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Guest Post: A Lover's Guide To Releasing Their Inner Bones

Thank you so much Crystal for inviting me to be part of your Countdown to This Side of the Grave.  It’s always fun to see I’m not the only one that gets giddy with excitement of book releases. And it isn’t just any book release – this is the new installment of Bones *insert swoon here* That man is positively delicious and seriously gets my blood pumping with his sexy accent.  So who better to write this guest post about then the man himself, right?

Hands up ladies, who else  finishes reading their paranormal romances and after taking a very deep sigh, wish some of the yummy goodness would rub off on their loved ones? Oh the men in our lives are amazing and totally rock our worlds, but have you ever wondered what it would be like if they added that little something extra? Maybe call us Kitten once in a while? I’ll admit there’s been times when I’ve read a scene so arousing, so swoonworthy that my first thought was to thrust the book into the hands of my husband with the command “READ THIS”  *giggles* So that’s what I thought I’d do today – I’ll go through the four books of the series and pull out a few scenes that could act as a guide for those we love to release their inner Bones. Sounds good? Then let’s proceed -and husbands, read closely

The Perfect Kiss

“ Kiss me.”
The words left me without any thought, and I realized I’d secretly wanted to say  them for a while. Bones leaned  over and his lips closed over mine softly. Gently. Giving me every opportunity to change my mind and push him away, but I didn’t. I slid my arms around his neck and brought him closer.He ran his tongue along my lips until I opened my mouth. Another flickering touch and back agai, and again. Coaxing me, persuading me. Finally I traced my tongue into his mouth, feeling the answering rub and then the unbelievable sensuality of him sucking on it.
I moaned, unable to help it. The graze of his incisors should have bothered me me, but they didn’t. They didn’t seem to hinder him, either, because he kissed me with the same passion he had last weekend. My sense ignited, and I maneuvered my hand from his neck and brought it to his shirt. One by one, I undid his buttons. When it hung open, I ran my palms along his bare skin and, oh God, it did feel as incredibly as it looked. Like silk stretched over steel. Bones reached behind him and flicked the collar off his shoulders. The whole garment feel onto the floor. All the while he kept kissing me until my breath came in gasps.
With a mind of their own my hands traveled from his chest across his back, fingers feeling out the ridges and muscle. His flesh vibrated with power, making me feel like I stroked lightning encased in skin. Bones groaned low in his throat as I touched him, sliding closer until our bodies were pressed together.
His lips trailed down to my neck, finding my pulse unerringly. He drew it into his mouth, manipulating my vulnerable artery with his tongue and lips. It was the most dangerous position to be in with a vampire, but I wasn’t afraid. Instead, the feel of him sucking on my neck aroused me unbelievably. The waves of heat sweeping thorugh me had me quivering.
His lips came up to my ear, and he licked the shell before whispering into it.
“I want you so much. Tell me you want me. Say yes.” – Halfway To The Grave

Oh Bones… yes. Yes I want you. Take me now!! *realizes I said that out loud and coughes* Ok, let’s read the next one *blushes*

Toe Curling Foreplay

“With deliberate slowness, Bones began unbuttoning his shirt. I watched his creamy skin revealed with each unfastened clasp. When he was finished, he pulled it off and then ripped each sleeve free with a tug. The reason for that strange action was revealed when he tied the fabric around my eyes, blindfolding me.
My nails dug into my palms as everything went black. He’d done a good job with it. The next thing I felt were his hands pushing me back into the bed, and then easing off my clothes until I was naked.
Something was secured around my wrist, stretching me arm out lengthwise and then restraining it, presumably to the bed frame. The same action was repeated with my other arm.
“Don’t fight them,” Bones whispered. “They’re not strong enough to hold you. Relax.” A low chuckle. “Let me work”
Thus shackled, I could only listen as he moved around. It sounded like he was in the bathroom rummaging through the vabinets, for what I had no idea. Being blindfolded and tied naked to a bed was disconcerting, to say the least, but he didn’t take long before he returned.
Hands trailed over my shoulers and moved lower to cup my breasts. A mouth closed over my nipple, finags already extended. He laved the peak with his tongue and then the flatness of his human teeth nibbled it to hardness.
I inhaled sharply when he carefully due his incisors in next, just short of breaking the skin. He drew strnoger on my nipple until ribbons of raw desire shot through me.
“I want to touch you” I moaned, pulling on the bonds that prevented me.
He clamped his hands over my wrists without breaking contact with his mouth.
“Later” – One Foot In The Grave

*pants slightly* Next.. *squeaks*

Let’s Get Down and Dirty

“God, Bones, yes!”
It was a sob and a scream combined, He responded by flipping me on top of him, lifting me in the same motion, and burying his mouth between my legs.
I convulsed at once, the spasms shaking me. His arms clamped around my waist while he tongues my flesh and sucked without fangs, as if he were drinking my pleasure into him. I clutched his head, shuddering, as the last remaining waves rippled over me.
Bones set me back against the mattress without breaking contact with his mouth. I was still panting from the orgasm and now half-sagged on the pillows. He lifted his head, his gaze pinning mine as he crawled upward toward me.
“Look at me,” he said, lowering his hips between mine. I did, opening my thighs and arching to meet his first thrust. Oh God. I’d forgotten how Bones stretched me when I wasn’t used to him. His hardness pushed against my walls, filling me so deeply, I felt tears in my eyes. Yes. Yes. I’ve needed you like this.
Moaned when he began to move gently in me, but I didn’t want gentleness. I wanted what I knew he had lurking past his concerns for being tender.
He moved with more force and kissed me, his eyes still open. I didn’t close mine, either. Seeing his face while he was inside me overwhelmed me. I grabbed his hair, locked my gaze to his, and kissed him until I had to break away to breathe…
… I ground myself against him, crying out at how good that felt. “More. Take me harder.”
He unleashedhis restraint, leaving me gasping at the blinding concentration of sensations. It hurt in the sweetest way, causing me to strain toward him even as I cried out at his rough, rapid strokes. When he reached his climax, he threw me against the headboard and shouted with rapture, his whole body trembling. I clung to him, shaking also, my heart beating fast enough to explode.
After several seconds, Bones unglued me from himself – and the headboard – to lay me back on the bed. “Bloody hell, Kitten, are you all right.”

*sits languidly on the seat, trembling, using my hand to rapidly cool off my overheated body* So there we have it. Guys, see what you need to do? Need any more examples? No? *jumps up and goes in frantic search for my husband* Have fun and enjoy the released of This Side of the Grave  Tuesday. Class is excused!
Okay, confession; you don't know how many times I read this before posting it! OMFG, wow *fans self* nope, not working *fans self w/both hands* Dang, I do love me some Bones. Yeah, I'm speechless. Wow, Belinda, that is one super hot and fabulous post! Let me get down on my knees and thank you for that one! LoL
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  1. oh toe curling foreplay! lol Great post! Thanks for sharing i really enjoyed reading it!

  2. OMG, that post was really... YUMMY :P These are that scenes which makes me blushes. Once I was reading in my room and my mum broke into my room to ask something. I was reading that reunion scene in Destinied for en Early Grave, so... xD I thought I had gotten a heart attack xD And then she asked what I had been reading. "Nothing, Mum, really" LOL

    So thank you for the post, now I'm heading to my room to read something... :P

    INT reader -

  3. O.O wow! cold shower now. good post! i cant wait for the book to come out.

  4. Yes, Bones gets me all HAWT inside too!!... Speaking of HAWT................................ "I glanced at the candle in my other hand before meeting his unblinking gaze. 'Do it,' he said, his voice so rough I almost didn't recognize it." { I say no more} ;)

    12 retpahc

  5. Omg! I LOVE this post! It's hot and boy, does Bones know how to love his woman or what. Definitely will bookmark this 'Guide to Releasing Their Inner Bones' lol :)

    Just one more day!!


  6. I have to say you are NOT the only one who has been tempted to hand a book to her husband...this does not mean I don't love every bit of him. But damn if only things really happened like like they do in books!


  7. OMG THAT WAS AN AMAZING POST! SO TRUE! If only our husbands cold do what Bones does many of us would be on cloud 9!

    Bravo Belinda for an amazing post that hit our feelings for Bones dead on!

    NEED BONES NOW!!!!!!!!!


  8. Wow... *Fans self as well* I definitely shouldn't have read this at work. I'm getting weird looks because I'm squirming in my chair.

    I'm so bookmarking this page so I can show it to any future boytoys...

    Amanda, US
    ohmorningglow AT aol DOT com

  9. My blood pressure is way too high, time for a cold shower! lol. That works for women too! Awesome post!!!!

  10. oooo...I'm reading OFitG now and can't wait to get to the "shackled" scene!

    meredithfl at gmail dot com

  11. wow!! *fan self* that was one hot post!!


  12. Great post! Now all we need is the new stuff from This Side Of The Grave. (US)

  13. Belinda you did well, fanning my self while laying on the floor coming out of my swoon!

    Now if my cotton picking book would come in the mail tomorrow that would make my week!

  14. i have a terrible problem: in my mind Bones sounds like Malcolm MacDowell. Obviously with the dark hair and youth Bones doesn't look like the very handsome MacDowell.
    Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust
    twitter: @fangswandsfairy

  15. Hehe! Thanks Crystal for inviting. This was alot of fun and I'm glad people liked it. My hubby liked it too ROFL!! I can't believe it... tomorrow I'll have a copy in my hands WOOHOO!

    Happy BONES day everyone!

  16. Oh my God! So hot! That's all I have to say!



  17. Emailing this to my husband right now...


  18. All the great scenes in one post! How are we supposed to live? USA

  19. Those were some of the hottest scenes I've ever read! *fans self*



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