Friday, February 25, 2011

Please Welcome RBtWBC's New Reviewer!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!
Is anyone else ecstatic that it's Friday? I will be even happier when it's Saturday. *yawn* After a very late night out with my girl, Brandi, I am up way too early and currently at the Lowry Park Zoo chaperoning a bunch of kindergarteners. Yeah, go ahead and call me crazy cause I'm right there with you. Thank God they have a Starbucks right here in the zoo! Yes, I am bowing at the feet of their little kiosk! 

So, some great news to share with you all. I have a new reviewer to help out here! Yay! 
So please give a very warm welcome to Kelly. She will be sharing her first review with us later on today. She reads a few different genres then I do and has her own review style that I thought would be great to spice things up a bit here. She has also known little ole' me since I was like four! Though she lives way too far away from me, Florida is calling girl!

Muffin Top Monologues
Kelly has her own person blog called Muffin Top Monologues where she shares her candid thoughts on motherhood, marriage, sex, food, drinks,  books, health, fitness and anything that she loves, hates, finds amusing or infuriating or otherwise entertaining. She also has a ridiculous mass of groupies on Twitter!

I'm excited to have Kelly join us, a huge thank you to her for that! And I hope you all enjoy her reviews. Have a great weekend and happy reading! 


  1. Thank you! <3 I'm so excited to join Crystal! I will be starting on my next book today or tomorrow. I can't wait to write my next review!


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