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Event: Tie Me Up in July with Leanore Elliott (Guest Post/Giveaway)

Thank you so much for joining us for our Tie Me Up In July event this week! Please give a warm welcome to author Leanore Elliot who will be wrapping things up for us today, enjoy!

More Sex
By Leanore Elliott

I love sex, fantasies and drop to your knees heat. At the urging from Wicked Leanore’s fans for more hot sex? I decided to let my muse explore what is hot. Leanore writes erotica with an emotional tie, so this is not your average trashy type, one-night stand erotica, but it’s a body squirming, hot flash worthy anthology and definitely naughty enough.

These sexy stories are all filled with a sexual intensity; some are BDSM and not for the timid reader. All of them are imbued with different appetites and preferences. There is oral action, masturbation, cunninling, straight-on fucking, spanking, submission, domination, sexual obsessions, some anal penetration and fetish type yearnings.

These Sex Stories all have one thing in common—they will get you hot. Woven with clever, unique plots to lead you in, while pitched with a lot of raw heat to turn you on.

This is for those of us who just want…MORE SEX


DEDICATED: Pearl yearns for her boss and has suffered with her secret obsession for an entire year.

“You are what I need, what I’ve wanted.” He took a deep breath. “I watched you too, all the time, Pearl. But you never seemed to notice.”
Shocked, she laughed outright.
It was his turn to look stunned by her laughter.
She giggled and spluttered. “I was too busy.”
His expression grew puzzled.
“I was too busy trying to keep my panties dry. I went in to that dead-end job, just so I could be near you. I was busy trying to hide it and keep my mind clean as all I wanted was you—your cock in my mouth, my pussy, my ass.” She knelt at his feet.
At her subservient kneeling, he stared down at her. “My, God…” He seemed to hold his breath as he visibly grew hard again and looked pained.
She lifted her tits up and licked her lips. “Let me be your total slave. I will please you in so many ways, because I have done you already in every way imaginable. It’s all that I’ve longed to do and it’s all that I want for my whole life; you’ll never even need anyone else. I will be your release, your sex toy, or whatever your mood wants. Please, use me for your pleasure?”
His eyes were riveted to her as she pledged her body and heart to him. He drew in a breath and visibly flinched while he gripped his cock as though he were in pain.
Stilling, she could see him spurt a drop of cum from the tip and she hopped up, her mouth latching onto him, she took his entire length in and desperately sucked on him.
Leaning his head back, he groaned loudly as he grabbed her head and stroked her over his coming cock.
Pearl was in heaven; she’d made him come by just offering herself to him. She felt so powerful to have affected him like that. She’d always known if she were given the chance that she could turn him on, like no one else could. Here was her debut and he was exploding in her mouth, as he stood helpless in a climax she’d brought. Her pussy clenched and moisture squeezed out until she felt completely wet between her thighs. He was smooth and deliciously warm in her mouth and she almost came when she tasted him.
His body seemed to spasm with her rapid mouth stroking and sucking as he let out a deep groan and held her hair with an almost violent grasping.

MINE: Jewel is a submissive who can’t find the right master….

With a cruel swift skill, he reached out and ripped her silk dress, pulling and tearing at it until it slipped entirely away from her body.
Freezing up, she felt the air hit her bare skin. “Three years ago,” she answered truthfully.
As though he fought for control, he balled his hands to fists at his sides.
Jewel stared at his angry stance. “Oh God, you think…?” She gulped. “No, Rober. I only want you!”
Seeming to immediately assume his self-control again, he stared her. “I didn’t think so.”
Breathing heavily, she was panicked. She couldn’t lose him now, she had to convince him. “I have wanted you since the first night.”
Stepping closer, he lightly passed his fingers over her bare nipples.
In response, her entire body fluttered.
“I waited for you to get over what had happened to you,” he softly whispered.
Jewel nodded as excitement flooded through her. I am so over everything—except you.
“I would have never left marks on you—I only want to marquer vous on the inside.” His finger made a trail down along her stomach. “Mark you, so you would obey only me.”
At his sensuous touch, Jewel stood very still while pure elation raced through her. Finally, he was sharing some of his thoughts. You have marked me—probably forever now.
“I have wanted to bring you here and maybe…?” His firm, strong hand had come down low to her mound as he reached in and grabbed her entire labia, tugging fiercely on her. “Make you happy.”
Releasing a heavy moan, Jewel thought she might cream instantly in his wonderfully fierce grasp.
“Maybe I would fuck your lovely, sweet mouth and watch you climax as you swallow me,” he purred the nasty promises at her.
His descriptions lit in her mind and she trembled violently.
“And if you pleased me well enough? I would fuck you from behind, like you said you liked.”
Quivering, she let out another helpless moan.
He motioned his head toward the wall rack.
Jewel swung her entranced gaze over to see the various collars and yokes. Her body gave a violent shudder.
“I have one that I bought especially for you. It is studded with rubies. The same color as your rouge auburn hair.” He passed his fingers along her nipples again. “It will also attach nicely to your sweet tits as it would tug and pull…tirer.” His fingers towed fiercely on her nipples. “So, nicely at my will.”
Jewel couldn’t even swallow as he spoke.
His eyes burned at her. “It would plaisir you with such a délicieux pain, without harming your sweet flesh.”

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