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Guest Post: Mmm, Mencheres by Amanda

Mmm, Mencheres

OR: How I met my second soulmate and even though both are already technically taken, we will live in a sexy vampire love nest.

That was the original title, but I felt like a little shortening was in order. So when I was asked if I would want to write a guest post for this truly awesome countdown event, I jumped at the chance. And when given a choice between Mencheres and Spade, I jumped on my second hunny, of course (the first, if you haven’t guessed, is Bones). But when I started thinking about what to write, I came up with nothing. NOTHING! How can that be? This is my favorite book series, and Mencheres is one of the hottest vamps around! 

So, instead of something cool and awesome, I’m just going to talk about my original mixed feelings for Mencheres in the off chance at least one other person out there agrees with me. 

See, when we first met My Vampire Lover Number Two, he was described as ancient and powerful. That would normally be okay. I read a lot of vamp books, and plenty more about creatures that never age. But for some reason… I couldn't imagine Mencheres as anything other than…. Old. I mean like.. 70, 80 plus kind of old. But why? He wasn't described as being physically ancient, in fact, he seemed quite pleasant. But I still just couldn't see him that way, maybe it was the old (literally) soul he was lugging around. 

And then the uber awesome Ms Frost said Mencheres was getting his own book. I was floored. Confused. Flabbergasted, if you will. How? Why? And then there came The Day. I finally read a blog post where it was mentioned that the ever-sexy Oded Fehr was a good look-alike, or even the inspiration for Mencheres. WHAT?! NO WAY! Not only did I see this super powerful, seriously awesome character in a whole new (younger and slightly more flattering) light, but it was the first instance where an author suggested an actor or model for their character – and I wasn't upset. Oh, other favorite authors of mine have done it before “This guy totally looks like [my newest character]” but I didn't feel it. In fact, I was downright against it. 

But for Mencheres? Oh, he was right on. Perfect. I was happy. I suddenly felt like it was someone I could see myself with – Which, as you all know, is rather important in a Romance Hero. 

 *Fans self*

But what made me really, super duper, fall head-over-heels in love with Soul mate Number Two, aka Mencheres? That would be Disney World. You understand.

So what about everyone else? Are there any instant lovers of Mencheres out there? Or maybe you took my path, the slow burning love. Tell me your Mencheres stories!

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Alias: Menkaure, Mycerinus, Mykerinus 
Born: 2553 B.C.
Abilities: Master vampire- Telekinesis, clairvoyant, mind control, telepathic, able to perform dark magic.
History: The most powerful vampire, he was an Egyptian Pharaoh who was turned by Tenoch. Tenoch tranfered his incredible powers to him upon transformation. He was married to Pantra for over nine hundred years before she dies (AGE), he is currently in a relationship with the Kira (EKoD)

12 days and counting! 
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  1. Good post! I really did like Mencheres after he had his own book. I knew he was young but with Bones always calling him grand sire and what not he felt like a But after his book I did really like him. Maybe not my favorite but his book was good!!

  2. Thanks for the post, Amanda! I really enjoyed it as I totally felt the same way about Mencheres when we first met him. Just thought he was just another kinda cool character. It wasn't instant love for me, not until Eternal Kiss of Darkness ;)

    Int entry

  3. Wow! First comment! Anyway, great post! :D I don't really know about Mencheres.. I lean more towards Bones and Spade!

    INT reader


  4. Thanks for all the great information. I'm looking forward to reading this series.

  5. I have loved Mencheres from the beginning! I have never liked that Cat didn't like him and I of course didn't understand until DFAEG. But I absolutely fell head over heals for Mencheres in EKOD!!!! I love Kira to! She like a more BA version of me! I say "more BA" because she is very similar to my personality type and we see eye to eye, but she already is an investigator and a police academy graduate and that is the road that I want to take!! So when I grow up I want to (and probably will) be just like her! Which means that Mencheres is as much my perfect match as he is hers!!! I am not a fan of "stealing" characters' love interests or pretending that the character is just a fictional stand in for me, I just like to pretend that I am that character!! hahaha!!!! *_* And yes I love Bones & Cat and Spade & Denise and Vlad (named my car after him!!) and Ian, but Mencheres & Kira are my number one!!! ^_^

  6. Hello everyone!! I'm glad you enjoyed my post - and I'm especially glad to see I'm not alone!

    Getting closer and closer to that magical date! =)

    Amanda, US
    ohmorningglow AT aol DOT com

  7. i never read his series so i really don't know much about his view... but i always felt sorry for him for some reason in bones series. i really look forward to reading his story.

  8. Great post Amanda! I always loved Mencheres. So powerful and oooh dark magic *drools*

    Crystal, you are killing me with this countdown!! I wait in agony! <3

  9. Yes, Mencheres is super sexy and thanks to Jeaniene, I will never see Disney Land in the same light again!! lol..

    Nocturnal Bites

  10. cool post about mencheres!!! really enjoyed his book
    i'm from usa


  11. Thank you for posting, Amanda =)

    I felt the same way. I read my first Night Huntress novel about 1,5 year ago and in my mind, Mencheres looked like Viktor from Underworld (I love that film, by the way :P). I don't know why, and as you wrote there isn't any world about him being an old or looking like an old vampire.

    And I was shocked when read Eternal Kiss of Darkness. Kira and Mencheres... I love them together, I even felt tears in my eyes at that scene when Mencheres says no to Kira and she tells him the real reason she was in that club. It was so emotional for me =)

    So thanks for the post =)

    INT reader -

  12. I agree with adding Mencheres to the love nest, but be careful! It will fill up quickly!

    meredithfl at gmail dot com

  13. Yes! Ever since reading EKOD I have wanted to go to Disney Land!!! And I might actually get the chance this summer!!! ^_^

  14. I am in the US and my email is

  15. Wow! I haven't been introduced to Mencheres yet but i cant wait lol! Great post!!


  16. I love his book. It was interesting to see a character who was so aloof find reasons to love and live even when he feels like he is missing something because he does not have his visions anymore.

    smccar1 at hotmail dot com


  17. Yes, I LOVE Mencheres, and I just had to buy the T-shirt at Jeaniene Frost's website!

  18. I also imagined Mencheres to be really old-looking until I read his book. He's actually quite sexy portrayed in the book!


  19. I felt the same way about Mencheres!! LOVED him at the end of his book and was iffy about him in the beginning! SO glad it isn't just me.

    megankyser at gmail dot com

  20. I always liked Mencheres well enough, but EKOD made me like him even more!! LOVED it!



  21. I wasn't sure that I would like Menchere's book as much as I did...should of is Ms. Frost after all! I am in the US!

  22. I cant wait!!! INT (Denmark)

  23. I was weary of Mencheres but I loved his "Yo the sh*t is gonna splatter" line. USA


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