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The Bride Insists Author: Jane Ashford ~ #Interview & #Giveaway!

When reading a book full of heartache and strong emotions nothing breaks the tension better than a little comic relief. 
Our guest today has a lovely knack for this...
Welcome Jane Ashford!

Lexi: Dare I spill one of your writing secrets? One that makes our hearts melt and become instantly attached to your characters? They, shall we say, sink their claws into our hearts? 

Jane: I think any character who is the victim of undeserved misfortune gets a good start on that attachment. For instance, both Clare and Jamie in The Bride Insists are pretty much penniless through no fault of their own. I think many people can feel sympathy with that. 

Lexi: I love when authors put animals/pets in their stories. Even more when the pets play a vital role to the plot! Your newest release, The Bride Insists, has a governess who inherits a fortune and marries to keep it. A nice story line...but I have to know, are there any animals?

Jane: There’s Randolph! He’s half wolfhound and half mastiff, the result of a misalliance between the vicar’s dog, who escaped his home turf, and one of the denizens of Mr. Fox’s kennel. Threatened with drowning at birth, Randolph the mongrel was saved by Jamie’s young sisters. 

Lexi: Half wolfhound, half mastiff! I love him already so yes, yes I will have to read the book. It’s officially on my list! Who can resist this battle of wills when we know your lighthearted humor will be included. Do you have to work to insert humor or is it as much a part of your writing as breathing?

Jane: Well, I love a story with humor. I love some humor in life, for that matter! I think some of it comes out naturally, and then I build on that.

Lexi: You are a historical romance natural, you have found what works and you keep turning them out. Truly, quite the backlist you have! The Bride Insists may start out with a marriage of convenience, she gets her money and he gets to save his home then you let their passion grow. Do you think this mirrors life? People have a drive to obtain a goal. Then by interaction with others on the way to achieve the goal they discover that perhaps there is more meaning and depth to life? 

Jane: I think that’s a very good point. People’s goals and ambitions change as they form bonds. Other people, particularly people they love or come to love, are added to the equation. They learn and grow, and the goals shift.

Lexi: So true to life. Thanks for stopping by today Jane, and relieving my worry about not having any pets in The Bride Insists! Congrats on your release!

Jane: Thanks for having me on the blog!


She Thinks She's Bought a Compliant HusbandAlthough Clare Greenough has inherited an unexpected fortune, her money is in the hands of a trustee until she marries—everyone knows a woman is incapable of managing funds. What she needs is an easygoing husband, right away...

They're Both in for a Shock
She makes a deal with impetuous young James Boleigh, seventh Baron Trehearth: they will marry, Clare will get control of her money, and Jamie will get the funds he desperately needs to restore his lands. To stave off ruin, Jamie agrees, believing Clare will soon become a proper, submissive wife. But to expect a serene, passionless marriage was only their first mistake...

Praise for The Bride Insists
“Perfectly delightful Regency romance... Remarkably executed.” —Publishers Weekly

“Ashford captures the reader’s interest with her keen knowledge of the era and her deft writing. … a charming plot and just the right amount of sensuality.” —RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars

“…a marvelously engaging marriage of convenience tale, and Ashford's richly nuanced, 
realistically complex characters and impeccably crafted historical setting are bound to 
resonate with fans of Mary Balogh.” – Booklist

Jane Ashford discovered Georgette Heyer in junior high school and was captivated by the glittering world and witty language of Regency England. That delight was part of what led her to study English literature and travel widely in Britain and Europe. She has written historical and contemporary romances, and her books have been published in Sweden, Italy, England, Denmark, France, Russia, Latvia, the Czech Republic, and Spain, as well as the U.S. Jane has been nominated for a Career Achievement Award by RT Book Reviews. Born in Ohio, she now lives in LA. For more information, please visit

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  1. I love animals in my books! Seeing how the characters treat their furry friends can really say a lot about them.

  2. I haven't read anything before by this author now here is my chance !Yes, love reading about animals in books especially if they talk to you through there mind or otherwise its cute.

  3. I enjoy using animal characters. I've had some cats who were quite the inspiration. : )

  4. Yes, I find animals can often help determine the humanity of the characters. If they are kind to animals, they have the capacity to love humans! This book sounds really good!

  5. Hi Lexi!
    You always ssk your authors just what I always wanted to know abut them and you did it again to day with Jane!

    Hi Jane!
    I love your books and always end up falling in love with your hero and heroines and I already love Clare and James and including Randolph! in their story!

    It seems my husband and I have always had pets in the house in fact his first "gift" to me was a kitten. I think that my favorite pet of all was our first dog who we named Honey because he was such a sweetheart and the poor thing would let our two cats actually sleep on top of him! He was half shepherd and part husky but the calmest dog we ever had. Of course he also let our two sons sho were just toddlers at the time climb all over him as well!

    I love having animals included in stories because it makes me think of the wonder and love that our pets have shared with us over the years. In fact our latest pet is a cat who showed up at our door on a cold snowy evening this winter and promptly adopted us. We're still "in training" and he really can drive a hard bargain including one he made to my husband that he would sleep on top of him at night to "keep him warm"!

    So Jane keep those critters in your books but be ware I might just want to adopt one of them!

  6. I love animals in stories, the interaction with the characters often tells us a lot about them.

  7. Thanks, Jeanne! Love that story about your cat.

  8. Yes, I love animals in my romances! Dogs and cats (and other misc creatures when younger) have always played an important role in my family life. The pets become family members themselves. Right now I have a Yorkie who thinks she is a queen of the wild frontier. :-) And I agree with Jane about humor in my romances (and in life). It is what makes a story greater and life better. Thanks for the post!

  9. I love when animals, especially dogs, are included in a great story! I'm a big dog lover and it thrills me to see/read about them :) My Dog Sammie is my avatar from when he was a baby.

  10. I do like animals in the books I read. I really like it if they do some funny things in the story.

  11. Jane -
    Another reason I love having animals in stories is that it helps to show the compassion of the characters and how they interact and treat the animals whether it's a favorite pet or the milk cow!

    I can remember reading one story that where when a young girl found a "critter" be it a spider, mouse, of milking cow she would always treat it with as much respect and caring as she would a loved one. It really made me stop and think about how much we can learn about someone by just seeing what they do and not necessarily what they say.


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