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Guest Post: Amber's Ode to Ian

Today we have Amber from AwesomeSauce Book Club joining us with her 'Ode to Ian'

This is my "ODE TO IAN" he is one of my most favorite characters in the Night Huntress series. He also has the bad boy act, but a really descent side to him too. At least when it comes to Bones and Spade. I am sharing with some info on his character (thanks to Frost Fans Website) some quotes of his from the books and some scenes he was in. I chose a lot of his better moments, just to show you his nice side. 

Some of the reasons I like Ian are that he is really funny and always joking. I like how he talks; like saying "Poppet" , "Sod", and things like that. Also, he is very loyal to his friends. I love when he is in a scene because I know it'll be a good one.

Name: Ian Flannery 
Nicknames/Aliases: Liam
Age: 220 years as vampire (OFITG)
Appearance: Has pale crystal flesh, clear turquoise, and his chestnut hair falls past his collar. Cat describes him as “pretty” in OFITG.
Life History:
Ian met Bones, Spade and Timothy on a convict ship named the Alexander bound for the New South Wales penal colonies in 1788. After a few months at the colony, Ian managed to escape. Then after almost a year, Ian returned with natives and at least two other vampires who killed the guards and the rest of the prisoners except Timothy, Spade and Bones. In his absence, Ian had been changed to vampire and changed Bones that night against his will. Though the three friends were changed, only one asked for it. Timothy wanted what Ian offered. Spade and Bones did not. Ian had them changed anyway because he thought they would thank him later. In OFITG, he said that his life before being changed were not good for anything but poverty and misery. He describes London as a sewage in the late 1700s. Along with siring Bones, Ian is also sire of Cat’s father, Maximillian.
*All the above information was copied from Frost Fans Website and with their permission

Quotes from Ian:
"Why, Cat you seem edgy. You're still not cross at me over kidnapping your ex-boyfriend last summer, are you?" From At Graves End

"Why would they be cross with me? I am owed no small amount of gratitude. If I hadn't changed Max, then there wouldn't be a you."From At Graves End

"Yet he also taught Cat how to fight, making her stronger, faster and deadlier. Without that, do you even think she'd still be alive? Futhermore didn't he just save her life and yours recently? Are you telling me thats worth more then your parents?" "From At Graves End

"If we're supposed to wait outside in the cold while the two of you snog in the car, I'd just as soon flown home."

"Do you know why I am? Because for once, you asked for my assistance. You've never done that in all the centuries I've known you. That's why I threw in my lot with you, bloody usurping sod though you are." "From At Graves End

"By Christ, Crispin, I don't know what got into me. I had no cause to rail you like that. Forgive me, both of you." From At Graves End

"And angels fly out of my arse when I fart." From First Drop of Crimson

"I know I'm a rotten bastard, but there are four people in my world I'd never see come to harm, even at the cost of my own life. Two of them are here, yet neither of them trusts me. Believe me even ruthless sods like me can be hurt by that." From First Drop of Crimson

"I'll own what I am, but don't label me what I'm not when it comes to either of you." From First Drop of Crimson

"Before you go,mate,turn on the telly. Something raunchy too. Think I'll rub off one before I go to sleep" From First Drop of Crimson

"I say look at the melons on that lass. And hung like a stallion he is" First Drop of Crimson

SCENES with Ian
Ian was next, hugging Bones with a chuckle that sounded hoarse with emotion. "Bloody wanker, your wife should roast your arse for this dastardly stunt!"
Bones clapped him on the back. " You're still here, mate. Careful-you're in danger of becoming an honorable man." From At Graves End

Ian knelt on the ground, his chestnut hair making him easily distinguishable even from behind. His shoulders shook. From At Graves End

“Luscious, aren't I, poppet? Go on, stare. I don’t mind.” 
“You look like a Dracula porn movie reject” 
“Let’s not speak of him. Like the devil, Vlad might appear if we do.” (conversation between Denise & Ian)" First Drop of Crimson

This is how Jeaniene Frost pictures Ian; I got this info from Frost Light Journal Entry In a frost_light journal entry, Jeaniene said she pictured Ian as a combination of Samuel Le Bihan (specifically, from BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF) and Colin Farrell. “Samuel has Ian’s dangerous sexiness and Colin has more of Ian’s really gorgeous looks.” Picture both actors with auburn hair. 

How do you picture Ian?

I am so not sure, I can not pick a specific actor or anything. He's just made up in my head.
So what do you think of Ian? Ruthless sod, or a good guy behind a wall of crazy?lol...
Do you have a favorite Ian moment?
What kind of girl do you think could finally make Ian settle down? Or do you think he is beyond settling down?


Thank you for all that Ian love Amber! So how do you picture Ian? Me? I picture him as
Bradley Cooper, just add auburn hair and a bit of green to his eyes to make them tourquoise. 

Leave a comment for Amber answering one or all of her questions, let us know what you think of Ian!
One week to go! Are you excited yet?
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  1. You picked a good Ian.lol I always have such hard times picking one. Thanks so much for having me on here. I am super excited for the book. And these posts have been a lot of fun!!

  2. I think Ian is such a fun character and such a horny vampire. I don't know I just can't really picture him BUT in terms of personality and his cocky, sexual overtone in his speech I think of Russell Brand. LOL



  3. great pics... i always had trouble picturing Ian.


  4. Ian is a tough character to figure out. He has his obnoxious playboy moments, but he does have a soft side when it comes to the other guys who were also turned with him. I think it would take someone special to see past his cocky attitude when people who have known him for centuries still have some hard times believeing in his sincerity.

    smccar1 at hotmail dot com

  5. I love Ian too. It seems your supposed to hate him, but i find it hard to when he talks. He makes me laugh pretty much whenever he is in a scene. I was laughing so much when i read all his scenes in First Drop Of Crimson. It's hard to pick a favorite one, but i have to say i really love it when he is drunk and singing, and then he walks into the statue outside. That part had me cracking up quite a bit.
    I also love when he bangs on Spade and Denise's door saying "Paybacks," Ian said succinctly. Then he walked away, whistling.

    Gotta love that man.

  6. hahaha!!! Love it! I LOVE Ian! My favorite Ian scenes are in FDOC! The "Dracula movie porn reject" scene and the "he's so pissed he can hardly walk" scene when they just came back from breaking into Web's house!! I love all scenes that Ian is in because he's just so dang funny!! ^_^ I'm not sure how I picture him, I'm like you I just have a picture in my head. Though your pic is pretty good. And then as to the question of a girl for Ian, well on the latest podcast for Frost Fans they discussed the idea of Justina being the woman to "save" Ian. I have to say that I TOTALLY agree!! All they would have to do to be the perfect couple is he needs to fall in love with her (& she him of course) and know how to properly take care of a woman, and she needs to loosen up a bit and not take everything so seriously! I think it is a perfect solution for them now that Ian is the only one without a girl (except for Vlad, but his is coming soon!!) and now that Rodney is gone *sniffle*.

  7. I'm going to say both a ruthless sod AND a good guy behind all the crazy. He's so deliciously evil.. but dang, I still love Ian. And not just because he sired one of my favorite vamps ever.

    Amanda, US
    ohmorningglow AT aol DOT com

  8. i can't picture ian
    and i think he's a good guy behind all that crazy. i hope he gets his own story.


  9. I totally LOVE Ian good and bad parts, he's definitely my favorite character.
    I've been thinking a lot about who would be Ian's one perfect love (besides me ^_^). I think that the woman for Ian would be softer and more innocent than Cat or Denise. They're both very mature and jaded and aware of the world and they're both very tough (which is part of their awesomeness). I don't think Ian needs anymore of that. He's already ruthless and all that jazz. He needs someone that'll soften his edges a little. Bones and Spade already have full awareness of their softer more nurturing sides so a really strong love works for them. But with Ian she can't be too tough because she has to be someone that he has to be more protective and nurturing too. So that he can become a little more sensitive and such. She'll be more innocent and gentle but of course there has to be a spine of steel (because this is Ian we're talking about, if left alone he'll get away with bloody murder (which he has) and I don't believe he'd ever fall in love with a pushover). I've always pictured Ian as younger (in human years) than Bones of Spade. In ways he's much more immature than either of them. I think his love will also have a certain immaturity and youthfulness to her (maybe around 19-21 in human years). She'll have to have a mischievous side and a definite immaturity. They'll grow-up together through their interactions. is that all? I think this is everything that makes up my idea for Ian's future wife. oh also it would be cool if she's blonde because we haven't seen that many in the series so it would be an interesting change. And musical! I have this impression in my mind that Ian is very musical. I can see him going to operas and just loving music. He plays the violin and his singing voice is of a lighter tenor (don't know the words for voice types or what they mean), the kind that can sing old fashioned ballads and bawdy tavern songs if that makes sense. I imagine that his love will also be musical. Definitely sing, maybe piano or flute? But definitely sing.

    Email: mistressluna16 (at) gmail (dot) come

  10. I LOVE Ian! She was such an ass in One Foot In The Grave but still hot!



  11. Well, that Bradley Cooper appeals to me :P To be honest, I can't imagine Ian with a woman. I mean, to have a relationship with a woman like Bones or Spade does. So I wonder if Jeaniene Frost will write a book with Ian :)

    INT reader - mikki-mano@hotmail.com

  12. That picture of Bradley Cooper looks nice as Ian. He has that charming aspect and good looks. I hope Jeaniene Frost gives Ian his own book.


  13. Thanks for the post, Amber! It's great that Ian is getting some love :)

    I also think that Ian definitely is both a ruthless sod and a good guy behind a wall of crazy because he has demonstrated both traits before. I do also think that the kind of girl that would make Ian settle down would definitely have to be someone who can truly understand him because she can see past the wall he puts up and loves him for who he is. So no I don't think he is beyond settling down and I think Jeaniene did mention before that Ian eventually will get his own book. But this will happen much later because he needs to get to a point where he will settle down. And only when that happens is when he can really find someone for his HEA. Which makes sense because because it wouldn't be called a HEA if it's anything but. So I look forward to the day when we can real all about his backstory and his thoughts in his own book!


  14. I am still up in the air about Ian...I guess it depends on what he is doing at the moment. I can see Bradley Cooper as Ian.

    mmafsmith@gmail.com and I am in the US

  15. At first i wasn't really into Ian and then ... after the Jeanine post i saw him as Colin Farrell and .. OMG ! But Bones and Vlad are still my favourite !

    parker182@hotmail.fr (int)

  16. Love Colin Farrell! lol Great Post I haven't been introduced to Ian yet :( :(


  17. I cant wait!!!

    simesommerfugl@hotmail.com INT (Denmark)

  18. I can't stand Ian. He need some major changer if he's gonna settle down!

    rootml1@hotmail.com USA


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