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5 Wine Glass #Audio #Review of Must Love More Kilts by Angela Quarles

30796652Title: Must Love More Kilts
Series: Must Love #4
Author: Angela Quarles
Narrator: Mary Jane Wells
Format: Unabridged Audio Book, 6 hours and 48 minutes
Published: October 31, 2017 (Angela Trigg)
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Reviewer: Linda
Source: Author
Rating: 5 out of 5 Wine Glasses

What if your husband turns out to be the man sent to kill your ancestor?

A choice to make…

Highland Games fanatic Fiona Campbell believes her only value is her family's history, myths, and legends. So when she travels back to 1689 Scotland and discovers she's the Fiona of family legend, you'd think she’d be excited. And she is. Except that the legendary warrior she’s to save her ancestor from is the hottie in a kilt she just handfasted.

A heart to heal…

Duncan MacCowan once trusted his heart to the wrong woman, but when a strange lass drops into his life and pries opens his heart again, he impulsively handfasts her. Yet before he can finish spinning fancies of their domestic bliss, she flees on the night of their wedding, leaving him even more convinced that he can’t trust his instincts where his heart is involved.

A family legend that will tear them apart

Fiona wants to shake her fist at Fate--she finally meets the man of her dreams but can’t have him because of the family legend? Not cool, Fate, not cool. Duncan believes he’s just terrible at picking women and destined to be alone. But as the heat of their attraction flares, how far can they tempt Fate for love? 

Linda's Thoughts:
It still shocked her. In the quiet moments when she took in her surroundings. She was in friggin’ seventeenth century Scotland. Here on a wish from the magical calling card case her sister received from a friend. She’d seen an actual historical battle. There were men in kilts everywhere.

Must Love More Kilts by Angela Quarles is a fun, exciting and swoony Highland romance. It is the fourth book in the author’s “Must Love” series and the second book in the narrative arc involving the Campbell sisters who time travel back in time to Scotland on a bet to prove whether hot guys in kilts are a myth or a legend. If you are a newbie to Angela’s Must Love series, I would highly recommend that you read the previous installment, Must Love Kilts, before diving into this entry as this entry finishes the storyline which began with that book. Thus, Must Love More Kilts begins where Must Love Kilts ended, at Dungarbh Castle, stronghold of the MacCowans on Loch Garry, Scotland in 1689 during the reign of James II, right before William of Orange comes to power.

Must Love More Kilts is the story of Highlander Duncan MacCowan and Fiona Campbell. In the previous book, Duncan and Fiona met and handfasted the same night that the sisters had arrived in seventeenth century Scotland. Traci and Clan Chief Iain MacCowan found their HEA in Must Love Kilts. Now it’s Fiona’s and Duncan’s turn to find theirs, but there are some major obstacles in their path.

First of all, you must understand that Fiona loves history and especially her family’s history. History is her forte, her claim to fame and the only thing she feels she excels at. With that in mind, Fiona’s life has taken on new purpose since that fateful night with Duncan. As Fiona was exploring Duncan’s very fine physique, she was shocked to discover the very scar and tattoo on his torso which marked him as the MacCowan warrior of her favorite family legend - the warrior who her grandpappy said the Fiona of old would stop from killing her ancestor. In a cruel twist of fate, Fiona realizes that she must be that Fiona of old, leaving Fiona with a terrible dilemma. She’s in love with Duncan, but she and Traci will cease to exist if she does not stop him. So, without explanation – as how could she explain this to Duncan? -  Fiona abruptly flees their bed before they consummate their marriage.

The couple does not speak of the incident afterwards. But, when another Highlander wants to take Fiona as his wife, Duncan’s heart reacts with jealousy, and the couple embark on a wild and gripping adventure.

I loved both of these main characters! Fiona and Duncan are strongly attracted to each other but each refuses to follow their heart for differing reasons. Fiona believes she can’t allow Duncan into her heart as the legend must trump her feelings. Duncan, badly hurt by another woman to whom he gave his heart, and now abandoned by Fiona when she was seemingly repulsed by his scar, believes that he’s unwanted by any woman and doomed to be alone forevermore. He has vowed to hold the keys to his heart close forevermore. Can they learn to trust and break down the seemingly impenetrable wall between them? It’s not at all clear they can…

Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from Must Love More Kilts:

She did not want to have to choose between the legend which had finally made her feel as if her life had meaning and this beautiful, caring man whose soul seemed to echo with the same beats as her own heart.

No, he didn’t view the scar as shameful, though he did in its getting. For he’d not received it in battle. He’d received it the last time he’d ever acted foolishly over a woman.
Oddly poetic that the very woman who brought out that foolish side again was turned off by the scar. As if the scar and tattoo were a shield. A shield protecting him forevermore from heartache.

She dragged the soft cloth up and up, the fabric tickling along his sensitized skin. He trembled. Never had he been so responsive to a woman’s slightest touch.

Mary Jane Wells returns to narrate Must Love More Kilts. She’s one of my favorite narrators and never fails to deliver a polished, professional performance. As with the previous installments, her narration is nothing short of superb. Both her male and female voices sound genuine. Her accents sound realistic and her narration is easy to understand. Her performance transports me into the story as she really does bring Angela’s sexy tale to life. If you enjoy audios, I’d highly recommend that you elect to listen to this entire series in audio. Every facet is excellent and you will not be disappointed.

The author’s entire Must Love series is beyond fantastic. Every installment has merited top marks from me. I love how Angela blends romance, paranormal and history into a fun, engrossing and passionate tale that you won’t want to put down until the last word has been read. I can’t wait to see where Angela takes this series next!

Suggested Reading Order: 
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Must Love More Kilts (Book #4)

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