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The Beefcakes & Babes of Night Huntress – Part II

***Contains MAJOR SPOILERS if you haven’t read the entire series***
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Tate Bradley
Age: Late 20’s
Appearance: Short brown hair in a military cut hairstyle and navy blue eyes.
History: Not much is know about Tate’s past other then the fact that he was a Sergeant in the Special Forces. He is somewhat arrogant but a good soldier. At the end of HttG he ends up Cat’s first team member and her second-in-command in the new paranormal unit.
While Bones & Cat were separated for the four years and Tate worked with Cat he also fell in love with her. After Bones’ return Tate does not give up and this causes a lot of anger and tension between the three. Tate remains deeply devoted to Cat but he is also extremely protective and looks out for her best interests, whether they are Bones interests as well or not.
In ATG Tate volunteers to be Don’s first vampire and is sired by Bones. After Cat leaves the team Tate takes over leadership.
Abilities: New Vampire
Quote: "Answer me one thing before you go. One thing, and tell me the truth. Have you ever been in love?" ~OFitG "Wrong way, Bones. The men's showers are in the opposite direction." ~OFitF "I’m in, Cat. I’d never leave you. Especially when you've got death breathing down your neck." ~OFitG

Don Williams
Age: in his 50’s
Appearance: Medium height, charcoal and gray hair, gray eyes
Nervous tell: He tugs on her eyebrows
Parents: Deceased
History: Head of the F.B.I.’s Paranormal Behavior Division that investigates the unnatural occurrence of homicides.
Don is Cat’s uncle and Max’s brother. (OFitG)
Quote: "...Is that a new hostage negotiation tactic that I'm not aware of?" ~OFitG

Denise MacGregor (married name)
Age: 27 (FdoC)
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Appearance: Mahogany hair, hazel eyes, roses & cream complexion.
History: Denise meets Cat when Cat saved her from a vampire drinking her to death. She offers to buy Cat a beer in return and they have been friends ever since. Denise if one of the few people who know Cat’s profession and what she is. In Denise and Randy’s wedding Cat is a bridesmaid and Bones is a groomsman. During a fight in AGE zombies kill Randy and the devastated Denise, who suffers a miscarriage because of PTS, withdrawals from the supernatural world and moves to be closer to her family in Fort Worth, TX. A few months later several family members die, supposedly due to heart attacks, and Denise realizes that something unnatural is going on. When another cousin is attacked in front of her and dies, supposedly of another heart attack, she knows that something inhuman is targeting her family. She is unable to contact Cat & Bones but finally gets a hold of Spade and asks for his help.
In FDoC she is branded by a demon and to remove the brand she must find a long lost relative name Nathaniel. As Spade and her search for Nathaniel while avoiding vampires and demons they fall in love.
Marital Status: Married to Randy MacGregor in OFitG but then is later widowed in AGE. While in FDoC Denise falls in love with Spade and they are now married.
Abilities: FdoC – Immortal, able to shape shift, rapid healing
Quote: "A vibrator can last all night, too, vampire!" "I'm a crazy human female, you know I'll do it." ~ FDoC

Annette De Witt
Age: She was 36 in human years when Bones changed her in or around 1807
Hometown: London, England
Appearance: Champagne colored eyes, strawberry blonde hair, designer clothes, shoes and handbags, often noted for her impeccable appearance.
Abilities: Not a master vampire, no special abilities so far.
History: Annette is the first vampire Bones ever created. She was fourteen when I was forced into an arranged marriage to a vile man. She met Crispin when a friend hired him for their ‘entertainment’. She later conceived a son that died at birth, the father could have been Crispin or her husband. When Crispin was arrested for stealing she convinced the magistrate to send him to the South Wales colonies instead of hanging him.  After 19 years Crispin returned, killed her husband and transformed her. Annette is known for her promiscuity
Extra: Jeaniene has a great segment about Cat & Annette’s relationship HERE towards the end.
Quote: "He turned me, and he has sheltered me ever since." ~OFitG

Vlad Tepesh
A.K.A. Dracula
Born: 1431
Age: Around 600
Appearance: Thirtyish, lean, six feet tall, with an angular face framed by long brown hair, thin lips and a tight beard. He has a wide, pale forehead set off deep-set eyes. He isn’t handsome in a classic sense, but his looks are striking. Scars crisscross his hands. He has unusual eyes that are copper-colored and ringed with emerald. What he may have lacked in perfection of features he made up for in sheer magnetism. Cat and Kira describe his scent as cinnamon and smoke.
Abilities: Master Vampire, flying, pyrokinesis, telepathic
Personality: Noted for his courtly manners, dry sense of humor and a brutally honest outlook on things, not shy – referred to as a show hound and protective of his people. 
History: Vlad was the last to be sired by Tenoch. He was changed weeks before Tenoch’s death. Mencheres cared for Vlad along with the rest of the dependent members of his line when Tenoch killed himself, (EKoD)
Vlad’s wife committed suicide (AGE) and his son also died (EKoD).
Vlad became friends with Cat in AGE and probably saved her life. Bones and Vlad have had a long-standing dislike for one another.
Quote: "What, did Anne Rice not return your calls, mate?" Vlad asked scathingly. "Jealousy is such an ugly trait." ~ AGE "Don't squander what you have. If you do, you'll spend the rest of your days regretting it." “Run, Forrest, run!" ~DFaEG

Update On PART I Characters 
(includes spoilers that Part I did not):

Cat Crawfield
Marital Status: Has a vampire marriage to Bones (OFitG)
Father: In OFitG Cat finds out her father is Maximillian ‘Max’ Williams, sired by Ian. 
History: Leads a vampire slaying team for a special F.B.I. paranormal unit headed up by Don. (HttG & OFitG) Bones partners up with her and agrees to take orders from Cat on the job to protect her. (OFitG)
Cat quits the team (AGE)
Bones transforms Cat into a vampire. (DfaEG)
Abilities: Can absorb a vampire’s power from feeding. (DfaEG)
Quote: "I am going to knock the slut out of you, Annette.....And that should take some doing, you uppity English tramp!" ~OFitG "Life's a bitch, and then one stabs you." 

Marital Status: Has a vampire marriage to Cat (OFitG)
Abilities: Flying (OFitG), Telepathic (AGE)
Quote: "Don't come in my home and patronize me, you crusty old bat. You're a guest, so behave as one." ~AGE, "I can promise you this.....You'll be scandalized in the morning when you can think again." ~OFitG " 

Justina Crawfield
Relationship Status: Hooks up with the ghoul Rodney (AGE)
History: Transformed into a vampire (DfaEG)
Abilities: New vampire 

History: Spade married as a human to an heiress to pay off his father’s gambling debts but his father continued gabling after that and incurred more debts, which sent him to jail. Spade had his father’s debts transferred to him and that is how he ended up in the penal colony.
Spade refused to have relationships with ‘fragile’ humans after his human fiancé Giselda was murdered. Until he met Denise, being demon branded she is immortal and he has no fears of her dying. (FDoC)
Marital Status: Married in a vampire and human ceremony to Denise (FDoC)
Quote: "I don't lack for bed partners, so I don't need to scrounge for unwilling scraps." ~FDoC

Don't worry, I didn't forget about Ian, he will be coming up soon. ;)

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  1. The truth is I prefer my vampires non-sparkly! It isn't that I didn't like Twilight or something but I like them better if they don't sparkle!

    INT reader


  2. LOVE it!!! Especially Harrison Ford for Don! THAT is perfect!!! The only thing is that with Cat's father Max, he's not dead yet. Bones said he was going to keep him alive, for possibly decades, until he was completely broken in spirit. Max is just tortured and then no longer mentioned in the story! Just thought I'd clear that up. ^_^

    US entry

  3. Great job so far on all the bios! I like all the details to help refresh my memory before I get into This Side of the Grave :) And good to know that a part 3 is coming up, looking forward to it!

    Int entry

  4. Oh I love these posts that look back at the charcters. Makes you feel like you are in an airport to waiting to see an old friend again. That is how it feels like like waiting for Feb. 22nd.

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  5. @crazy4vampires587 - You're right, I spaced that he was still being held captive. I fixed it. Thanks =)

  6. Oh man, Excellent choices once again!! I think Viggo makes a very delicious Vlad, and Harrison Ford as Don? I love it!

    But allow me to get back to drooling over Vlad. I definitely need more Vlad in my life.

    Amanda, US
    ohmorningglow AT aol DOT com

  7. Is that Kate Beckinsale on the picture for Denise? Kate's my favourite actress =)

    Vlad... I cannot wait for the release of Vlad's own book in 2012. Well, I cannot even wait until 22, February xD As I read the details from Vlad, I got more interested in him. I'm very curious of Leila, of how they will meet, and of where Vlad and Cat' friendship will go.

    INT reader -

  8. Yes, that is exactly how I pictured Vlad!! Can't wait to see who u picked for Ian.. I lurve that bad arse!!! He's my favorite, shhh, don't tell Bones!!!


  9. Hott Muscular Vamps!! Love it Crystal!!


  10. great character bios and love your pics for each of them as well


  11. Viggo is all I can say I love that man !!

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  12. I haven't read the books, but love the info about the characters!

    meredithfl at gmail dot com

  13. i love viggo! i cant imagine anyone else to be vlad. :]

  14. I also love Viggo as Vlad. It's just the perfect match for him. Can't find anyone better. (US)

  15. I prefer them non-sparkly. I love Twilight, but I feel like vampires should still follow some of the classic themes.

    smccar1 at hotmail dot com


  16. Counting the days until Feb 22, alrady got it pre-ordered! and I am US.

  17. I love these character profiles! They help me review the details about the minor characters that I missed.


  18. Love this!! YOu are doing such a great job spreading the Night Huntress love!!

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  19. ok...that is not how I picured Vlad at all...I pictured him much more clean cut...maybe I should go back and reread the books!!!! I am in the US!

  20. I totally love Spade too! I personally love the cover art of the books best for the pictures! It's always perfect!

  21. I cant wait!!! INT (Denmark)

  22. I cant wait!!! INT (Denmark)

  23. Kate Winslet would make a great Annette! USA


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