fingers were calloused. I didn’t know how he could touch me so softly. Everything about him screamed that he could hurt me, so why didn’t he?
I wanted him to have his nasty way with me, but every sweet caress destroyed the illusion. My fantasy was to let him do whatever he wanted with me, but not this.
“Harder,” I said. “I need it harder.”
Instead his hands gentled. The one that had been holding my breast traced the curve around and under.
I groaned in frustration. “What’s wrong?”
He reached down, still breathing heavily, and pressed a finger lightly to my cunt, then stroked upward through the moisture. I gasped, rocking my hips to follow his finger.
“You like this,” he said.
Yes, I liked it. I was undeniably aroused but too aware. I needed the emptiness of being taken. “I like it better rough.”
Colin frowned. My eyes widened at the ferocity of his expression.
In one smooth motion he flipped me onto my stomach. I lost my breath from the surprise and impact. His left hand slid under my body between my legs and cupped me. His right hand fisted in my hair, pulling my head back. His erection throbbed beside my ass in promise. I wanted to beg him to fuck me, but all I could do was gasp. He didn’t need to be told, though, and ground against me, using my hair as a handle.
That small pain on my scalp was perfection, sharp and sweet. Numbness spread through me, as did relief.
The pain dimmed. My arousal did too, but that was okay. I was only vaguely aware of him continuing to work my body from behind.
I went somewhere else in my mind. I’d stay that way all night.
At least that’s what usually happened.


Amber Lin is giving away a Kindle Fire along with 10 erotic books, as well as either a custom erotic story or a 30-page critique of a romance manuscript. There are many ways to enter, for both those who have and haven’t yet read Giving It Up.
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  1. In a way aren't all romance's a fairy tale? I find the premise for your book very intriguing. Thanks for the post. Carin

  2. I've read Giving It Up, and it is amazing! I would definitely classify it as a tortured fairytale! Readers get all the rewards of a fairytale (happy ending, prince, princess) plus intense real life situations. Giving It Up is a definite must read!

  3. @Carin It's a good question! I don't know, but I've been discussing it a lot lately, both the idea of the fairytale and whether readers live the romance vicariously through the heroine. Ultimately, I think that yes, a very successful romance is a fairytale, but I also think there are some good romances I enjoy just as a book and not necessarily through the romantic aspect.

    @Reagan Oh, I'm so glad you liked it! And love your POV on the fairytale aspect! So many people have said it's like the opposite, but I really see it that way :)

  4. I like to read the grittier side of stories, it makes the HEA more satisfying if they really worked for it. Hmm, what about the evil queen, king, or witch? Maybe they aren't an actual character but something else.

  5. I loved this book :) the broken characters were amazing.

  6. @Laurie Oh, me too! And that's a good one. Hmm, a fairy tale does need a wicked witch, doesn't it? I suppose in this case he'd be an Evil King. But not too evil :)

    @Arianne Yay! Thank you!

  7. Congrats on the new release. This book sounds fantastic. Can't wait to read it. I like that not everyone is perfect and the ,though damaged, both Colin and Allie try to help each other.


  8. I do like for characters to be more real, have real problems and room for growth. This makes me relate to the characters much more than if they were perfect.

  9. Such a modern day fairy tale. All the torture and strife, with some laughter, friendship and love sweet love. I expected to like it. It is nothing like I was expecting and still, I liked it very much.
    lisakhutson (at) {cox} (net)


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