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Event: Tie Me Up in July with Roni Loren (Guest Post/Giveaway)

Hello lovelies and welcome to our erotic BDSM event, Tie Me Up In July! To kick things off right Shannon (Cocktails and Books) and I both would like to welcome erotic romance author Roni Loren! At each of our blogs, Roni is sharing with us the place she has brought to life in her series, Loving On The Edge, The Ranch. A place where all your wicked fantasies can come to life! So come on in and let your fantasies lead the way! 

A Tour of “The Ranch”

In every book series, there is something that ties the books together. That may be a single character that you follow throughout, it may be a family, or it may be a certain town or location. For my Loving on the Edge series, I have characters that all connect in some way, but the main thing that ties the whole series together is The Ranch, the BDSM resort where my characters often go.

The original idea for The Ranch came to me while I was at a rock concert out in the middle of nowhere Texas. The band set up a stage on the grounds of a ranch and there was nothing around for miles. It was pretty cool. And I had the thought that if you wanted to build something private that no one would look at too closely, this would be a good place to have it.

So I paired that with the knowledge that Texas also has quite a thriving wine business with vineyards and such and created The Ranch. Grant Waters, the owner, runs a legitimate wine business, but he also has a whole other side to the place where Texas’s elite can indulge in their fantasies.

The Ranch has everything a kinky heart could want--top of the line BDSM equipment, themed role-playing rooms, a night club, a spa, and fully equipped private cabins. Oh, and then there are all these smexy single men wandering around. Such a hardship. ;)

But creating the fantasy resort is a lot of fun. And I add in things as I go along. In MELT INTO YOU, I added the theme rooms because my heroine has a cop fantasy where one of those could come in handy. Then in the book I just finished writing, I decided there were going to be horses you could ride to your cabin, and I had the chance to create Grant’s private play space. So it’s an ever expanding world in my mind, lol.

Hope you’ll come visit sometime. ;)

Melt Into You 
(Loving On the Edge, Book 2)
Jace's Story
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Berkley Heat
Trade Paperback and Ebook
ISBN-10: 0425247716 / ISBN-13: 978-0425247716
Coming July 2012!
Her first love has returned, and he's brought a friend...
After running away from home and the boy who broke her heart, Evan Kennedy has kick-started the perfect new life with her celebrity fiancé. So what if said fiancé prefers guys? She knew the deal. And with her ticket to The Ranch, an exclusive resort where any fantasy can be satisfied, she knows she can find someone to fulfill her less-than-traditional desires on the side.
She just never expected that man to be Jace Austin, her old heart-breaker—all grown up, hard-bodied, and holding out a collar. She knows it’s probably a world-class bad idea—especially since Jace has brought along his buddy Andre, who’s every bit as irresistible. But if they can stick to the no-strings rules, so can she.
Too bad Jace has never been so good with rules. Evan is convinced “forever” is a word used only in greeting cards, but Jace and Andre have one last fantasy of hers left to fulfill. It’s time to go big or go home. And neither man has ever been a fan of going home.


With that, Jace climbed to his feet, bent down, and swept her up into his arms. She let out a little sound of surprise. “What are you doing?”
“I’m going in the house to take care of a few things. You are going into the hot tub to relax and eat something.” He cocked his head to the side. “Andre, I’m putting you in charge of her. Make sure she eats.”
Before she realized what was happening, he lowered her into the bubbling tub. The heated water enveloped her naked body, and her gaze shot to Andre.
Jace ran a hand over her hair. “Are you okay staying with Andre alone?”
She didn’t feel any threat from Andre. In fact, just looking at him made her want to praise God for creating the male form. But what was her role? Was she supposed to please Jace’s friends, too? The thought sent a surprising jolt of desire through her. “Yes, I just—”
Jace gave her a reassuring smile. “Andre is one of my best friends. I’d trust him with my life, so I trust him with you. If at any point you want to touch him this weekend, you have my permission. But he won’t touch you unless you ask him to. You understand?”
She couldn’t tell if it was the temperature of the water or the mind-blowing dynamic Jace had just laid on her, but she felt a bit lightheaded. She nodded. “Yes, sir.”
“Now, chill, eat. I’ll be back for you in a little while.”
She listened to Jace’s retreating footsteps as Andre leaned forward and propped his forearms on the side of the hot tub. “So, gorgeous, mind if I join you in there?”
Evan took a deep breath—as if that would do a damn bit of good—and nodded at Andre. “Sure. Come on in.”
He flashed an easy smile and grabbed the tray of sandwiches off the lounge chair and set it on the side of the hot tub. “Start eating, bella. I have a feeling Jace has big plans for you, and he won’t put up with you skipping meals. Don’t want you passing out.”
Something about the way he said bellabey-yah—made her all fluttery inside. Like her female genes were wired to be a sucker for the way that spice-laced accent rolled off his tongue. Made her want to find out if those lips tasted as good as his words.
She reached over and grabbed one of the sandwiches to give her shaky hands something to do. Her normally voracious appetite had been non-existent all day, but after round one with Jace, she was already feeling a little weak. Sustenance wasn’t optional. She bit into the sandwich right as Andre peeled off his T-shirt.
Bad idea. She nearly choked on the first bite.
Hot damn, he was beautiful—hard, well-honed muscles, naturally tan skin, and a faint trail of black hair tracking from his navel down. Her gaze traveled up his torso and paused at silver glinting in the moonlight. Nipple rings. She’d almost forgotten that sexy little detail from the night in South Padre. There was something so darkly enticing about that kind of piercing on a man. A blatant, unapologetic pronouncement of sexuality.
She bit her lip, wondering what it would be like to run her tongue over one of the rings, to tug it with her teeth. She shoved another bite of sandwich into her mouth before she did something stupid. Like give Andre permission to do whatever the hell he wanted to her.
He hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his shorts and then glanced down at her. She must’ve looked like a deer in headlights; she certainly felt like one. He chuckled. “Sorry. Habit. I’ll keep these on.”
She didn’t know if she was relieved by his decision or damn disappointed. God, what the hell was wrong with her? She already had an equally potent man to herself for the weekend. How could she even be tempted to want more than that? She barely knew if she could handle Jace without melting into a puddle of uselessness.
Andre straddled the side of the tub and then slid into the water, taking a seat on the opposite side from her. “Ahh, that’s nice.”
Hell yes, it was. She was suddenly very happy for the water concealing her body because she was certain her nipples had hardened as soon as he’d gotten near. Ugh. This had to be a side effect of long-term abstinence.
He stretched his arms out along the edge of the hot tub and sank lower, letting his head rest against the side, but keeping his eyes on her. “Relax, Evan. Jace wasn’t kidding. I’m not going to make a move on you.”
Unless she asked. He didn’t say it, but the rest of the sentence hung in the steam-filled air between them. 

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    And for those who asked, the series will have at least four full length novels and two e-novellas, but I hope to continue it beyond that because I have two more heroes who still need their story told. :)

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