Friday, July 27, 2012

Review: Fascinated by Marissa Day

by Marissa Day
Paperback, 336 pages
Published June 5th 2012 by Berkley Trade
ISBN 13: 9780425247723
Copy courtesy of publisher

"Pleasure was an elusive dream... Alicia Hartwell has never experienced the pleasure of passion. Despite all her efforts to comprehend the notion of romantic love, it has remained an utterly foreign concept to her. Resigned to the life of a spinster, Alicia is therefore stunned when she receives a marriage proposal from the highly eligible bachelor, Lord Carstairs. ...until she met him. But Lord Edward Carstairs is not a normal nobleman. He's a Catalyst--able to draw magical power from the natural world for use in spells by human Sorcerers. He senses that Alicia is a victim of enchantment, one that has suppressed her erotic urges. Powerfully attracted to her, he's certain that he's the one to help her experience pleasure for the first time. But as Edward and Alicia's mutual passion burns hot, their fragile love and trust could be threatened by family secrets and a new magical intrigue neither imagined"


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Lexi's Thoughts

Who isn’t fascinated by the Fae. The legends tell of frightening beautiful people with strong magic. As with everything in life there must be a balance, so what could have been the balance to these powerful beings? Day has created a wonderful mix of paranormal, historical, and romance in answer to that.

Alicia has been under a spell, sort of fairy tale like already isn’t it. Her very self has been hidden deep in the mist until she meets Edward and is freed. Edward is no average gentleman but a catalyst, making him even more perfect for Alicia than if he were just a sensual man intent on pleasing her. Like any fairy tale you have the young woman in danger, and an evil villain. 
The villain here is a White Knight, who would have thought to put that together. The perfect White Knight with the enchanted home and the ability to make you forever young and perfect. A difficult thing to turn your back on. But if your heart has already been claimed you can’t give it, and Alicia’s heart belongs only to Edward.
Day brings a fresh take on the Fae and magic. The families that posses magic have learned to hide it, resulting in harming themselves and their children. The last quarter of Fascinated is incredibly steamy and is full of action, you will be at the end before you know it. A very enjoyable book, and a great paranormal historical romance.

 Rating: 3.5 Wines!

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