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Mr. Frost by Aimee James (Guest Post/#Giveaway)

Aimee James is joining us with her contemporary romance series, Mr. Frost. Enjoy!

Favorite Part of Writing A Serial

When I started writing this serial, I really didn’t know how long each novelette would be or how long the series would be. I was inspired to start writing it after reading some other shorter stories. There is something definitely appealing to seeing results much faster as a serial than with a full length novel, and it was a LOT of fun to write!

I think the greatest thing about writing this serial was not knowing how it was going to end or where exactly Mr. Frost was going to go next. I really didn’t know until the end of each novelette. My own anticipation grew as I continued writing. I loved getting to know my characters. I also enjoyed doing to research on where things were happening. I learned things about The White House, San Diego and Seattle that I didn’t know before. 
Another rather fun part of writing this series was the “sexy time” scenes. I won’t elaborate too much, but let’s just say it’s nice to let the imagination run a bit wild. ;))

It was also an interesting experience as I walked the story down different paths only to delete a couple thousand words because it was just… wrong. I re-wrote the ending of “Part 1” a couple times and ended up scrapping a whole conspiracy twist that kind of unfolded with his parents. I realized it was a huge buzz kill to the story and I didn’t want it to go there. 

I also re-wrote the ending of the whole series twice because it just didn’t seem right. I was surprised by how it ended as I think a lot of people will be. However, for multiple reasons, I am glad it ended the way it did. 

Having this first series of novelettes out has been a huge boost to my creative side and I can’t wait to get started on a new serial very soon. I hope everyone enjoys it. 

Also, please stay in touch via Facebook or Twitter, as Mr. Frost has some very eligible and wealthy cousins in Los Angeles we may get to meet very soon. 

Be well. 


Mr Frost Goes to Washington:
***Recommended for ages 18+ due to descriptive sexy-time content***

The 23 year old son of privilege, William Frost, was handsome, carefree and in love. That is, until his heart was broken by the love of his life, Katherine O’Doherty.
It is now five years later and the tragic loss of his parents is yet another crushing blow. Will has been left alone to manage his family’s philanthropic work. His jet-setting life has its many pleasures and is envied by many, but it hides an emptiness that haunts and chases him wherever he goes. As a result, Will has thrown himself, some would say recklessly, into his two passions: philanthropy and beautiful women.
However, true love may not be so far away for this well-intentioned playboy, as he takes off for another adventure.
Where will Mr. Frost go next?

Mr Frost Goes To Sand Diego:
***Recommended for ages 18+ due to descriptive sexy-time content***

Gorgeous billionaire philanthropist, William Frost, arrived in San Diego nervous, but trying hard to focus on the opportunity to help further a cause close to his heart.
Just as anticipated, his path would cross with his ex, Katherine O’Doherty.
Will had no idea what seeing his old flame would do to him. He hadn’t seen or spoken to her in five years. Fortunately, he would find a lovely diversion in his new muse, the young and passionate, Emily Taylor.
Miss Taylor takes Will by surprise with her blunt and wise observations about his life. Is Katherine the one? Or could Miss Emily Taylor fill the emptiness in his heart?
Where will Mr. Frost’s go next?

Mr Frost Goes To Seattle:
***Recommended for ages 18+ due to descriptive sexy-time content***

Mr. Frost has plans to reclaim the affections of his former love, Katherine O’Doherty. Things go terribly wrong when not only does Kat’s fiancé show up, but Will’s intentions for the vibrant Emily Taylor become a conflict for him as well. However, Katherine is hiding something that could change everything. Forever.
The conclusion to the first set of novelettes in the Mr. Frost series from Aimee James.

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Aimee James Bio:

Aimee James spent the first 30 years of her life in the Northwest before moving to Nashville Tennessee, where she currently resides. She is a creative who enjoys many different outlets for her talents as a writer and artist. Aimee writes short, light-hearted stories about love and romance with a twist of naughtiness. Her first set of novelettes is the Mr. Frost series.

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  1. this series sounds fantastic! Thanks for s haring ;)

  2. New author to me, sounds interesting! Thanks for sharing.


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