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Guest Review: The Alpha's Daughter by Jacqueline Rhoades - 3.5 Wine Glasses

18160467Title: The Alpha's Daughter 
Series: The Wolvers #3
Author: Jacqueline Rhoades 
Format: ebook, 398 pages
Published: June 29th 2013 by Smashwords
ISBN: 139781301184347
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N | Kobo
Source: Publicist
Reviewer: Fiona
Rating: 3.5/5

There is a balm in Gilead, to heal the wounded soul…
Jazz Phillips is on the run, fleeing from a fate most females in her pack accept as their lot in life; an arranged mating, something Jazz thought wasn't in her future as the Alpha's daughter and only child. She doesn't want to be the next Alpha's Mate. She doesn't want to be anyone's mate. She likes her life just the way it is until she finds herself stranded in the mountain town of Gilead, home to a small and close knit pack of wolvers. Once there, she begins to question her life as it was and begins to wonder about what it could be, especially in the arms of the wolver the people call Doc.
Doc Goodman claims to have settled in Gilead because he saw a need for his services, but in fact, he's a runaway, too. He's rejected his wolver heritage and the warring politics that stripped him of everything he loved most. He's biding his time, waiting to die, until he meets the blue haired, foul mouthed beauty who shows him there are still things worth living for and the most important of them are worth fighting for.


The Alpha's Daughter starts off with Jazz Phillips running away from her father, and her pack. Jazz's alpha father never had a son, so to secure the future of his pack he has decided to auction off his daughter the Alpha Mate. She wants no part of this. Jazz does not want to be mated, let alone to the Alpha Mate.

On the run, Jazz ends up in the town of Gilead were she is to meet up with someone named Goodman. She stays for a night to rest up and then she'll be on her way to a new pack. Everything changes though when she bumps into a few wolves that think they can take what she's not offering. Not one to back down, or keep quiet, she puts up a fight. That is until a grizzly of a man picks her up and carries her away...

Doc Goodman is expecting a man to be passing threw and needing a place to crash. He was not expecting this hot tempered, foul mouth woman. He doesn't need or want any distractions... 

The Alpha's Mate is a good story, but it took a while to hook me in. As I was reading I figured it to be a 3 wine glass book. However, the ending really got me and I had to add in a half glass for it alone. 

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