Thursday, July 12, 2012

Archer's Lady by Moira Rogers (Guest Post)

Today I would like to welcome Bree, one part of the fabulous writing duo that makes up Moira Rogers. Bree is joining us on tour with their latest release in the Bloodhounds series, Archer's Lady. The Bloodhounds are a fun & sexy paranormal romance series set in the wild west with cool steampunk gadgets and machinery! 

Hello there!  I’m Bree, one half of the paranormal romance writing duo of Moira Rogers, and I’m on a wild and crazy blog tour talking about dangerous men and the women who love them. And I’m not just talking about their heroines—I mean all the women who love them, including those of us who read & write about them!  That’s why I’m here with an excerpt from Keeping Company With Bloodhounds, a book that gives all the dirty details about those dangerous warriors. (Even if it only exists in the fictional world of the Bloodhounds.)

Every hero has his own style, and that proves true with the bloodhounds, too.  Even a bloodhound caught in the grip of the new moon.  Throughout the series we've had the opportunity to explore several different scenarios for what happens to a hound when the moon goes dark and the heroes are subject to insane lust as an unfortunate (sometimes) side-effect of the genetic tampering that makes them the warriors they are. 

While every bloodhound is subject to the full moon rage and the new moon lust in the same fashion, how they respond is very much based on their own personalities.  Making that an important part of their characters lets us write about very different men, even if they all have the same job.  And as you can see in today's excerpt, there are plenty of variations in style yet to be explored...


This entry comes to us courtesy of a woman who wished to remain anonymous, a young widow who lives in a quiet town along the border between our territory and the Deadlands.  Rarely does the settlement come under vampire attack, but the Guild still sends bloodhound emissaries to ensure its adequate defense and continued safety.

She writes:

Last summer, Bishop came to town on one of his regular visits.  By the end of the week, rainstorms had flooded the river, washing out the crossing.  I had already made Bishop’s casual acquaintance, and I found myself wondering what in creation he’d do over the course of the new moon. Our town is too small for a saloon, and there are no working girls to speak of.  Then the sheriff’s wife came to speak with me, and I agreed to entertain him for the duration of his stay.

He’s attractive, not nearly as coarse or rough as I’d been led to believe hounds could be.  Almost refined, if you can imagine such a thing.  He brought me a bottle of wine, and it seemed no time at all before we were in bed.  Normal enough, if more intense than anything else in recent memory.  The only odd thing he wanted was all the silk in the house--a few shawls, some scarves and lengths of ribbon.  He bound me helpless with every scrap, and held me captive for hours on end as he pleasured me.

* * *
Read more about Moira Rogers & the Bloodhounds series at  Book #3 in the series, Archer’s Lady, is available on July 3rd, 2012.
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