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The Rancher's Second Chance by Victoria James (Excerpt/Giveaway

Victoria James is sharing an excerpt from her new contemporary romance release, THE RANCHER'S SECOND CHANCE!

The Rancher's Second Chance
by Victoria James
ebook, 250 pages
Published March 10th 2014 by Entangled: Indulgence
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Widowed rancher Cole Forrester is all about running his family's ranch and guarding his heart. The last thing he's looking for is love, but when his little sister can't make it home to handle some of her wedding details, he's forced to entertain the event planner, Melanie Simms. Melanie is everything he's not even remotely interested in: she's high-society, complicated, and high maintenance. But when he's stranded with her at his remote cabin in the Colorado mountains, he realizes he's seriously underestimated her. She's hiding something about her past from him, but despite everything, he finds himself falling for the last woman he ever expected, and the first woman to make him want to give his heart and risk everything...


Melanie smiled as the she found the advertisement with the riding lessons. She pulled down one of the paper tabs and folded it in her hand.
“Looking for something?”
Melanie jumped at the deep, smooth voice in her ear. She could pick that voice out in a crowd of thousands. She turned around and looked up at Cole. Her heart stopped and then pummeled forward at the sight of him. His brown eyes were twinkling under the rim of his Stetson. He glanced at the board behind her. “Find what you need?”
She inhaled sharply and tucked the slip of paper into her jacket. “Nope, I just like looking at the community boards every now and then,” she said, lying. She decided a smile might help pull it off. Judging by the adorable smirk that triggered his dimple, he wasn’t buying it. “No, I distinctly saw you pulling something off the board,” he said under his breath. He stepped beside her, and a waft of his aftershave filled her nostrils. He smelled just as she remembered. Clean, fresh, with a hint of the outdoors and a whole lot of man.
“It was somewhere around here,” he said, his index finger circling the area of the board very near the horseback riding lessons. She really did not feel like explaining why she was looking into lessons. She had no desire to admit she was terrified of horses, why she was terrified of horses. She tried to shove him over, but his large body didn’t budge.
“Stop being nosy.”
“No, since you never tell me anything about yourself, I think I need to do a little detective work,” he said, narrowing his eyes on something.
Melanie saw what he was looking at. Fine. That would be easier to pull off than having to tell him the truth. “Well, you caught me,” she said, throwing her hands up in the air. “I’m going to apply for an exotic-dancing job.”
His tanned face was definitely a few shades whiter. “Pardon me?”
“Yes, um, I’ve always enjoyed the…arts. Dancing…you know,” she said, her voice trailing as his eyes grew wider. She was suddenly second-guessing her lie.
“You do realize what exotic dancing is, don’t you?”
She closed her eyes briefly and nodded. “It’s just very expressive dance.”
“You’re not doing any exotic dancing.”
She waved her hand casually. “Well, who knows if I’d be hired.”
He scowled at her, giving her a quick once-over. “You’d be hired.”
“There are auditions. But I have experience. I was fond of ballet.”
“You get that exotic dancing isn’t like ballet? Like you’re not going to be wearing a tutu?”
“I’m not an idiot, of course I know that. But I do know how to dance. In high school I was in The Nutcracker.”
He tilted his head to the side. “That sounds about right.”

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  1. Love the cover. Book sounds amazing.

  2. I loved the excerpt!! I find it a little hard to believe someone doesn't know what exotic dancing is, but it is possible. :-)

  3. this looks and sounds fantastic! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Thank you for the chance to win!

  5. Great cover. Thanks for sharing the excerpt :)


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