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The Closing by Stella K (Interview/Giveaway)

Today we would like to welcome Stella K to talk about her debut novel, The Closing.
Welcome Stella!

Lexi: The Closing stars Bella Nars, a corporate lawyer working on a multi-million dollar transaction. And in your double life you are a lawyer. Have you had any guns in your face, kidnapping, or extortion events? Or maybe just a humerus case you worked on?
Stella: It's a pleasure to be hosted for the day, Lexi. You and your co-reviewers are doing an amazing work maintaining  a website dedicated to books of various genres. I am sure everyone acknowledges the importance of author-reader interaction, I certainly am grateful for this.

To answer your question, I may not have had guns pointed at me yet, but let's just say I was present at closings where the tension and money involved were so much, that guns to appear would be the least of my worries.  

Humorous case? Well, there was this one time where I was the only English-speaking person so the process of closing the transaction was quite difficult and somewhat funny, especially when body-language had to be invoked. And really stressful: making sure the money went to the right party!

Lexi: Daydreaming or having fantasies at work happens to everyone, or at least frequently for me. And speaking of fantasies your hero Dima certainly fits that description. Where did the inspiration for Dima come from and/or where did the idea for The Closing come from? 
Stella: I suppose for one to write about a great love, they must have experienced it. Love's depth is something that cannot be faked or imagined -if I may say so. Even actors when they need to act a love scene they retrieve memories that can trigger a true emotion so that they can act it better. Or that could be just Robert De Niro's way. But in any event, the love for my work was definitely part of what sparked the idea for The Closing.
Lexi: Correct me if I am wrong, you live in England, know a couple different languages, and have multiple saw degrees. Quite a smart woman if I do say so. Did you ever think you would write a book? And do you hope to write more?
Stella: Thank you. Actually, I currently live in a small island in the Mediterranean. I suppose writing is one of the few constants in my life. I have always written. Some of my short stories and essays were published when I was at school and then at University in the UK. I first started writing a book when I was fourteen, but did not finish it. Then I started a new one when in University, but again, I did not finish it. So, The Closing was in fact my third effort, only this time, I suppose I was ready and I managed to finish it and then Armida Publications decided to publish it.

I certainly hope to write more.
Lexi: The Closing is ver well written so I hope you have plans to write more novels. For those that are looking for a fast paced, engrossing, and has an electrifying romance. What better book to pick up for lounging in the sun with a cool drink. A great summer plan. Stella do you have any big summer plans? 
Stella: My summer plans include late afternoon swimming sessions, summer cocktails (paper umbrella included), romantic walks on the beach, getting a decent tan and writing as much as I possibly can. I have two new writing projects on the way so, I will try to find as much recluse as possible so that I can concentrate on them.  
Lexi: Thanks for stopping by and chatting with us a little, Stella. Anything you would like to ask our readers, or share with them? 
Stella: I am always interested in learning more about readers' likes and dislikes. After all I am an avid reader myself. So, I would like to ask your readers what it is that makes them fall in love with a person and what could make them fall out of love.

Thanks for this interview Lexi. I'd like to you wish you and your readers a sexy summer!

Stella K is a writer, a thinker, a lawyer, and a literature enthusiast. Having graduated from the University of Sheffield she pursued a specialisation as a barrister through the Bar Vocational Course and the experience she gained may have changed the course of her life. A growing interest in business has led her to specialise further in corporate and commercial law by obtaining an LLM from University College London and to pursue a career in this field.

Literature has been an integral part of Stella K's life from an early age. It could be her grandfather's influence who used to read to her Tolstoy, Austen and Bronte in English well before she could speak the language. It could also be her mother's love for Kazantzakis' literary works. This love for literature was ever growing and the only way to consummate it was to write. And so she did, writing both in English and Greek. Her essays in Greek featured in literary magazines and competitions. An article of Stella K about studying in the UK as a foreign student won first prize at a competition ran by her undergraduate university and was subsequently published in print and electronic form. Two of her articles on legal due diligence were published by a Cyprus-Russian newspaper with circulation also in the Russian Federation.

As a young adult she pursued a short story course at the London School of Journalism followed by a creative writing course at the University of Oxford.

Stella K lives where her heart lies, she reads incessantly and gets passionate about extraordinary things such as her corporate work, her writing, and the morning dew on the roses in her garden.

Check her out at Bella Nars

When Bella Nars, a savvy corporate lawyer in her mid-twenties, is summoned to fly to Moscow for the closing of a multi-million dollar transaction fixed on her birthday, she expects to spend her days locked up in Savoy Hotel Moscow embarking on endless negotiations with an army of bankers and lawyers. An accidental yet intriguing encounter the first evening of her stay in Moscow sends Bella straight to hospital rather than her luxurious hotel room. The person responsible for her injuries is called Dima P, a mysterious figure about whom Bella knows absolutely nothing. The only thing she can be sure of is that he has the most penetrating, indigo-coloured eyes she has ever seen. An incessant source gives her the strength to endure the hardships that turn her world up-side-down. For how long can Bella continue to flirt with a devious game of Russian roulette in the name of love? In a time when countries and economies crumble, and human lives have become disgustingly expendable, how much is a person's life worth in the end?
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Stella has graciously offered up three print copies of The Closing to our readers today. (International) To enter leave a comment answering Stella's question and fill out the Rafflecopter. Good luck!

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  1. Kindness & a sense of humor could make me fall in love, & discovering nastiness would make me fall out.
    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  2. A combination of looks, personality, sense of humor and someone I can learn from will play a part in getting me interested, but deception is a turn off.

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  4. Humor,personality,likeabilty and someone who has an interest in me.
    What can make you fall out? Distance, annoying habits,
    and not listening to anything being said

  5. I could easily fall in love with someone who pays attention to me, shares a sense of humor, common interests and affection...and fall out of love with someone that stopped paying attention to me, didn't have a sense of humor, didn't show affection, lied and/or cheated on me, was abusive in any way.

    barbbattaglia @

  6. A good person is deserving of my love. Bad boys may be great in fiction, but not in real life.


  7. What can make me fall in love is good looks and a great personality. But what can make me fall out of love is lies and cheating.


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