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When Angels Fall by Lachelle Redd (Guest Post/Giveaway)

Please give a warm welcome to horror, fantasy, and erotica author - Lachelle Redd! 


When asked to submit a post about writing and its process, the first thing I thought of was coming up with the story. When I am writing, a number of my characters, plots, and dialogue come from my experiences. I also discovered that the more I write, the more I pay attention to my surroundings and find bits and pieces that I can use. It is interesting what you can come up with using a little imagination and a lunchroom full of women of various ages. Let’s not forget the wealth of material waiting at Wal-Mart on a Friday after payday.

For me, horror is my first love, but I have recently stretched my wings into the erotica genre. When Angels Fall is my first venture into this new arena. In the beginning, I had no idea that this book would end up in an erotica setting. My idea was to write a demon who takes over the life of a rich brat and does things his way. In addition, his salacious ways are in some ways, over the top, but that is what I meant. This story is the what would you do, if you could rip through anyone at your job type of tale. This includes going off on fellow sycophants, having wild sex with the office slut, you name it and it’s there. It may not be your cup of tea, but the story is meant for escaping from reality and that’s what I want the reader to do.

I have also written a few fantasy stories as well. They involve dragons, quests, wood sprites, and far off kingdoms. My early writings mostly reflect my love of quests, the handsome prince and a wicked evil. I enjoyed writing these because I wanted to create the kind of stories that I grew up reading and watching. I was a huge fan of The Hobbit series, Legend and The Eyes of the Dragon. These stories are all about the fight against evil and those who rise to the occasion when called.

For me, writing is a great escape and being able to tell the stories I like and have people say they enjoy them is a thrill. Who knows, maybe I will be able to inspire someone to pick up a pen and get to work.

  As for going into the writing field, there are a number of rules. Honing the skill is the most important piece. My earlier stories were clumsy and clunky. I had no idea of how to pace the story and make it flow so that the reader isn’t lost. There is also this little thing called grammar. Even though we speak to people every day and use verbs, adjectives, and pronouns, when writing, you have to curb the overuse of these precious commodities. Too many pronouns and the story is lost. You can also confuse the reader. Too many “be” verbs and the story becomes awkward and cumbersome. Researching proper grammar and practicing every day can make one a better writer and it helps to develop your style. So good luck and I hope to continue to entertain you in the future.

When Angels Fall
by Lachelle Redd 
ebook, 64 pages
Published February 14th 2014 by GMTA Publisher
Goodreads | Amazon
When revenge, murder, and debauchery are used to overturn the evils that exists at Thornbrook, Hall and Caine, a demoted angels feels right at home and nothing will ever be the same. Margonne’s sentence as a soul ripper in the underworld is tedious and eternal. The “Fallen One” as he is called, finds a way to rip through the life of a disgraced young exec and have the salacious romp of his life. However, when he eyes a local beauty things start to unravel and soon Margonne understands that he is a part of much bigger game. Find out what happens When Angels Fall.

Lachelle Redd

Lachelle Redd is an Indie author with works on Amazon and Smashwords. She currently resides in Lake City, Florida where she continues to write horror, fantasy and erotica at her own pace. With a love of all things horror, she began writing as a teen and before long had a small library of stories of her own. With many rejections under her belt, she kept those stories on a flash drive for many years. Within the last year, Lachelle found her audience through the evolution of social media and the Internet. With many more tales to tell, this author looks forward to enticing and scaring readers for years to come.  Find out more at:

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  1. The thing is, I want to be a writer! I also often get a lot of my ideas from experiences and also bits of me are hidden away in each of my characters. Though they may be completely different from each other, it definitely makes it easier to write in their voice.

    Grammar is toughie though XD

  2. Keep up the work and we'll keep reading. :)

  3. I love fantasy...and reading is my escape!

  4. Thank you looking forward to reading this!


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