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Erotic Novella author Cynthia Sax stops to share some wine and hero details!

Who isn’t crazy busy right now...and who could use a quick little pick me up in the form of a hot novella?! All of us! So lets welcome our guest today, author of numerous erotic novellas: Cynthia Sax!

Lexi: Your books seem to have a perfect balance of super steamy scenes and well developed characters. Flashes of Me, your newest release, stars Henley and Kat...with plenty of on and off camera action. How do you manage to dance the knife edge and give us readers enough character development and erotic naughtiness?

Cynthia Sax: Awww… thank you, Lexi. I try. (grins) I believe a steamy scene (or any other scene) should either advance the story’s plot or show readers character development. If it doesn’t, the scene doesn’t belong in the story. 

I especially LOVE writing the steamy scenes because when a hero or heroine is physically naked, he or she is often also exposed emotionally. How a hero touches a heroine, for example, reveals more than the usually not-so-talkative alpha male would ever say with words. Readers should be able to read an erotic scene and know where the couple (or more) is in their relationship, what problems they are having, their innermost fears, and all sorts of other insights.

Lexi: That you write your heroes with depth gives us some seriously swoon worthy males. From police to dragon lords, your heroes melt our hearts and take control - thus making other things melt. On a scale of 1 to 10 (burn your fingers), where does Henley sit on your scale compared to your other male leads?

Cynthia Sax: (laughs) Are you trying to create trouble with my characters, Lexi? You know that question isn’t fair to writers. We have challenges getting our characters to cooperate on the best of days.

(takes a big gulp of wine)

But (leans forward and whispers) between you and me, Henley is definitely a 10. He’s one of my favorite heroes. He’s big and strong and a little bit scary. His history and physical appearance frighten people. Coworkers avoid him, exiting rooms when he enters. This hurts Henley but he silently tolerates it because his scary reputation helps him keep his loved ones safe.

Lexi: A little unfair, yes. Have some more wine Cynthia and you can pick more than one. Speaking of more than one, you have written for more than one publisher. Flashes of Me is being released by Avon Red Impulse, is this your first release with them? Do you have a deal for more books...more specifically more like Flashes of Me?

Cynthia Sax: Thank you. This is some good stuff. (pours more white wine in her glass) Flashes Of Me is my second… errr… fourth release with Avon. The first three stories (He Watches Me, He Touches Me, He Claims Me) were installments in The Seen Trilogy, an erotic romance trilogy set in the same world as Flashes Of Me. Breaking All The Rules will be releasing in April. Camille aka Goth girl, the heroine, appears in The Seen Trilogy and Flashes Of Me. She’s one of the craziest heroines I’ve ever written. I love her to bits.

Lexi: The road to publishing is often curvy and long, or short like your novellas. Which by the way is a great way to market, readers seem to enjoy short reads that are full of interesting characters and heavy emotion. Do you think writing novellas is more challenging than a full length novel? You do have to cram a lot into few pages.

Cynthia Sax: Novella readers are, in my humble opinion, some of the most well read and intelligent readers in Romanceland. They expect very tight stories. Every sentence, every word, usually has more than one meaning. And these shorter works have to do all of the things longer stories do. There must be a convincing happy ever after for the characters, an awww… moment at the end of the story.

I find it interesting that Avon’s definition of a novella is different than many other publishers’ definitions. Flashes of Me is approximately 200 pages. If I published Flashes Of Me with, say Harlequin, it might be considered a novel.

Lexi: Cram or not, your stories do flow well. Congrats on Flashes of Me! And thanks for giving us Henley!

Cynthia Sax: Thank you, Lexi! (gives Lexi a big hug) And thank you for interviewing me today. If anyone has any questions, I’ll be lingering around your online home for… well… likely the day. (grins) I like it here. There’s great company and wonderful wine!

Lexi: Cheers to that! You were so much fun to have stop by I hope you come back with Breaking All The Rules!

FLASHES OF ME: An Erotic Novella
By Cynthia Sax
Avon Impulse| On Sale: 02/18/2014 | E-Book ISBN 9780062328182
Avon Impulse | On Sale: 03/11/2014 | Paperback ISBN: 9780062328229

She longs to be watched…He can’t bear to look away Henley, the head of cyber security at Blaine Technologies, is a man no sane person crosses. He watches employees constantly using his network of cameras and enforces his rules by any means possible. Henley strives to protect everything in sight but rumors of his violent past, his scarred hands and huge size have resulted in him being feared by everyone… almost everyone. In walks Katalina, the perky intern with a bright taste for fashion. Kat has made a big move across the country to escape her past, and comes alive at the first touch of Henley. Though she fears the revelation of her most painful secret much more than she fears Henley’s wrath, she sees the loneliness in his dark eyes, feels the gentleness in his marred fingers, and tastes the need in his kisses. She knows he watches her, and her only. His silly rules about not stripping for the cameras and no sex at the office are destined to be broken…it’s only a matter of time.
 But can this beauty...tame her beastly boss?

About the Author:
CYNTHIA SAX lives in a world filled with magic and romance. Although her heroes may not always say “I love you,” they will do anything for the women they adore. They live passionately. They play hard. They love the same women forever. Cynthia has loved the same wonderful man forever. Her supportive hubby offers himself up to the joys and pains of research, while they travel the world together, meeting fascinating people and finding inspiration in exotic places such as Istanbul, Bali, and Chicago. Please visit her on the web at


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