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Audio #Review: Miami, Mistletoe & Murder by Katie Reus - 5 Wine Glasses

16121573Title: Miami, Mistletoe & Murder 
Series: Red Stone Security #4
Author: Katie Reus
Narrated by: Sophie Eastlake
Length: 2 hrs and 42 mins 
Format: Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:03-10-15
Publisher: KR Press LLC
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Audible | B&N
Reviewer: Linda
Source: Author
Rating: 5 out of 5 Wine Glasses

Fierce and sexy, former Marine Travis Sanchez has always held himself back from the rest of the world, using his tattoos and piercings as armor. But when the woman he’s wanted for months is threatened, he knows it's time to strip away the bad boy image and show her just how much he wants to be with her. As one of Red Stone Security’s best contractors, Travis is trained for almost any situation. But nothing prepares him for the most dangerous threat of all: the one to his heart.

Kind-hearted Noel Baskov’s only wish for the holidays is that her Miami coffee shop has a successful Christmas season. But her focus on work is interrupted when the family of the young girl she mentors is threatened, and the man she’s been lusting after for months steps in to handle it. Unfortunately the danger is far from over. Can this sexy and mysterious warrior protect Noel, or will he be the one to shatter her heart?

Warning: features a heroine determined to fight for those she cares about, a protective hero with a very interesting piercing, and some holiday magic.

Linda's Thoughts:
MIAMI, MISTLETOE & MURDER by Katie Reus is the fourth book in the author's awesome Red Stone Security series. I listened to this one and it was nothing short of brilliant! It was a quick listen at just under three hours, but the author did not shortchange the tale in any way. This story ranks as one of my favorites in her Red Stone Security series and I can honestly say that it's one that I'd enjoy listening to again. I started listening to it while gardening and simply could not turn it off... I ended up continuing it while I showered, prepared dinner and ate. Talk about well-orchestrated suspense and scorching romance! This audio had it all! It was exquisite superbness!

As with all of her romantic suspense books, MIAMI, MISTLETOE & MURDER works very well as a standalone. I've read Katie's books out of order and that has not affected my enjoyment in the least. I encourage you to dive in to her action-riddled thrillers wherever you want in the series! You won't be disappointed!

I loved that MIAMI, MISTLETOE & MURDER is infused with holiday magic as it is set during the Christmas season. No worries, the Christmas thing isn't sappy or overdone... it's just the perfect touch. 

This is the story of Miami coffee shop owner Noel Baskov and former Marine Travis Sanchez. LOL! I have to comment that I thought Noel's name was perfect as the heroine in a book set at Christmas. Noel and Travis had a short discourse on her name:

   “My middle name is actually Noel."
"So what's your first then?" From her expression, he was almost afraid to ask.
Noel bit her bottom lip. "Christmas.”

This tale totally works in such a short time because the two characters have been tap dancing around each other for a while as you'll find out near the beginning of the story. 

I connected to both characters right away and there was no mistaking their sexy chemistry. Noel was a good-hearted sweetheart, smart and quite the cook. Travis was an alpha through and through. He was solid, steady, protective and big! He's tattooed all over and he has piercings that I'd never heard of AND which I've been unable to forget... So this book educated me too! You'll have to read or listen to the tale to find out where Travis was pierced, though the following dialogue might give you a solid clue: 

“You feel so...good," she rasped out.
"The piercing?"That was all he could manage as he pulled back then slid into her again.” 
Noel becomes the target of a killer after helping the family of a young girl she was mentoring. Travis has his hands full keeping her safe.

Following please find a quote from one of many swoon-worthy scenes in this book... this one just happens to mention Travis' body art:

"So how many tattoos do you have exactly?" she asked as Travis met her at the front of her car. It was a question she'd been dying to ask but she couldn't believe she'd just blurted it out all of a sudden. What was it about this man that made her so nervous that she spoke before she thought? 
He'd been blowing on the top of the travel mug that she'd let him use, but he stopped and faced her, his eyes darkening. "I'll let you find out on your own." There was a sensual note in his voice that she felt all the way to her toes. 

The narrator, Sophie Eastlake, did a terrific job bringing all the characters to life. I took to her voice right off the bat. She differentiated between the voices with aplomb and I could always tell who was speaking from her portrayals. I love listening to audios because I can "read" while performing tasks that would normally preclude me from enjoying a book during those times. Sophie Eastlake truly made this audio a joy to listen to.

MIAMI, MISTLETOE & MURDER was a steamy adrenaline rush that will keep you on the edge of your seat! I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys fast-paced and imaginative romantic thrillers!

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