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In Your Wings by Connie Smith (Guest Post/Giveaway)

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To say that I’ve become addicted to the TV show, Once Upon a Time, would be a big understatement. I don’t like every single detail that’s happened, but a plot twist based in fairy tales is a little hard to overlook.

Now, I know that *technically* Prince Charming and Snow White are the beginning romantic relationship of the show, and I’ve spent some time encouraging them with my thoughts – and probably words actually spoken as if they could hear me. And I appreciate Emma’s struggle to choose between the man she loved (and Henry’s dad) and the insanely hot Captain Hook.

But if I’m being completely honest here, neither of these relationships offers my favorite romance of the show.

What is my favorite?


Rumplestiltskin and Belle are, to me, one of the most adorable couples that have ever been in a fictional story. I was hooked (no pun intended) way back in the Enchanted Forest when Belle and Rumple began to develop a friendship that seemed so incredibly out of character for the guy who’d become possibly the most evil man in their world. But she was sweet where he was tainted, and it built into a romance that spilled over into Storybrooke.

I won’t go into too much detail and offer spoiler after spoiler, because for all I know someone reading this is thinking (or might think) about giving the show a try. But, oh goodness. The number of times I’ve adored this couple has to surpass any appreciation I’ve had for Charming and Snow.

They need each other. Plain and simple. And it’s a pairing that makes both of them happy and better.

Belle isn’t the type of girl I expect to pick up a sword and charge onto a battlefield. Granted, she’s had her moments of adventure, but her strength – to me – comes from within her. She’s hopeful, and loving, and loyal. And she fights for what she loves, even if it isn’t by wielding a sword or chanting a bunch of spells. 

Rumple isn’t a walk in the park. He’s capable of horrible things, and has a lot of less-than-good moments in his history that make him someone to fear. But Belle doesn’t fear him. She sees what’s beyond that, clings to it, and doesn’t let it go.

He needs that, because it’s the only bright spot he’s had in his existence in so long. Because that little bit of hope and loyalty lets him find something within himself that maybe he didn’t know was there. He’s better because she’s by his side.

I like that. I like seeing characters who fall, and who are willing to hold the other one up to find sure-footing again. 

They’re both strong in their own rights, but they’re never stronger than they are when they’re together. Two people, holding to one another, surviving the storms around them, constantly helping the other find stability and calm once more. Trading off moments of weakness to depend on the other’s strength.

I love this romance. They’re not perfect as people, or even as a couple, but it makes perfect sense. They struggle and they fight, all in the other’s (at least figurative) embrace. 

So yes. Rumbelle all the way for me!

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19270773In Your Wings
by Connie L. Smith 
118 pages
Published December 10th 2013
Goodreads | Amazon
When Reeko - eldest prince of his realm - saw the battle in the distance, he ordered his fellow dragons to hurry toward the scene, determined to offer assistance to the fairy kingdom under attack. He had no way of knowing that, in doing so, he would seal his fate as the ruler of a new kingdom in the lands separating the two species with a fairy as his queen. A crown was one thing, but a fairy bride? The thought disgusted him, until she entered the banquet hall. With her beauty and the mischief sparkling in her eyes… Maybe this union wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Although the fairy princess knew Reeko would choose his bride that night, Kiara gave it little thought when she entered the room of the feast. Young, headstrong, and impish even by fairy standards, only a crazy man would select her from among her sisters. So when the prince made his decision – her – she’d been nothing short of stunned. She was to be a queen? A dragon’s bride? What worse hand could life have possibly dealt her?

(A prequel story to The Division Chronicles)
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  1. I love OUAT but I have to say I'm totally on the opposite end of the spectrum about Rumbelle. Rumple by himself is a very interesting character but Rumbelle are, far and away, my least favorite couple on the show.

    I think it's because I don't like the way Belle is portrayed - or maybe just who is playing Belle. I find her completely one dimensional, not a great actress and simply ruined my personal favorite Disney princess.

    I know there's either a love or a hate for them within the OUAT community but I just had to say I'm more within the latter.

  2. And that's completely fine :) There probably are plenty of non-fans of Rumbelle out there, but I can't help but adore them. Which couple do you like???

    And, since no one else has commented as of yet, if you email at, I'll send you an ebook copy of IN YOUR WINGS!


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