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This Side of the Grave D 'n' S & A Naughty Teaser ;)

Woohoo, This Side of the Grave is officially released tomorrow! How excited are we? 
I know some of you have it in hand now and actually I do too, yay! But, I haven’t had the chance to start on it yet. Well, I did take a little peak at CH21 and from what I glanced out whoa mama, this is going to be good! I’ve heard that Amazon shipped their print copies out early, some Walmarts have TsotG and I got mine at Books-a-Million this afternoon. So if you have any of those stores close to you and you can’t wait ‘till tomorrow you might want to see if they have copies in stock early.

So, I'm running a little late today so let’s talk a bit about This Side of the Grave.
  • We know that Apollyon is reeking havoc over Cat and her still beating heart. We also know that everyone is weary of her because of her pyrokinesis and telekinesis abilities they witnessed in DfaEG & FDoC. Though they don’t yet know how she came to have these abilities; by drinking from Vlad & Mencheres. Do you think this secret will be revealed to others outside of Cat & Bones circle? And if so, what do you think the repercussions will be?
  • On the back cover it says this about Majestic, “…But the price of her assistance may prove more treacherous than even the threat of a supernatural war…” Hmm….that doesn’t sound good or as Mencheres would say; “That bodes ill…” Majestic wasn’t really a ‘bad’ or ‘good’ character in DfaEG but she sure was interesting. I especially loved her and Cat’s Matrix dialogue. But she can be pretty scary if you get on her bad side I imagine, just ask her ex-husband! LoL
  • There’s been teases of another half-vampire half-human and Jeaniene has said that this person is ‘kinda’ in This Side of the Grave. From HttG we know there was one publicly outed in history, later Jeaniene mentioned that most vampires knew this half-breed’s identity. Any guesses as to who this might be?
  • Jeaniene has also said that Cat & Bones wedding is addressed in TsotG. Will we see some plans finally being made? Or maybe just a quick trip to Vegas? I would laugh my ass off to picture Bones getting married by Elvis. But vampires have a thing with big get-togethers so I doubt we’ll see a little white chapel with Elvis, though how funny would that be, really? LoL
  • From the ‘sparkle’ teaser we see Cat & Bones talking to Timmie. Is this the same Timmie from Cat’s college days? Do you think he believed the news about Cat? Because remember, he was a big conspiracy theorist. I don’t think he’d take her supposed murdering rampage and then her own death at face value. It’d be interesting to see what he theorized.
  • At the end of DfaEG and in Mencheres’ book EKoD we see that his and Bones relationship is still strained, understandably. Do you think in TsotG Bones will be able to move past that? How do you think Mencheres could redeem himself in Bones eyes, or do you think Bones is taking it far enough?Do you all think that there will be any more hurtles throw at Cat & Bones relationship wise? 
  • I know it keeps things interesting but I think this pair deserve a break! 
  • They say CH21 from TsotG is comparable to CH32, what do you think would be able to surpass CH32? I mean, Jeaniene covered a lot right there. I’ve read some erotica that wasn’t as good as that!

So there are some things to think about. And I will close off with a little teaser from TsotG that goes with my last point and Belinda’s post earlier. Enjoy!

I took one of the candles off the nightstand, considering Bones in the light of the flickering flame. His body was stretched out, arms once again behind his head, limbs completely relaxed even though he was still hard as a baseball bat in one very notable place. All this bounty, mine to enjoy. I licked my lips. Damned if I knew how I’d gotten so lucky, but that was a question for another time. Now was the time for action, not contemplation.
I moved closer until my legs pressed against the side of the bed. “Do you remember the first time you bit me here?” I asked, tracing my finger over the tight bud of his nipple. “Yes.” One word, hissed with all the weight of desire that I could feel through his emotions.
“It felt like your fangs were burning me.” My voice was no more then a whisper from the shiver of remembrance, and I blew out the candle with an unsteady puff. “I can’t duplicate that with you because you’re not human,” I went on. “The juice in my fangs won’t feel the same, but maybe this will be close.”
Then I poured some of the hot wax that pooled on the candle directly onto Bones’s nipple.

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  1. Hot damn! Ok I'm driving to all the Walmarts with 300 miles radius looking for a copy so I can read this chapter NOW! *fans self*

  2. I am super excited for sure! Though I won't be able to get into it right away after getting my copy, at least I've ensured uninterrupted reading time when I do ;)

    About Cat's secret, I don't really think it will be revealed to everyone just yet... I'm thinking that it would happen a little later maybe in the next book? But then again, how would they solve the conflict in this book without revealing this ability-absorbing secret of hers?

    I agree about Majestic, I would like to see how her assistance/involvement would be more dangerous or at least definitely raise the stakes for Cat and Bones.

    No idea on who the other half-breed might be. I don't even really want to attempt a guess right now, lol. I'll be interested to see what others think though.

    I so hope there will be more solid wedding plans made in this book!

    I am actually so looking forward to seeing Timmie again. I wonder how he fits in this story?

    Totally agree that this pair deserve a break, but I'm sure Jeaniene has more thrown their way soon enough.

    Thanks for posting a Ch 21 teaser! Now I have a better idea of how "Cat. Bites. Back." lol! :)


  3. Daamn. I can not wait! 1 more day!!


    THIS IS SO HOT!!!!!!!!!



  5. I can't wait to read this!!

    Thanks so much for the excerpt!

    meredithfl at gmail dot com

  6. omg!!!! i can't wait for the book to come out tomorrow!!!!


  7. Oh My God, Crystal, thank you for posting the teaser!!! I CAN't wait to read it, damn it! :P
    I don't know, but I hope, it will be known that Cat drinks vampire blood and with it, she suck their powers, to. Sooner or later it has to be revealed, but be it just sooner :)
    Wedding... I didn't think about it. I mean I knew they were going to get married, but it never crossed my mind that they has to have a wedding ceremory or something like that (who knows what kind of ceremony vampired have :P). And I don't think Bones would let the wedding be a simple, moderate wedding :P I hope there's some preparating for it in This Side of the Grave!
    Yeah, I think it's Timmie from Halfway to the Grave. It would cast a good shadow over my eyes if Jeaniene Frost brought back an old and forgotten character. :) Though I didn't really like Timmie, it may change now that he knows about vampires.
    So thank you for the post!

    INT reader -

  8. That is freaking HOT! In more than one way I suppose. :D

    I pre-ordered this so I'll be so SO upset if it's not here today.

  9. i cant wait! :]

  10. Argh, I need this book now! I don't think I can wait. My goodness!

    Amanda, US
    ohmorningglow AT aol DOT com

  11. Thanks for the teaser! I really can't wait to read it but unfortunately I don't have any of these stores close to my house! :(


  12. There is only one way to answer these questions...I have to read this book! However, as much as I would like to see C&B get a much needed rest it won't happen or we wouldn't be reading another book! I think her secret will come out to a certain may not be fully revealed but they will have to extend their confidence to include more people!

    If she has topped Chapter 32 there are going to be a lot of realy happy women (and men) out there! I wonder how many people will be skipping straight to Chapter 21??!!

    Thanks! - US

  13. I am super excited for this book. All the teasers are driving me insane.

    smccar1 at hotmail dot com


  14. Ive been wondering about ch 21! USA

  15. Ooo I can't wait to read it! That was sexy!



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