Friday, April 24, 2015

#CoverReveal: At the Stars by Elisabeth Staab (#Giveaway)

Elisabeth Staab  has her first contemporary new adult novel release next month (May 5th ), take a looksie at this gorgeous cover!

About the cover:
Cover Photography by Michael Stokes
Cover Model – Adam Von Rothfelder
Cover design by Babski Creative Studios

At the Stars
by Elisabeth Staab 
ebook, 200 pages
Expected publication: May 5th 2015 by Elisabeth Staab
I was a normal teenager who loved music and dancing, until the day I was attacked in my favorite record store. A few years later when my mom succumbed to depression and took her own life, I couldn’t stay in my hometown with all the memories and the curious stares. I decided to get in my car and just go – except my car decided it was done going outside a tiny place called Evergreen Grove. That’s where I found Jake. Or I guess Jake found me. 

For the last eight years, all I can think about is the day I ended another man’s life. Then I manage to save Cassie’s, and I feel like maybe I’ve got some kind of second chance. To do what I couldn’t before, or maybe even for something bigger. Something like love. If only I could feel like I deserve her... 


“So nobody should get close to you? I thought the same thing about myself. It’s lonely though, right?” She looks worried about me now. That’s worse than when she looked like she wanted to kiss me. 
I tug on a strand of that hair one more time. An excuse to touch her without really touching her. “There’s no need to worry about me. I’m great.”
I’m not looking at her when I say those last few words. I’m jingling my keys and looking back toward my truck, the universal symbol for “I really gotta get the fuck out of here.” This conversation is getting more touchy-feely than I know how to handle.
So I’m busy thinking about getting back to the truck. I don’t see it coming when she reaches up to brush her lips across mine. 
It’s not an aggressive kiss. It almost doesn’t even qualify as a kiss at all, compared to what I’m used to. Her lips are as soft as I figured they would be from looking at them, and they fit so easily against mine. The way she throws her arms around my neck though, I’ve got this armful of Cassie and the only thing I want to do is hold on. Anyway, she could fall backward if I let go. I can’t let her fall.
I open my mouth to remind her why this is all a bad idea, and instead of words I hear a low, strangled sound come out of my throat. She uses the chance to slip her warm tongue against mine. She’s a great kisser—an amazing kisser—soft but firm, and insistent. I don’t know why I didn’t expect her to be good. It means she’s kissed other guys, and right now I can’t think about her and other guys.

About Elisabeth: 
Elisabeth Staab loves passionate stories and happy endings. Her books have been called “emotionally delicious,” “action-packed,” and “gloriously snarky.” When not writing romance, she enjoys date night with her husband, reading Harry Potter with her kids, and marathoning her favorite books or TV series. Find out more at, follow along on Facebook and Twitter, and keep up with new releases and giveaways by signing up for her newsletter.

Elisabeth is so kindly giving away a $5 amazon gift card to one reader today! To enter, just fill out the rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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  1. Looking forward to this. I've enjoyed a few of Elisabeth's paranormal books.

  2. Thanks, Jane! And thank you, Crystal, for sharing the cover love!

  3. The man on this cover really has the "smolder" down pat. I bet he can give Flynn Ryder a run for his money..

  4. That's one sweet cover. I think the guy looks both sweet AND sexy.

  5. Love this cover. That guy has the best bedroom eyes ever!

  6. Ooh this guy oozes sex appeal!!

  7. i love the cover.i love his

  8. I look forward to reading it, thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Great cover - love those bedroom eyes!

  10. I love the cover and excerpt. I look forward to reading this book! xoxo

  11. I love the penetrating blue eyes but not the tattoos

  12. I haven't had a bad read yet from this author-Elisabeth Staab. I am looking forward to this new read. Thanks for hosting. Nice blog.


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