Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Guest Post & Review: Halfway to the Grave

Happy hump-day everyone! Today, to help us celebrate the Countdown to This Side of the Grave, we have a guest post and review from Kristen @ My Bookish Fairy Tale.

Hello guys!! Now I haven't read the entire series. I know shocking right! I should go somewhere and hide in a whole.I am so ashamed :(
But I have read the first one and I LOVED it!!. Cat is freaking awesome. I love a heroine who takes no sh*t and can kick any one's ass!
Bones well ... He's English what more is there to say? lol Bones strikes me as a freaking hottie!! But as Crystal has so kindly posted pictures
of what she thinks Bones looks like I have to agree!! Such excellent choices.
So I feel horrible for even being asked to share my love when I haven't even fully comprehended exactly how amazing this series is but all I know is that the first book was amazing which got me extremely interested in seeing what happens.

So without further ado here is my review of the amazing Halfway To The Grave!

I Cannot believe that it has taken me this long to read Jeaniene's work. Halfway to the Grave was an amazing read. 

Outright hilarious and loving and dangerous all rolled into one amazing read. Cat and Bones struck me as a classic love 
story of two people who love each other but cannot be together. Cat is a kick ass heroine who is a half blood vampire.
 She has hunted down vampires because of what has happened to her mother. In a million years she never thought she would fall in love with a vampire. Kill them yes, love them hell no. Bones is a sexy, english vampire who meets Cat under different circumstances. Their relationship started out as a professional working relationship as the two had the same common goal. Get rid of the Vampires. But as time went on it turned into something so much more. Cat and Bones are going after a vampire named Hennessey who is kidnapping and selling human girls to the highest bidder. As the two embark on this journey to find and destroy Hennessey things become complicated fast. I literally laughed out loud, cried and felt the characters as if I had known them personally. Halfway to the Grave is an amazing read for anyone who loves Paranormal Romance.
I highly recommend this book!
4/5 hearts~

6 Days and counting!
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  1. I like your review, thank you for it :) The only thing I would object is that rating - for me, it's 6 out of 5 xD

    INT reader -

  2. i agree with Mikki-Manó.... i love this series it just keeps getting better and better with each book. :]

  3. I love this series and once you have read the first one, you are instantly hooked.

    smccar1 at hotmail dot com


  4. I agree w/ all the commentors. This series is like crack for PNR junkees!!

    ;) Kristin

  5. haha! Yes I have been commented before saying my rating is much to low lol. Sorry guys But yes this series is amazing and Ive only read the first one lol Soon I will read the rest

  6. This series I could re-read 100 times over and NEVER get tired of it! It is my obsession! :D


  7. It's never too late to start this amazing series, what's important is that you did :) And it's actually a great time to start for anyone who hasn't because this year is totally a Cat and Bones year with 2 books and a novella coming out that's all about them!!


  8. Halfway to the Grave is a great boo. I was the beginning of a wonderful relationship between Cat and Bones. It was also the beginning of the series and then it branched off a little creating more wonderful characters for our favorite men. (US)

  9. aww!! It's ok that you haven't read them all. You'll get there! There are many who have not yet. All I'm saying is you better finished what you started, because if you loved the first you will absolutely adore!!! the others! She out does herself with each new installment! So keep reading! And fast! hahaha!!! ^_^


  10. You haven't read the rest of the series?! I bet you will now, huh? And I agree with Mikki - a total 6 out of 5!

    Amanda, US
    ohmorningglow AT aol DOT com

  11. this book is awesome!!! a great introduction to the wonderful night huntress series. i re-read this book often.


  12. I don't know how you didn't immediatly pick up the 2nd then 3rd books. I am one of those that once I start a series I have to finish it before starting another one. This is one of my faves! and I am in the US

  13. Halfway to the Grave is a nice introduction to the series. It hooked me in from the start.


  14. I agree with marian! This book IS awesome! It sucks you right in and you don't want to put the book down!



  15. This is such an awesome way to count down the days until the book is out! I love it!!!

  16. I re-read this series all the time, I love Bones! (USA)

  17. I can't count how much i read this book ... my favourite one, fun, sexy, a bit sad too and ... BONES ! (int)

  18. I cant wait!!! INT (Denmark)


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