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Swinger's Club by Mia Moore (Spotlight)

We're excited to share with you a sexy romance from Mia Moore, Swinger's Club. Enjoy the excerpt below! 

Swinger's Club
by Mia Moore
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Josh and Carrie have been married for ten years and well...their sex life has gotten dull and predictable. When they move to a new city, their vivacious Realtor, Sylvia, suggests a threesome. At first Carrie is shocked but the idea is fermenting in her brain. And Josh? He loves Carrie and if she wants to experiment and go to a Swinger's Club, he's all in.
The friendly people they meet at the club and a few drinks leads to soft swinging. It was a blast and now they think they're ready to take it to the next level-full swinging with beautiful Sylvia and her hunky husband Byron.
It was so much fun they visit Sylvia the next day and are introduced to another couple, Joan and Robert. Carrie's not sure she likes Joan. When Josh was with her, she brought out the primal animal in him. Why has he never dominated Carrie the way he did with Joan.
From there they graduate to a full fledged, swinging party where Carrie's fantasies become memories. They've made lots of great friends, shared laughs and had sizzling hot sex with them. But the best thing of all is the renewed love and lust they have for each other.


“I think we’re going to like it here. I’m making more money and you’ve had a few job offers. The house is unbelievable and the neighborhood’s great. By the way, the realtor Sylvia and her husband live only a few blocks away.” Josh lay on his side, elbow bent, head propped up in his hand, looking at her.

“Yeah, I think so too. Sylvia was nice, really knowledgeable. If she lives here, it must be a good neighborhood.” She took a sip of wine, savoring the warmth, running down her throat.

“Yeah. She offered for us to get together for dinner. I mean her and her husband of course.”

“Oh. She’s married? I didn’t notice a ring on her finger. Yes, that’d be nice.” There was an odd look on Josh’s face.

“I think she and her husband are swingers.” His voice was lower.

Her head swiveled to look into his eyes. “What? How do you know? Did she just come out and say, by the way we’re swingers. How does something like that come up in the course of a conversation when she’s showing a house? And why’d she tell you?” Her eyes were tractor beams shining out of a scowling face.

“She kind of came on to me during the final viewing. I didn’t take her up on it, don’t worry. No way. I told her I was a happily married man.” He sat up and moved closer to Carrie.

“What the hell! She CAME ONTO YOU! How dare she. I’m sure there’s some board I could report her to.” Her breathing was rapid and her lips tight.

“Well it wasn’t just me. She said if you had been there, she’d have suggested a threesome.”


“Yeah, she equated sex to playing a game of tennis, all fun and games. I just mentioned it because I thought you’d find it interesting—knowing a person who actually does threesomes and swinging. And believe me, I didn’t do anything with her, nor would I ever.” He smiled. “Unless you were there.”

She finished the rest of her wine and got up to get another. What the hell. She’d take the bottle to bed and drink half of it. She needed a few more drinks to digest what Josh had just told her.

She believed him when he’d said he was innocent. But the sex last night had been unusual for them. More lust and passion. Maybe Sylvia’s offer had made him horny. But if anyone had anything to feel guilty about, it should be her. She’d been affected with naughty thoughts of the young moving man. Who was she to cast stones?

She poured another glass full of wine into Josh’s glass when she returned to the bedroom and then one for herself before settling in next to him once more. He was silent, his eyes wide and looking apprehensive.

“Look I believe you. Maybe I should be flattered that a woman as attractive as Sylvia—“

“Never noticed.”

She rolled her eyes at him and continued. “As attractive as we both find Sylvia, would proposition US. And it’s a good thing it wasn’t just you or I would…I would. Oh fuck I don’t know what I’d do.” She took a large swallow of wine.

“Well it was both of us and that’s the only way I’d ever approach this. It’d have to be hand in hand or I’m out.” His face was set in a determined expression.

All she could do was look at him, with her mouth open. HE was actually considering this. Was he for real? Swinging? Threesomes? Orgies?

She finished her glass of wine and poured another generous helping. Should she be mad or hurt that he wanted to add this to their sex life? That he wasn’t happy with just her? Was he bored? And if that was the case how much longer till he’d be tempted to have a casual affair—something to spice things up?

And if she was really honest with herself, she’d have to admit that sex had become a little ho hum. Except for last night and this morning. The last thing she’d ever consider doing was having an affair. She loved Josh way too much to even think of that. But if they were together in this, would it be cheating when they both knew what was happening?

“Look. This is all too much for me to take in tonight. I’m exhausted and a little drunk. I’m not saying no to this but I’m not ready to say yes either. We’re a couple and there’s nothing I ever want to do to jeopardize that. Why don’t we do some research and find out more about this.”

About the Author:
I’m a twenty-nine year old, budding author living in charming and historic Montreal with my husband, an ex- pat American from New York City. His nickname’s ‘Spike’, and he looves Montreal: “It’s got the pizzazz of The Big Apple without the crime” is what he says. While I do not live on a tropical island with money to burn and lavish opulence, I have to confess I have a fulfilling life. I have an okay job as a server in a restaurant, a wonderful spouse and good friends and family.I began to write erotic stories for my husband when our TV broke a couple years ago and we wanted to see what would happen to our life if we went just 90 days without one. We had been involved in both the Swinging Lifestyle and have dabbled in the BDSM scene as well—mostly in nearby Ontario where we had been living. They say ‘write what you know’, don’t they?
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