Sunday, February 27, 2011

Arc Review: Against the Law by Kat Martin

by Kate Martin
The Raines Boys #3

Received from NetGalley for review
Mass Market Paperback, 400 pages
March 22nd 2011 by Mira 
ISBN 0778329402 

At thirty-two Dev is "mostly retired" from Raines Investigations, content to run operations from his sprawling Arizona home. But Dev has never been able to say no to a beautiful woman, so when Lark Delaney comes to him for help, the former U.S. Army Ranger from Wind Canyon gets back in the game.Lark is sexy, successful and dedicated to tracking down the baby girl her sister gave up for adoption. It should be a straightforward case, but it's not long before Dev uncovers a shady adoption ring and worse—the child's parents have been murdered and the little girl has been taken.
As the case grows dangerous and Lark needs him more than ever, Dev can't ignore his growing attraction for her. He also can't trust his judgment with women or the emotions he's long-since buried. But there's a chance, if he gets this right and saves Lark's niece, that he'll end up saving himself, too.
My Thoughts:
I am a big fan of Kat Martin and have read every single book she has put out but this one didn’t really do it for me. It was a good read and completed the trilogy of the Raines brothers nicely but it didn’t hold my attention like the first two, Against the Wind and Against the Fire.

Lark is a well-known bag designer with her life all planned out, but when her sister passes away asking just one thing from her Lark’s world gets turned upside down. She must fulfill her promise and find her niece that was given up for adoption at birth. She hires Dev, an ex-Ranger and owner of an investigation firm, to help track the little girl down. Dev has commitment issues with women after being left by his fiancé just days before their wedding he has been bed hopping ever since. He’s the typical rich playboy. When Lark shows up he reigns in his instant attraction though because he has one rule; you don’t mess around with clients. But Lark wouldn’t mind a no-strings-attached romp in the sheets and makes her feelings known. A back and forth battle between them insues; about sex, feelings and the danger surrounding them. A simple job to track down adoptions records turns into a take down of a hokey adoption agency and a battle with drug lords that lead them across the Mexican border.

Against the Law starts out slow and we don’t see any action, romantically or otherwise, until around the middle of the book. But once the action hits it continues until the end and there were quite a few twists. The chemistry between Lark & Dev was intense, though Dev resisted it at first. Neither of them is looking for a long-term relationship which adds another rut in the road for these two. Again though, you have to make it to around the halfway point of this book before it get's interesting and you can connect with them. Individually though, I didn't feel there was enough depth to the their characters, especially Dev, who I was looking forward to. 
Also, the brand name dropping was overused. Every time someone pulled a phone out it was a iPhone or a Blackberry; “Scroll through the contacts on my iPhone,” “Take a picture with my Blackberry,” ect. Over and over again. 
The romance and outcome was predictable and some aspects lacked realism because whatever Dev needed was conveniently dropped in his lap; back-up, weapons, information. Great world-building though and some of the side characters were pretty interesting. We might even see some stories from them later on. We also see small bits from the other two Raines brothers, more towards the end. 
I would recommend Against the Law though if you have read the previous two books in the series, just to wrap it up, it was enjoyable but I have read a lot better from Mrs. Martin. 

3 Wine Glasses

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