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5 Wine Glass #Review of The Black Lily by Juliette Cross

32172479Title: The Black Lily
Series: Vampire Blood #1
Author: Juliette Cross
Format: Kindle, 302 pages
Published: March 27th 2017 by Entangled: Select Otherworld
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N
Reviewer: Linda
Source: Amazon
Rating: 5 out of 5 Wine Glasses

Cinderella like you’ve never seen before…

With the threat of the vampire monarchy becoming stronger every day, the Black Lily must take drastic measures. As the leader of the underground resistance, Arabelle concocts the perfect idea to gain the attention of the Glass Tower. Her plan? Attend the vampire prince’s blood ball and kill him. Fortunately for Prince Marius, her assassination goes awry, and Arabelle flees, leaving behind only her dagger.

Marius is desperate to find the woman whose kiss turned into attempted murder, hunting for the mysterious assassin he can’t push out of his mind. But what he uncovers could change the course of his life forever…

Linda's Thoughts:
Arabelle smiled and hooked the mask into place. Now her disguise was perfect. As the carriage rolled on, with the same dogged determination that had ruled her for most of her life, she envisioned her target and her mission – to kill the vampire prince.

The Black Lily marks the phenomenal debut of the Vampire Blood paranormal fantasy romance series by Juliette Cross. I have read the series out-of order since I started with the third book in the series, The White Lily, and was so blown away that I’m now going back and reading the series from the beginning before the finale is released later this month. The series features hot vampires in exciting fractured retellings of popular fairy tales. The Black Lily is the author’s re-imagined reiteration of Cinderella.

The Black Lily is the story of human Arabelle, a peasant laundress, and Prince Marius, the youngest son of the original vampire. Arabelle is The Black Lily, the leader of the resistance and the catalyst behind the human uprising against the savage rule of the Varis crown vampires. Her grandiose plans start with a daring suicide mission! The first step is a carriage ride to the palace ball being held in celebration of the Prince’s hundredth birthday and his impending nuptials! Once there, she will seduce the Prince, get him away from his guards and assassinate him via a dagger hidden on her person to his heart. Amazingly, the pieces fall into place setting up the final act. But, Arabelle is blindsided as she did not count on the Prince’s kiss rocking her very core. How could she fall for a monster? How could he fall for his executioner? For certain, this night will change the course of both of their lives forever.

Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from The Black Lily:

Magnificent. Beautiful. Glorious.
Marius couldn’t believe such a woman still existed in all the kingdoms. The small taste of her blood on his tongue still flowed through his veins, white-hot and crippling him with the demand for… “More,” he whispered.

“Violate me?” He laughed, a black lock of hair falling in front of one eye. “That sounds delightful.”

“When I take a woman in my arms, whether to my bed or to feed, it is always an embrace—gentle, warm, and pleasurable.”  
Her mouth slid into a wicked smile. “Well, then. We’d never suit, my prince. I prefer a rough tumble in the bed. I’ve never been one for cuddling and tenderness.”

Nicolai, Marius’ chief security officer and his best friend, and Sienna, the red-hooded woman of the woods, are introduced and play important supporting roles in this tale. They also just happen to be the hero and heroine of the next book, The Red Lily.

You will want to hang out the Do Not Disturb sign when you start reading The Black Lily. It is well-written with an ingenious and scrappy female lead who can hold her own and then some. It’s an attention-riveter from the first page through to the last and gave my heart a great racing workout. This book contains all the elements I crave: a sweet and steamy romance, suspenseful mysteries, fast-paced action, dangerous adventures and awesome characters with sizzling chemistry including a most swoon-worthy Prince Charming. I’ve already dived into the next book…

Suggested Reading Order: 
Book #1 The Black Lily
Book #2 The Red Lily
Book #3 The White Lily
Book #4 The Emerald Lily – Series Finale! Coming Jan 29, 2018!

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