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READ, HOT & BOOM with Britt Bury (Guest Post/Giveaway)

Welcome back lovelies! Today I am please to welcome new paranormal romance author, Britt Bury, over for our event. Britt's debut release, The Darkest Day, is actually out TODAY! Congrats on your first release, Britt!

By Lorna MacAvoy and Ava MacAvoy—Poet and Mystic Fionn sisters, and best friends to Izel Campbell.

Ava: It’s finally summer! *twirls a green sparkler in the air*
Lorna: Ava honestly, you’re an adult woman running with a sparkler. Not to mention, sixty-nine percent of injuries during the week of July fourth are due to fireworks. *Waves hand in front of face and coughs as Ava skips circles around her*
Ava: Stop being such a candy ass. You know the fourth is one of my favorite holidays. You get buy things just so you can blow them up. You get to light fire to random crap and watch it blow up. You get to eat hot dogs over a bon fire at the beach and then blow the left overs up.

Lorna: What kind of fourth of July parties have you been to? And have you talked to Dr. Krossman about your obsession with fire? *Lorna pulls out her blackberry and checks her email* We’ve got to hustle this up, I have an appointment.
Ava: First off, *Ava tosses the now dead sparkler and digs through the massive pile of fireworks on the curb* I don’t have an obsession with fire, I have an obsession with blowing things up. Secondly, you didn’t tell me you had a date. *She winks at Lorna*
Lorna: It’s not a date, I got hired by a private company to persuade a lock combination out of some warlock.
Ava: You and your magical words. Want me to come along and—
Lorna: If you say “blow him up,” then no, I’ll pass.
Ava: I was going to offer my magical assistance. *She waves her fingers at Lorna and they being to glow*
Lorna: I’ve got this handled. A few enchanting words and he’ll give up the information in no time.
Ava: Maybe you can enchant your way into the guy’s pants while you’re at it. *Another wink*
Lorna: *Typing on blackberry* I have too much going on to think about dating. Besides, I love you sister, but your taste in men is…
Ava: What’s wrong with my taste in men?
Lorna: *Glances at Ava then returns to typing on her blackberry*
Ava: Hey! Scooter wasn’t so bad.
Lorna: Ava honey, Scooter lived in a frat house, which he wasn’t even a member of by the way, and measured success by how many working toilets there were at any given time.
Ava: He was also beer pong champ three seasons running. *Mumbles, still digging through fireworks*
Lorna: I’d love to go into this further, but we’re out of time. Weren’t we suppose to deliver some message about fourth of July safety and what not?
Ava: *Laughs while running up to a brick townhouse and putting a very large fountain firework on the door step and drops a brown paper bag next to the fuse* That’s what we’re doing. Hey everyone! *She flicks her lighter and the firework sparks—the brown paper bag also catches on fire. She runs back to the curb and takes her place next to Lorna* Be careful when you light up fireworks...
Lorna: Oh lord…*Puts her hands over her ears*
Ava: Especially, next to a bag of dog shit on your douche-bag ex-boyfriend’s porch!

Izel Campbell was raised to believe she is an immortal Fionn with the magical skills of persuasion. But when she travels to Scotland to visit her ancestral home, Izel discovers that she is actually the world's last living human. Forced to run for her life, Izel crosses paths with Kelvin Kerr, the Campbells' greatest foe-and the most magnificent warrior she has ever seen.
A thousand-year-old battle chief of the Kerr clan, Kelvin lives only to avenge his father, who died at the hands of the bloody Campbells. Honor demands he kill the Campbell heir, but when he learns that the lovely Izel is both Campbell "and" human, Kelvin is torn between duty and desire . . .

About the Author:
Britt Bury writes paranormal romance where the immortals are fierce, the stakes are high, and desire can be deadly.

Britt was raised in Corvallis, Oregon and attended Oregon State University majoring in Liberal Studies. When her dream of being a professional karaoke star and Elvis impersonator didn’t pan out, she turned to writing. She currently lives in the Silicon Valley with her brilliant husband, two sons and an obscene amount of fish. 

Britt's first paranormal romance releases summer 2012 with Grand Central's imprint: Forever Yours. Britt is represented by Jill Marsal of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.

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Britt is giving away one eBook of The Darkest Day to one lucky reader. To enter just leave a comment on this post: What are your favorite type of fireworks? Mine are the fountain ones! and then fill out the Rafflecopter below. Additional entries are available but not required. Good luck!
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  1. my favorite are the really loud ones that look like camera flashes.

  2. My favorite fireworks are the square shaped ones they set off at Disney land

  3. My all time favorite has to be sparklers since you can hold them without worrying too much about getting injured.

  4. Happy 4th everyone!!!

    I love the flower ones that change colors :) And any that are safely detonated professionals :)

  5. I love the fountains with the whistles and the gold sparklers

  6. My grandkids call them prettys, but my favorites are the ones that sizzle.

  7. I always get scared of the neighborhood fireworks, but I love the Disneyland spectacle! I lived not too far away years ago and it was such a treat to barbeque in the backyard and then watch the fireworks LOL Thank you for reminding me of that fun memory!

  8. I always loved the fireworks that flashed then did a loud "BOOM". It always reminded me of a camera.

  9. I am so terribly low key that I still really love the sparklers >.<


  10. I like sparklers. Tore923@aol.com

  11. My favorite type of firework is chrysanthemum :)

  12. My favorite ones are the ones that start out white and then the ends turn blue as they zig zag around before sizzling out!

    books4me67 at ymail dot com

  13. My favorites are the ones that have little fuzzy looking twirlys that whistle.
    Congrats on your first release! I really enjoyed the interview and the book cover is very delicious.
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  14. My faves are the Chrysanthemums!

    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  15. I love all fireworks! As for small little things though I love the jumping jacks.

  16. My favorite are the flower one the change color as they come down.


  17. My all time favorite are the sparklers. I also like the the flower ones that change color as they come down.

  18. I am not fireworks savvy but I like the ones that shoots right high up and then explodes into different colors! :)

    Cherry Mischievous

  19. I'm not a big fan of shooting fireworks but love to watch the big fireworks shows. The artillery shells are so pretty!

  20. I don't have a favorite fireworks.... I love them all!! This is my favorite holiday! Thanks for the giveaway. Happy Independence Day!

  21. I love the big fireworks that start off as one color but the tips change color at the very end.

    geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com

  22. My favorite kind of fireworks are the ones that explode and light the sky with sparkles, like glitter.

  23. I love all the fireworks but my favorite is called the Spider. Thanks for the chance to win!! Have a great day!!

  24. I love the ones that explode and then cascade down in all directions.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  25. I don't know what they're called...but they explode and light up the sky with LOTS of color. But ...I want to watch them from VERY far away because they are super loud!! :)

    barbbattaglia @ yahoo.com

  26. Oops - had a typo for my GFC follower name - should be Leanne Goon!

    Also, my favorite type of firework is the one where there is nothing at first and then all these little lights and flashing everywhere - they're great!


  27. I like sparklers also I love the finales at firwork shows they are just so pretty all at once.

  28. I absolutely love the Mickey Mouse shaped ones they show at Disneyland every night! Just makes the end of a magical day more special!

  29. I love the flower ones that change colors!


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