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In Bed with a Rogue by Samantha Grace (#Interview & #Giveaway)

One Rogue Too Many (Rival Rogues, #1)In Bed with a Rogue (Rival Rogues, #2)
I don’t know about you dear reader, but I could use a historical romance fix! Yes? You too? Lucky for us our guest today has the remedy. Welcome back Samantha Grace!

Samantha: Hi, Lexi! It’s great to be back. I always have a lot of fun at Reading Between the Wines. 

Lexi: We are so excited to have you back Samantha! Even if we haven’t been able to help you pick out your book’s cover models. No matter, because we still have wine *lifts two bottles* and thanks to you, another great HR! In Bed with a Rogue, Rival Rogues book 2! You did promise us a happy ending for Sebastian after being jilted, and you delivered. Did it feel like a weight off your shoulders giving Sebastian his HEA?

Samantha: I hear you about picking out the cover models. I’m still waiting for Sourcebooks to invite me to a photo shoot. I’m not that far from Chicago. *hint, hint* How fun would it be to see how the magic is created? 

I couldn’t wait to give Sebastian his HEA. My heart ached for him in the first Rival Rogues book. I knew he would be okay, but it was still hard to put him through the pain and embarrassment.

Lexi: You continue to introduce new secondary characters that we fall in love with, how dare you. *wink* We knew the alluring Sebastian would find his lady, and at first when I read about the widow Lady Prestwick I worried she would be just another boring proper miss. But oh did you ever make a fun character with her! She leads a double life! Did you chuckle in glee the first scene you wrote of her risky side running through Whitechapel?

Samantha: I did! Helena’s first scene just flowed. I had to write the first chapter when I proposed the series, and I was ecstatic to have this wonderful character pop out of the alley. I was a little worried about her being such a risk taker, because historical heroines who step outside of the box aren’t always believable. Helena made me a believer. As she says, her risks are calculated and when she weighed her safety against her sisters’ lives, I didn’t have trouble accepting that she would be hiding in an alley in Whitechapel. And Fergus was such a great addition. He was the muscle she needed to back her up.   

Lexi: I want to be her friend, especially since she seems to keep company with people like Sebastian! But really, Helena is great because she has a secret, and it’s not just some fluff secret that doesn’t hold any real consequences. Her secret would truly make her an outcast, and she is sitting up on a shiny white ton pedestal! Do you put yourself in your characters shoes? Would you find it thrilling or terrifying to sneak around the ton’s back?

Samantha: Ooh, good questions. I definitely try to get into their minds and poke around a little, and sometimes my heart will be pounding when I’m writing a suspenseful scene or…ahem…other scenes. But I cried when I wrote the scene where Prestwick comes to collect Helena. I didn’t include the full flashback in the book, but I needed to see what happened to understand her character better. As far as sneaking around behind the ton’s back? I have a tendency to thumb my nose at the rules sometimes, but I would still be a bit scared of getting caught. And when I got away with it, I’d be thrilled!!!

Lexi: I have a sneaking suspicion that more of your characters will end up in more interesting places than the finest ballrooms. Care to share any spoilers about Eve Thorne or any prospective new Main Characters? You mentioned a spin off series, I love how all your books are connected, you could have a Dueling Debutante series!

Samantha: LOL. I love that idea!!! Dueling Debutantes. You aren’t very far off. I think the next set of heroines in the spinoff series are going to be a joy to write. 

In Eve’s book (A Good Rogue is Hard to Find), readers will see more of Sir Jonathan Hackberry, who first appears in Sebastian and Helena’s story. Holy moly! I never thought I would come to adore him—he seems like a total crackpot—but he is a very interesting gentleman in Eve’s story. I seriously had no idea he would step up like he did. Sir Jonathan is engaged to Eve at the beginning of her book. Anyway, long story short, the hero Ben ends up joining forces with Sir Jonathan to make Eve want to break off the engagement. (There’s a lot involved that leads up to that point.) The men’s scenes together were a blast to write. It was also a challenge to redeem a character that would abandon his bride on their wedding day. I hope I pulled it off. I should know soon. I’m waiting for notes from my wonderful editor. 

Lexi: Thanks Samantha, for stopping by again! And thank you even more for Sebastian. *grins* And, you know, if you ever can’t decide on a cover model…we are here for you! In the meantime, please keep bringing us more romance!

Samantha: I love how y’all have my back. *wink* It was a pleasure to be here, Lexi. Thanks so much for inviting me back. If it’s okay, I’d like to ask everyone a question. Ballroom scenes are always fun, but plentiful in Regencies. Are there any unusual places you would like your Regency characters to visit?  

18509608In Bed with a Rogue 
(Rival Rogues #2)
by Samantha Grace
Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages
Published September 2nd 2014 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN 1402286619
He's the Talk of the Town

The whole town is tittering about Baron Sebastian Thorne having been jilted at the altar. Every move he makes ends up in the gossip columns. Tired of being the butt of everyone's jokes, Sebastian vows to restore his family's reputation no matter what it takes.

She's the Toast of the Ton

Feted by the crème of society, the beautiful widow Lady Prestwick is a vision of all that is proper. But Helena is no angel, and when Sebastian uncovers her dark secret, he's quick to press his advantage. In order to keep her hard-won good name, Helen will have to make a deal with the devil. But she's got some tricks up her sleeves to keep this notorious rogue on his toes...

About the Author: 
Historical romance author Samantha Grace discovered the appeal of a great love story when she was just a young girl, thanks to Disney’s Robin Hood. She didn’t care that Robin Hood and Maid Marian were cartoon animals. It was her first happily-ever-after experience and she didn’t want the warm fuzzies to end. Now Samantha enjoys creating her own happy-endings for characters that spring from her imagination. Publishers Weekly describes her stories as “fresh and romantic” with subtle humor and charm. Samantha describes romance writing as the best job ever.   
Website: http://www.samanthagraceauthor.com/

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  1. ummm... maybe more exotic or foreign countries :) Thanks for sharing! Congrats to Samantha on the new release! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'd like to see a heroine meet the hero while she's engaged in something that a male usually does; e.g., racing a horse, gambling in a public place, captaining a ship, shooting pistols or rifles, etc. Scandalous! Thanks for this post and interesting question. jdh2690@gmail.com

  3. There aren't many that I've read where the characters explore old ruins Roman, Druid, etc.

  4. For some reason, I was thinking of an Asian country. I don't think I've read a book where some of the settings were in an Asian country. Would be interesting to read about though

  5. I love a strong heroine. Makes for fantastic scenes.

  6. I would like them to visit country settings with horses and other animals. I'd love their reactions. Thanks for having the giveaway.

  7. Janice,
    I love when ladies do scandalous things! I think my most scandalous heroine so far has been Lady Vivian from Lady Vivian Defies a Duke. She's a swimming, horse riding, pistol shooting gal. :)

  8. Sandy,
    I think the only books I've read set in Asia have been Victorian romances in Hong Kong. I've always wanted to visit China, so I would be thrilled to write a story set there. :)

  9. Anita,
    I enjoy country settings, too. Lady Vivian has a scene where she tries to milk a cow, and it was a blast to write. :)


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